Oct 26, 2018

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On UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

October 4, 2018

Dear US Department of Defense,

My purpose in writing this letter is to describe an event, for me a very important event, that happened to me about 3 years ago, and to relate to you my thoughts about why this event happened and why, specifically, to me.

My Story

I am a retired physician who worked as an anesthesiologist at St. Peters Hospital in Helena, MT from 1988 through 2015. I have been married for 38 years to Connie OConnor, M.D. who recently retired from her practice of psychiatry. I am the father of 2 sons, Elliott and Emory, both of whom have passed away – Emory from cancer at age 13, and Elliott from unrelenting depression leading to his suicide at age 26. I am not under treatment for any medical conditions or illnesses, I have no history of any psychiatric disorder, I take no medication, I do not use any illicit drugs, and I drink alcohol in less than moderate amounts. I love planet Earth and enjoy hiking outdoors. Essentially that, and my long-standing interest in the UFO phenomenon, are my only hobbies.

I knew and worked with Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. (an ENT surgeon) at St. Peters for many years. Dr. Marcel was both a medical colleague and a friend to me for decades. From 1988 onward, we discussed the Roswell UFO Incident on many occasions. He found hope in knowing we are not alone. I attended the 2012 Citizens Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. as a guest of Dr. Marcel.

As my awareness of and interest in the UFO phenomenon has progressed I have been for years, and currently remain, curiously fixated on the relationship between UFOs and nuclear weapons. For many years (probably more than a decade) I have considered this relationship almost daily, and I have written articles about this that are published on my website, http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/. Through some of those articles I have vented my ever-present angst and exasperation about the presence of nuclear weapons on this planet. Through other writings posted on that website, through a satellite dish I once had pointed vertically to the sky and connected to a computer in my office, through a sign that still today remains pointed to the sky, through cameras mounted on the side of my house, and through both solo and group attempts at telepathic communication (termed CE-5) conducted at the Jesse A. Marcel Library, I have made earnest and repeated attempts to establish communication with those intelligent beings behind the wheel of UFOs. As far as I can determine, all these materials, methods, and strategies have been, so far, unsuccessful. Except perhaps once.

One Saturday morning about 3 years ago I was seated in my home office at my desk, in front of my computer, at approximately 10 AM. I was awake and alert. I do not specifically remember what I was writing, but I know I was typing at my keyboard. My wife Connie was downstairs engaged in her usual Saturday morning cleaning routine. There was nobody else in the house, and certainly nobody near my office. Suddenly, out of the blue, I hear an androgynous voice in my head that speaks to me, in very clear and precise English, these words: “There will be judges”.

I was completely surprised by this sudden intrusion. Thinking there was nobody else that should be in the house, I spun around in my chair to see who was speaking to me, but there was nobody there. I have never experienced any event like this in my life, before or since. This was an event that, in my reality, should not have happened – but did.

So, who communicated these words to me, how were they communicated, and what did they mean? Was this some mental aberration and, if so, why only this single instance in my life? At the time this happened I had no answers, but I have since considered these questions many times. This very brief event in my life was of such an unusual nature, so inexplicable to me, so suddenly intrusive, that I simply cannot ignore its significance, yet I will never be able to determine with absolute certainty what was meant by these words, who spoke them, and why these words were conveyed to me. I am not a Biblical scholar, and, in fact, I have rarely read the Bible. I ascribe to no religion, yet the similarity between this event and some described in the Bible are difficult to deny, at least for me.

Most people living on this planet today, I believe, do not think much about nuclear weapons. I sometimes hear “the cold war is over”, implying that the threat to our world regarding nuclear weapons is long past and is no longer of concern. I do not share this sentiment, and I believe that nuclear weapons remain a serious, existential, immoral, reprehensible, and unconscionable threat to the existence of every living creature on Earth, and those to come, minute by minute, day by day, year after year. I have felt this way for decades, at least since the 1980s when I joined the anti-nuclear weapons group Physicians for Social Responsibility, and long before I first heard Robert Salas tell us that UFOs had shut down nuclear missiles at Malmstrom AFB in 1967. In short, I fret about nuclear weapons nearly every day. I have a bumper sticker on my truck that states, “Ban Nuclear Weapons, Worldwide”. I give these out to my fellow citizens for free. I donate to Ploughshares and to Nobel Peace Prize winner Beatrice Fihns International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Today, primarily thanks to Steven Greer and Robert Hastings, we have heard the truth about UFOs and Nukes not only from Robert Salas, but now also from many other previous military personnel who were stationed at US nuclear weapons installations. As you know, previous Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has also recently stated these events have happened “more than once”. There is now no doubt in my mind that these UFOs and nukes events have happened, and there are important reasons behind these apparent intrusions that we might better term as “interventions”. One can easily conjecture that they (I will call them “The Watchers”) are trying to show us not only how to survive, but also how to be proper stewards of this planet with all its myriad life forms that have evolved here over millions of years. Apparently, according to some (Tom DeLonge being one), both US and Russian ICBMs were suddenly and surprisingly converted to launch mode on at least 2 occasions, actions that could have and should have instigated a devastating nuclear exchange between these nuclear superpowers – but did not. What are we to make of these events? Certainly, we were shown that “Mutually Assured Destruction” (“MAD”), the argument that has seemingly justified US, Russian, and other nuclear-armed nations to design, install, and maintain ready-for-immediate-use a bloated world arsenal of nuclear weapons did not happen. No retaliatory nuclear strike by either side ensued. Through such high-risk lessons as these, mankind was clearly shown that MAD is a false argument that, quite clearly, has no substance when push comes to shove. Through activating our nuclear weapons, both US and Russian military leaders were forced to make the correct moral decision – and they quite apparently did just that. The foundational logic of MAD was at once rendered null and void. A decades-long argument justifying nuclear weapons was, over a period of minutes, rendered entirely defunct – yet today we still have nuclear weapons. Today, talk has shifted to prioritizing strategic, low(er)-yield nuclear weapons mounted on highly mobile platforms accompanied by injudicious pronouncements that negate a previous US commitment against a nuclear first-strike. Such decisions must stem from men with bruised egos, thick heads, and a penchant toward keeping this planet on the knife edge of nuclear destruction.

