Aug 27, 2011

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My Conversation With Leo Dworshak

Leo Dworshak took leave from planet Earth on April 28, 2007 at the age of 87. Leo left for all of us a book he wrote titled UFO’s Are with Us – Take My Word. For Leo and Mike Dworshak, and for the record, I will state here that I take your word, Leo. I am absolutely certain that the events you have written about in your book did happen just as you say, and I know that you spent much of your life in a rather frustrating attempt to inform our world that we are not alone. In Leo’s book UFO’s Are with Us – Take My Word, Leo tells us of his, and his younger brother Mike’s, persistent attempts in 1932 to befriend visitors from another world, to develop a true relationship with those visitors, and to eventually be invited aboard their spacecraft on several occasions. Leo’s account of these events is nothing short of amazing.

I was fortunate enough in October, 2005 to have a lengthy conversation with Leo Dworshak about these events at Leo’s home in Helena, Montana. I simply looked up Leo’s phone number in the Helena directory, called Leo, and told him that I was a physician in Helena who was interested in his story and that I would very much like to meet with him and have a discussion. I found Leo to be a very warm individual who immediately agreed to meet with me at his home. I went to Leo’s neatly kept trailer home on Villard Street in Helena on a Tuesday at about 9AM and we talked for about 4 hours. I recall being surprised when Leo told me that Timothy Goode, the British UFO researcher, had also been to his home recently and sat at the very table at which we were sitting! Over the considerable time I spent conversing with Leo, I had ample opportunity to form an assessment of Leo’s state of mind. My impression: Leo was not senile nor was he out of touch with reality. Leo had a very sharp mind and was quite in touch with current events. I had no perception that Leo was psychotic, delusional, or misleading in anything he said to me. Leo was a straight up individual with an incredible life experience.

Leo’s book, UFO’s Are with Us – Take My Word, is still in print and available through I would recommend that everyone read this book. It is a short, one evening read presented in a simple, straightforward manner that contains an extremely important message for mankind. It is necessary that you read the book in order that you will be able to receive Leo’s communication in the way Leo tells of these events. Any attempt I might make here to summarize the book would not do. You need to hear it from Leo.

Thanks for the time you spent talking with me Leo, and thanks for everything you did to try to open our eyes to a new reality.

A quote from Leo’s book UFO’s Are with Us – Take My Word:
“The day is gone when we say it was just a falling star or some gas that has formed in a swamp and looks like a flying object. We have to admit that we have some beings among us from another galaxy. They are human, just like us, only they have developed far beyond us. Just how far ahead of our own civilization they are, I do not know, but I am certain our intelligence is very low compared to theirs. We must learn to express our positive feelings toward them. They are here to help us on their own terms. We must let them know that we more than welcome their help.”

P.S. : To the Visitors who knew and befriended Leo and Mike Dworshak, I too would like to get to know you. If you somehow become aware of this message, I am Richard O’Connor and my home is located outside of Helena, Montana, USA at Latitude 46’ 33.248” degrees North, Longitude 111’ 58.463” West. I live not far from where Leo lived, and I would consider it an honor and a privilege to meet with you. If your spacecraft would be safe to land in an area where the current forest fire danger is extreme, then please feel free to land in my backyard. Tonight would be an excellent night for this to happen. It is a weekend night, I have no plans, and I am not “on call” for the hospital. I agree to engage in this relationship under whatever terms you may specify. Take My Word.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

  1. I was led to this page in a planned way…The information in here has been given to me as a confirmation.

    Jeremiah Joseph Sturk

  2. Olav Jurgensen says:

    Bought the book from Amazon, really enjoyed it. I found the book after Passprt to Eternity by Laurence Foreman. Who’s to say these accounts aren’t true. Lots De-Bunkers out there, I’m keeping an open mind.

  3. Falko Schilling says:

    His book is worth reading. There are 71 pages for about $8. It’s down to earth; by a real person.

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