Dec 6, 2013

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On the Recent HOR Hearing Concerning ET Biosignatures

A recent hearing took place within our U.S. House of Representatives that can only be characterized by two words: “ALARMING”, and “UNBELIEVABLE”. Remind yourself that we all paid for this hearing – and so, perhaps, will your grandchildren. This event brings to mind the words of musician Ben Harper – “The less you expect, the more pleased you will be”.

On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology held a two hour hearing titled “Astrobiology: Search for Biosignatures in Our Solar System and Beyond”. The committee, chaired by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), met with scientists for two hours. According to the hearing charter, the stated goal was to “investigate what methods are being used to determine if any of these (newly discovered, water bearing) planets may harbor life.” The experts at Wednesday’s hearing — NASA astrobiologist Mary Voytek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology planetary scientist Sara Seager, and science historian Steven J. Dick — were there to enlighten law makers about astrobiological research, including the justification for investment in space telescopes that would be designed to detect chemical signatures of life in the atmospheres of distant, extrasolar planets. This sounds like a great idea to investigate planetary atmospheres, but what about ours?

At no time throughout these hearings did any meaningful dialogue ever touch upon the abundant evidence (i.e.”biosignatures”) which have already and long ago clearly demonstrated that highly intelligent extraterrestrial life does exist and that this ET life, without question, has been operating high-tech machines in Earth’s atmosphere for at least decades, and, very likely, for many centuries. This situation brings up several important questions:
1. What are the social factors at work that continue to keep these scientists apparently blinded to this evidence?
2. How did we learn ( and who taught us) to so deeply mistrust the words of one another?
3. For how long will the human ego continue to stand in the way of our own progress?
4. For how much longer will the U.S. military allow this charade to go on at the taxpayers expense?
5. Will our civilization prove resilient enough to make the jump to a new primary source of energy before it is too late?
6. We have all been made targets of our own military and intelligence agencies as they have been engaged for decades in a program to dissuade us from embracing the UFO reality. We paid for these covert programs. Is this OK with everybody?

Why did these scientists not mention Lt. Col. Phillip Corso’s report of having personally seen the cadaver of an ET being while stationed at Ft.Riley, KS, and having been involved in the dissemination of ET technology under the direction of Gen. Arthur Trudeau at the Pentagon? Wouldn’t these be ET biosignatures? UFO researcher Ted Phillips has gathered trace physical evidence from over 3000 UFO landing events, but these were not mentioned. The two very clear Trent photos of a single UFO from 1950 showed us the evidence long ago of an engineered ET craft operating in our atmosphere. We know that in 1950 this craft was definitely not of human origin. What about Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper’s experience with the UFO that was filmed landing on a dry lake bed at Edwards AFB? He told us that he personally saw the film. That sounds like a biosignature to me. How about the testimony of Jesse A. Marcel Sr. and Jr., who both told us they handled wreckage from a crashed UFO? Can we not call engineered and manufactured parts from a separate intelligent species from another world a “biosignature”? How about all of those who saw and filmed the 1997 “Phoenix Lights” event? How about the radar recordings of 11 UFOs over the Capital in 1952 and the jets that were scrambled to intercept them, or the radar tapes of the 1986 JAL flight 1628 when Japanese pilot Kenju Terauchi described a huge UFO pacing his 747? Those radar and voice recorder data still exist and are held by retired FAA official and Disclosure Project witness John Callahan. Seems like a “biosignature” to me! How about the 1976 Tehran UFO close encounter involving Iranian lieutenant Parviz Jafari piloting an F-4 Phantom II jet that was electronically disabled by a UFO? How about the 2006 Chicago O’Hare UFO incident when multiple witnesses observed a UFO hovering over gate C-17? How about the Peruvian pilot lieutenant Oscar Santa Maria who unloaded a salvo of (30) 33 mm missiles at a UFO directly in front of his jet with no effect. I have a copy of his signed affidavit confirming his experience in that event. Can we not call these “biosignatures”! Then there is police officer Lonnie Zamora’s close encounter with a landed UFO and it’s occupants on the ground near Soccorro, NM. Yes, living ET beings. What can we consider an alien biosignature if not this? The same can be said regarding the experiences of Leo Dworshak, Udo Wartena, Betty Andreasson, Betty and Barney Hill, Stephen Michalak, and Travis Walton. What about the Rendleshem Forest Incident, the Belgium UFO wave of 1980 in which thousands of people, including many police officers, repeatedly witnessed a triangular UFO and took photos of it, or the Mexican FLIR photos of many UFOs over the Bay of Campeche? Why don’t these scientists who are requesting our money for research investigate these biosignatures of alien life? On top of these there are the numerous testimonies of multiple credible eyewitness accounts, organized by Dr. Stephen Greer, M.D. These you can see and hear on the Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel HERE. Why have their experiences with machines and beings not from here, not human, been determined to be of little to no value as we search for the biosignatures of ET life?

If you become compelled to really delve into the extant evidence of past and present ET visitation to this planet you had better set aside several weeks for your research because the material now available in the public domain is abundant and its message is clear – we are being visited / observed by at least one ET race. I won’t even go into other areas of evidence that may be related to ongoing ET visitation to this planet – the crop circle, alien abduction, and cattle “mutilation” phenomena, none of which have ever been seriously approached, and much less explained, by scientists who claim to be searching diligently for the biosignatures of alien life. Apparently they are only interested in very distant alien biosignatures because they do not seem to be interested in the ones that are occurring right over our heads. This lack of attention to the plethora of evidence supporting the premise that ET life is currently visiting planet Earth is simply UNBELIEVABLE! I say UNBELIEVABLE! This sad state of affairs leaves little doubt that we human beings must have evolved from primates. Can there be any other explanation which elucidates why all of this continues to be swept under the carpet and ignored by what we would all otherwise assume are brilliant minds?