Earth’s life is dependent on us to make informed and intelligent decisions toward fulfilling our important role as Earth’s stewards, a role that I would characterize as our God-given responsibility. Since the dawn of the nuclear age we have been failing in this responsibility, while simultaneously steering our world toward the precipice of a nuclear war. A nuclear holocaust on Earth would be an unforgiveable tragedy of truly cosmic proportion, yet such an outcome still exists today as one possible, and I would argue probable outcome of mankinds continuing infatuation with these dreadful weapons of mass destruction. In my view, this outcome will come to pass, whether by accident or by volition, if nuclear weapons continue to be designed, manufactured, and maintained ready-for-use. In the Bible this outcome is referred to as “The Apocalypse”, this event being one possible outcome, and perhaps the most probable outcome for humanity that was long ago predicted by these beings who undoubtedly understand and likely operate from the set of principles we term quantum theory. We now know these quantum principles undergird our reality, a reality that is grounded in probabilities. Because we are given Free Will, we are the only ones who can move ourselves and this planet away from this probable outcome and thereby save not only us, but also the balance of this planet’s biodiversity, from ourselves. God isnt going to do it, Jesus isnt going to do it, Allah isnt going to do it, and The Watchers arent going to do it either. It is only us that can do it. Would that devout Christians in the Pentagon focus their attention on what has been shown to us rather than eagerly anticipate “The End Times”, perhaps we might navigate toward a new heading on the moral compass, one that more probably favors ours and others survival, rather than our extinction.

I heard “There will be judges”. I believe this admonition came from The Watchers. I cannot prove this, but my specific life’s circumstances, and the clearly telepathic conveyance of this message lead me to surmise this is the message’s most likely source. This message is not reassuring. If you are familiar with Dr. John Brandenberg’s work (Death on Mars) that addresses certain xenon and krypton isotopes present in Mars’ atmosphere and large deposits of trinitite littering Mars’ surface, and his conclusion that 2 cataclysmic, atmospheric nuclear blasts were deliberately inflicted on Mars with the intention of sterilizing the surface of that planet of all life, you will understand my deep concern about this message that was delivered to me, given that Dr. Brandenberg’s conclusions, to me, seem credible. I would be very interested to know what other academically qualified specialists in nuclear physics have to say about Brandenbergs work, and his conclusions.

I am an individual who has been dogged by what most would consider an abnormal and persistently abiding (obsessive) concern about nuclear weapons and someone who has, for years, made persistent attempts through a variety of means to communicate with The Watchers. By now I feel almost certain that this message came from them and was not only a statement, but also a warning – a warning that has to do with nuclear weapons. A warning from an entity or group which, as far as I know, we have a very limited capability of assessing in terms of intentions or firepower.

I have also had a long-standing and abiding interest in 2 other unexplained yet ongoing phenomena – crop circles and cattle mutilations. I conjecture these phenomena are, in a sense, rather miraculous demonstrations of directly opposing polarities that also stem from The Watchers. In the case of cattle mutilations and the mutilations of other mammals large and small, I surmise these events are also being presented as warnings to mankind. We can feel both grateful and hopeful that these mutilation events are (still) being juxtaposed each summer with the crop circles that appear to convey a markedly contrasting appreciation of beauty, harmony, grace, and balance, as well as a deep concern for our future (as in the 2002 Crabwood “Alien Face” crop circle’s message). Their opposing polarities suggest we are being presented with 2 opposing and mutually exclusive options. The several stereotypical and absurd characteristics of cattle mutilations belie any notion that these events have anything to do with genetics research, nutritional needs, environmental monitoring, or a host of other explanations that have been posited for their occurrence in our reality. These calculated and highly orchestrated events, I have reasoned, are meant to gain our attention, first and foremost, and, once again, to send us a message. For the present, it seems that cattle and other mammals are being slaughtered as surrogates for human beings. These events are, apparently, serving to illustrate to us, in no uncertain terms, the stealth, the advanced technology, the capabilities, and, most alarmingly, the willingness to inflict unspeakable harm on a living creature through repetitive acts of violence. In my opinion we should heed these warnings.

