Feb 8, 2013

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New Moon Crop Circles*

New Moon (def): the moon’s phase when it is in conjunction with the sun so that its dark side is toward the Earth; also : the thin crescent moon seen shortly after sunset for a few days after the actual occurrence of the new moon phase.

CONSIDER: The following is a direct quote from the “CircleMakers” website (http://www.circlemakers.org/guide.html): “It is important not to use a torch (a flashlight), as this may be spotted by nearby crop watchers”.

If it were true (which it isn’t) that all crop circles are made by people, one might guess that the the most complex and beautiful crop circles would be created around the date of a full moon, or at least between quarter moon phases of the lunar cycle (a “quarter moon” is actually 1/2 of the moon’s surface illuminated). After all, we know that crop circles are almost exclusively a nocturnal phenomenon (excepting a few eyewitness accounts of crop circles appearing in daylight, like this report):

Newspapers have always been trying to declare the mystery of the crop circles as “solved”. How this report implies “solved” is beyond me.

We can all agree that human beings require some minimum amount of light to allow them to see what they are doing. A full moon, or at least a quarter moon, would give the human circle maker the benefit of the greatest amount of ambient light in which to accurately produce their design. When making crop circles, we can assume that more light equals better working conditions.

But, more light also increases the chances that a human circle maker might get caught out in a farmer’s field, apprehended, and charged with trespassing and vandalism. This would be especially true if they are using a bright, artificial light source out in a dark field. You would think this, but it seems that U.K. law enforcement authorities must simply ignore them. We know of only ONE token arrest of a well known circle maker in over 20 years of many thousands of crop circles! This seems hard to believe, but as far as I am aware, this is the truth. The U.K. farmers whose crops continue to host crop circles, summer night after summer night, are distressed about this situation, yet law enforcement authorities apparently do nothing to stop the human circle makers? Perhaps that is because if human circle makers are stopped, but the crop circles keep coming, the “humans-make-all-crop-circles” smoke-screen will surely collapse, and the Truth about the Genuine Crop Circles will be exposed. The Truth is, Genuine Crop Circles are not made by people. The Genuine Crop Circles are “WAKAN”. This is a Lakota Sioux word which means “sacred – of the divine”. It implies not made by man. It is the best word to describe the essence of the Genuine Crop Circles.

It turns out that some really incredible crop circles have been produced either on, or close to, either side of a NEW MOON! A “new moon” is, like, NO MOON! No moon = no moonlight. No moonlight = dark – very dark. Too dark to work without an artificial light source, and perhaps even dangerously dark for people who would be attempting to create a crop circle in completely unfamiliar territory. Flashlights are going to be easy for a farmer to spot from far away in new moon darkness and, as noted above, the “circle makers” plainly state that they do not use any flashlights for fear of giving away their position out in the crop field.

So we have these people (circle making hoaxers, AKA liars) who claim that they are the ones creating all of the crop circles. They further claim that they do not use flashlights, yet these “supermen” can see in the pitch black darkness to produce what you are going to see pictured below? Oh, I forgot to mention that they also state that “luminous watches are OK”, so that they can know how much time they have left to work. What a total crock of ____! If people continue to believe all of their propaganda, we will never get to the very important task of discovering the true source of the Genuine Crop Circles.

If you think human circle makers might be using night vision goggles in their circle making pusuits, please stop to realize that a quality pair of 3rd generation (not the best available, 4th generation) night vision goggles costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000 – $4000 USD. For a team of 4 hoaxers, do you believe we have $12,000 – $16,000 USD worth of high tech equipment running around out there in the crop fields to produce thousands of crop circles for free? For those who believe that the human circle makers are using GPS equipment, you should also know that a Trimble surveying GPS with a base station which would be required to produce the kind of accuracy we see in the most complex crop circles costs around $8000 USD. Besides, the Circle makers themselves claim that they do what they do using only the most rudimentary tools: a long tape measure, stakes, ropes, and stomping boards. Besides, why would pranksters invest this kind of money when they could just as well wait a few days until more ambient moonlight is available? Enough said about that.

Take a look at these crop circles that were created either on, or at most within 2 nights on either side of, a new moon. Remember, these are only a sampling of a few New Moon Crop Circles. There have been many, many more.

Longwood Warren

This is Longwood Warren, Witshire, reported June 26, 1995. The new moon occurred June 28, 1995 at 00:50 UCT.

