Mar 30, 2018

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OmniTalk Radio Interview With Luis Elizondo

In this interview with former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) we hear Luis Elizondo speak about recovered UFO “metamaterials”. Where did these “metamaterials”come from? How were they obtained? Did acquiring them result from aggressive actions against UFOs taken by the U.S. military? Are we in a war with some group of extraterrestrials we know nothing about? Does our government / military have a relationship with off-world beings who are introducing humanity to new technologies? What programs may be operational to study these “metamaterials”? How much do those programs, if they exist, cost??Is there?a new “arms race” on to understand and capitalize on?recovered UFO technologies? Can it be true that our government / military knows nothing about who is behind the wheel of the UFOs seen in our skies? Just how far out of the UFO loop are U.S. citizens?


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