The acceptable (to The Watchers) guidelines that will define our evolving relationship with them are being spelled out for those willing to pay attention. It has been made clear that nuclear weapons are on their agenda. Actions we could now take that will demonstrate to them our deeper, collective appreciation of the profound importance of our sacred mission as stewards of Earth may not only be viewed by them as timely but may also be the only actions we can take that will safeguard mankind from another cataclysmic annihilation event such as may have happened on Mars, but this time targeting us. They know every advancing civilization will discover nuclear energy. That’s a given. What is subsequently done with that knowledge is, apparently, the very salient point of contention. Let us not find ourselves at the losing end of what has been a long series of poor decisions and proven-defunct justifications concerning our too-long engagement with nuclear weapons. Some leader of a powerful, nuclear-armed nation must finally find the wisdom and the courage to say, “Enough!”. I, for one, would feel very proud if that nation were the United States of America finally and forever leading our world away from the precipice of a nuclear war.

“I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. – Albert Einstein

My Recommendations

  1. The US and all NATO-aligned nations should immediately sign the existing July 7, 2017 United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This is not surrender, this is wisdom.
  2. Send weekly reminders to Russia, China, France, Britain, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, and India inviting them to also sign the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  3. Inform each of these countries (if they do not know already) about the unparalleled and unprecedented series of UFO-related events that could lead the U.S. toward a new strategy of detente with The Watchers, one that may help ensure our own survival.
  4. Establish enforceable policies and procedures that will oversee the collection and impoundment of all fissile nuclear materials to be protected by troops of the UNITED NATIONS within the borders of a non-nuclear-armed country. I would suggest Mexico, with their permission and cooperation. Mexico has already signed the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  5. Design a cooperative space mission to be underwritten by all nuclear-armed nations that will rid Earth of these vile contaminants via kill-shot payloads directed toward stars in our galaxy (or into our sun?).
  6. Transmit an appeal to The Watchers for their aid in accomplishing this mission.
  7. Declare the first of these launches a world-wide holiday of international reconciliation and a day of national celebration.
  8. Decease in all hostile actions intended to secure advanced technologies and/ or military advantage from The Watchers. I believe they are not here to harm, to take, or to conquer. I believe they are here to oversee and, if necessary, enforce rules of morality that must not be transgressed. Our present-day nuclear threat to the existence of all life on Earth may?transgress one such rule that I would not find difficult to accept and, in fact, would endorse. As we are (or should be) stewards of this planet, perhaps they carry the assignment of stewards of this sector of this galaxy.
  9. Establish a 24/7 center for communication with The Watchers. If their peaceful motives can become convincingly established, begin broadcasting those communications worldwide.

If their peaceful motives cannot be firmly established, nuclear weapons could have never been justified as an acceptable defense of Earth anyway. The United States has never taken hostages and should not be using this planet as one now.


Richard K. OConnor, M.D.


P.S.: I am willing to submit to polygraph testing, psychiatric evaluation, or other that might help to substantiate the veracity of my experience. My logic, on the other hand, cannot be proven but merits the consideration of any who value the sanctity of life on this planet and the continuity of human civilization.



  1. I remember seeing or reading this on the news…Very interesting to me. These UFO sightings are very interesting to me. Have always been very interested in Science and Astronomy. As a child, I would take my diagram of constellations and planets into the yard with lantern and search the heavens for them. No am almost 88 years old and have never lost my interest in them. I watch everything about science and space on TV since I am shut-in now…Thank you.

  2. Russia and China are now allied. India and Pakistan?? the south China sea defense build up ect. Reality today Requires buying 25yr shelf life food. You won’t be gardening anytime soon. I Truly hope your right about intervention, without it were done at the press of the button. Insanity.

  3. Joseph Burkes says:

    Linking the flying saucer phenomenon to possible solutions to the seemingly unsurmountable challenges facing humanity is an important step to achieve a better future. Dr. Richard O’Connor is doing so in the arena of nuclear weapons.

    I was active in Physicians for Social Responsibility from 1981 to 1986. It is the American branch of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear Weapons. Our international physicians’ organization won the Nobel Prize in 1985. I have come to realize the following: The only way to build a peace movement that can make the connection between UFOs and nukes is to have a reduction in the de facto corporate/governmental policy of ridicule and denial. The new openness on this topic since Dec 2017 just might allow former peace activists, and current ones as well, to see the connections and start organizing. I have been waiting for such an opportunity for nearly 30 years. Dr. O’Conner’s shining example is truly inspirational.

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