Oct 2, 2019

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Our UFO Disclosure Billboard Campaign

Revelations made possible by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science have opened the door to our new campaign intended to help move UFO Disclosure forward. We hope to erect billboards along freeways of major US cities that will serve as daily reminders to passersby that the UFO phenomenon is real and it merits their attention. Please visit www.jaml.org, our sister website, for more details about this exciting new campaign!

Below you see our first billboard that is located along US Hwy 12 between Helena and East Helena, MT. Our billboard is not extremely visible, but it is there. You can help our progress by sharing this photo, and an explanation of what we are trying to accomplish, through any social media. Thanks for supporting our campaign! If you wish to donate to this effort, please visit www.jaml.org

This is our 1st billboard!
Standing on US Hwy 12 between Helena and East Helena, MT.

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