What unfolded in Washington on Wednesday reflects a blatant, malignant, and programmed disregard of the spoken voices of credible human experience among these politicians and scientists. Why? Is it because these events are occurring so close to Earth that they are viewed as potentially socially disruptive, or even frightening? Is it because these events have not come packaged as scientists think they should be? Can it be explained by a survival instinct that is driving the decisions made by these professionals to stay within the lines and not cross the official party line in order to preserve and advance their own careers? Who wrote the rule stating that only evidence obtained from this or that telescope, satellite, or other manmade scientific contraption (that you and I will pay for) can be accepted as valid evidence? Who deemed the spoken word of human experience as being always inadmissible as evidence? This is certainly inconsistent with what plays out in the courtrooms of this country every day. How can so people have had such truly profound life events, yet be unable to be taken seriously? How is it that during a House Committee hearing involving the search for ET life nobody even mentions any of the above experiences, especially when it follows on the heels of such an event as the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure? Does our human civilization, and the biosphere of this planet, have the time left for this kind of zombie-like thinking? I, for one, do not think we do.

At one point in the hearing, Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla) asked the panel of scientists what they considered to be the greatest danger to life on Earth. According to the Washington Post, Dick said asteroids, Seager said overpopulation, and Voytek mentioned the quest for energy resources. Of the three answers, it is this last offering that gets to the crux of our distressing conundrum. Our future survival is, in large part, about energy. Energy is the primary mover and shaker of human civilization, because without it we don’t have one. Without energy, what we have are tribes of hunters and gatherers. Energy, and specifically coal, oil, and natural gas, allow the work of our civilization to be done and they form the foundation of our world’s geopolitical and economic structures. Our shift toward a new primary source of energy, which we will find when we fully acknowledge and embrace the ongoing UFO/ET reality, is an awkward and, in some ways, dangerous process. The outcome of this transition is in no way guaranteed. It is in this process that we, these scientists, and our law makers are presently stuck. We all know that we must make a change and we need to do it soon. How far down the drain (which we are now circling) we will allow ourselves and the biosphere of this planet to go before we are willing to make this change still remains to be seen, but in the face of global climate change we can all sense that our current energy paradigm is unsustainable. We all know that we need to “get our act together” if we are to continue to survive as a civilization on the surface of a planet with a fragile biosphere that is being poisoned by our carbon-based fossil fuels. We need to find a new source of clean and reliable energy and, if we all become willing to follow the UFO, I am absolutely confident that it will, like the Star of Bethlehem, lead us to where we need to go (see below). We all need to open our eyes and our minds, lift up our heads, begin to really listen to one another, and embrace the abundant evidence that has been manifesting all over this planet and which very clearly indicates that we are not alone. I do not think that it is an exaggeration to characterize this as an eventual “do or die” situation. This interview with Michel Ruppert clearly outlines where our dependency on oil has taken us. We should only expect more of the same if we remain on our present course.

The National Atomic Testing Museum (NATM) in Las Vegas, NV is an affiliate of the Smithsonian. Therefore, I think we can assume that information we encounter in the NATM is reliable. In the NATM is a special exhibit named the AREA 51 EXHIBIT. Within the AREA 51 EXHIBIT is a glass case housing several pieces of charred, amorphous appearing metal. Beside this metal is a sign which reads “AUTHENTIC ALIEN ARTIFACT”. Below this is a narrative explaining that the material was obtained from a UFO event that occurred on the outskirts of Dalnegorsk Russia in 1986. This event was extensively investigated by scientists from the Ukraine. In Paul Potter’s book Gravitational Manipulation of Domed Craft, Potter states that these scientists determined that the Dalnegorsk UFO was producing electrogravitic energy in the range of 10,000 GIGAWATTS! Compare this to one of our nuclear (fission) power plant’s typical output of +/- 1 gigawatt. Given that in 2006 the total U.S. consumption of energy, all sources, was estimated to be 29.26 petawatts, then we calculate that 3000 such machines could provide all required energy, replacing all other sources, in the U.S.

They kept this man,

Thank you, Nelson Mandela, for all you did to improve our world!

Thank you, Nelson Mandela, for all you did to improve our world!

Nelson Mandela, in prison for 27 years in an effort to preserve the status quo of the corrupt system of apartheid in South Africa. Similarly, the “powers that be”, primarily the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, have worked overtime to preserve a geopolitical balance and a world economy based on fossil fuels, and in many cases they have gone to extreme measures to accomplish that goal. We have been led down a primrose path constructed and defined by power, greed, and a deliberately programmed mistrust in the word of one another. We must all, together, now choose to move in a new and promising direction. To overcome the inertia attempting to keep us glued to our present path we must all take this new path together, or none of us will go at all.

Although in principle I am greatly in favor of space exploration, I now cast my vote that no further expenditures of taxpayer money be allowed on space exploration of any kind unless and until the UFO is seriously addressed by our scientists and our members of Congress. The evidence is there, it is abundant, and it clearly indicates that we are not alone. At some point in the near future, it is imperative that we take this leap.



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