East Field, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. June 17, 1996.

This is East Field, Wiltshire, reported June 17, 1996. The new moon occurred on June 16, 1995 at 01:36 UCT, which is likely the very dark night this was created. The design is thought to suggest the double helix of DNA. Perhaps the Circle Makers are hinting to us that DNA is the ubiquitous code of life both on our world and on theirs.

Do you see the people toward the center?

This is Milk Hill, Wiltshire, reported July 26, 1998. The new moon occurred on July 23, 1998 at 13:44 UCT.

Here are another couple of New Moon Crop Circles from summer 2000. East Kennett, Wiltshire, July2, 2000, and Allington Down, Wiltshire, reported July 31, 2000. New moons occurred July 1, 2000 at 19:20 UCT, and July 31, 2000 at 02:25 UCT, repectively.

East Kinnett. Imagine creating all of those “tufts”, 400 of varying size, in almost complete darkness!

Allington Down. Created in almost total darkness, yet so beautiful!

These two paired formations were discovered in the same field, across from the Chilbolton radiotelescope on August 19, 2001. The New Moon occurred on August 19 at 02:55 UCT. This means that these two incredibly complex, “digital” crop circles were created on the very dark night of the new moon, and only hours before they were discovered! If you would care to read about the meaning behind the one you see on the right (the “Arecibo Message” Crop Circle), you can read that analysis HERE. For myself, this gives me “goosebumps” when I realize what this means. It gives me hope and a reason to believe that we are not alone in this universe. There is some intelligence that is attempting to make contact with our human race. In my opinion, we should begin to respond appropriately.

Do you really belive that human beings can do this kind of intricate work in almost complete darkness?

Now, how about this one from Hailey Wood, Oxfordshire, reported July 16, 2007. The new moon occurred July 14 at 12:04 UCT. The Hailey Wood butterfly was likely produced within 24 hours of that new moon in almost total darkness, yet it is beautiful and it is flawless! It gives me “butterflies” to realize that the source of this magnificent work is not of this Earth.

The Hailey Wood Crop Circle: a New Moon Crop Circle! Perfect symmetry, no errors, created in darkness, for free! WAKAN.

Below is the final New Moon Crop Circle I will present to you. Remember, however, that there are many more, and they are just as complex and just as perfect as those you have seen so far! I encourage the reader to have a look for yourself and to really give the crop circles your serious consideration. When you do this you may conclude, like myself and many others have, that there has to be more to the crop circle story than we have been led to believe. It is imperative that the human race begin to give the crop circle phenomenon the attention it deserves.

This crop circle from Poirino, Italy, encodes the formula which equates mass to energy, E=MC2

Our impression of this incredibly beautiful Crop Circle becomes all the more fantastic when we realize that, encoded within the small circles contained in the petals of the formation, is the formula discovered by Dr. Albert Einstein which we use to convert a quantity of mass to its equivalent energy value, and vice-versa. In order to better understand how this incredible crop circle “digitally” encodes Einstein’s famous formula E=MC2, please read HERE.

My heart felt thanks to the Crop Circle Connector, and to all who have contributed your untiring efforts to bring the crop circles to the attention of our world. Many have freely contributed much of their own time, money, and effort to document this incredible phenomenon, and to make their data “open source” for all of us to share. If not for the efforts of all of you, we would not know what is happening. Through each of you, the better qualities of a human being shines forth. Thank you.

I close with this image, which was discovered at Cherhill White Horse, Wiltshire, and reported July 27, 2011. The design seems both serious, yet at the same time, hilarious! As you can see, this is an image of an ET biding his time, smoking a pipe and, I believe, waiting. The image conveys the feeling that either his patience may be wearing thin, or that he may be really alarmed. The new moon occurred on July 30, 2011 at 18:40, so this formation just misses being a true New Moon Crop Circle. My translation: “WTF? WE ARE WAITING!” From this image, it would seem that we can know for certain that the Genuine Circle Makers not only have a wonderful sense of humor, but they have shown an incredible degree of patience with the human race. They may be alarmed about the direction they see we are heading. It is time for us to wake up now.

Are they alarmed about how long it is taking the human race to “get it”? I think this is exactly what this image means. WAKAN.

* New Moon data taken from the U.S. Naval Observatory lunar tables: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/MoonPhase.php

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

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