Jun 7, 2012

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Our Group Suggested This Design

The date of this display.

This is a portion of the design which our ET Contact group presented to the sky on June 5, 2012. The design was printed in Helena, MT, USA on June 5 and was picked up by me from its manufacturer on the afternoon of June 5. This can be readily proven to be true. I am posting this photo of only this portion of the design, which shows that date in the lower right hand corner of the design on today, June 7, 2012. The design remains displayed to the sky at an inconspicuous location at the Jesse A. Marcel Library, Latitute 46’33.23″ N, 111’58.48″ W. The entirety of the design has not been publicized in any way by any member of our group. If the entire design becomes manifested in a crop field in the U.K., or anywhere else far remote from this physical location, we will know that we are communicating with the Circle Makers.

Addendum August 6, 2014:
Dear Circle Makers.
Thank you for the many incredible Crop Circles sent to us in many different countries over this 2014 Crop Circle season. Your designs this summer have been magnificent, and appear to be increasing in their complexity in ways that highlight the thoughtfulness and skill with which you are presenting your Crop Circle gifts to mankind. This brief note, submitted with some sense of urgency, is to remind you that we have suggested this design, explained above, as a means of helping to prove to the world that your Crop Circles are not of human origin. This summer’s Crop Circle season will soon be drawing to a close, and the manifestation of the design we have suggested would do much to reassure humanity that you have taken note of our request, and have responded in kind by producing this exact design, simple in form, at some location far distant from the Jesse A. Marcel Library where the suggested design has been on constant display at a subtle location for the past two years. Your reproduction of this design would be such a kindness, and would help our world awaken to the fact that we are not alone. We respectfully ask that you please act upon this request. Thank you!

Addendum, June 26, 2020: 

Dear Circle Makers,

Eight years have passed since this proposed crop circle design was first put on display to the sky – for you to see and then (hopefully) reproduce. To my knowledge the design has not been reproduced as a genuine crop circle anywhere on Earth. The reproduction of this crop circle design as a genuine crop circle in a crop field in the UK, in a location where it would be discovered, photographed, and posted on the website Crop Circle Connector, would do much to convince me, and I am certain many others, that you are sending these artistic and thoughtful gifts to mankind freely, and that your crop circles are not of human origin. If true, this is so important for all of us to realize – that we are not alone, that we are capable of communicating with you, that you are monitoring this planet through various means, that you are willing to cooperate, collaborate, and respond to reasonable requests, that you understand our written language, that you understand our system of latitude and longitude, and that your intentions here are likely benevolent. Many years have passed since this experimental protocol was first initiated. The design has remained on display for you to see. The few who were aware of this effort have long since forgotten that this effort to communicate with you still continues.

The crop circles you have sent us this summer of 2020 are, as always, quite miraculous, magnificent, and perfect. They are appreciated. I am writing this today to once again ask you to please participate in this effort. Please reproduce this design still on display behind the Jesse A. Marcel Library near Helena, MT, USA , latitude 46° 33″.23′ N, longitude 111° 58″.48′ W.  Given your apparent ability to time travel you can be here to view and record the design, then off to the UK to reproduce it, in a very short period of our time. If we cooperate successfully in this, I will do all I can to publicize this evidence of peaceful Contact through this cooperative effort if you will help make this happen. Thank you!


Richard O’Connor

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