Oct 25, 2019

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Please Share This Letter With Your Representatives in Congress. (Copy, paste, and alter to your specific state and representatives.)

October 20, 2019

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

Email: rkojaml@gmail.com

Dear (__________),

As you are probably aware, over the past 2 years there have been many revelations coming from the US Department of Defense, and others, that concern UFOs. These revelations have been disseminated to the public through several reputable media sources. My purpose in contacting you is:

  1. To make certain you are aware of these new revelations.
  2. To ask what role, if any, you are playing in governmental decision making, relative to UFOs, that may and likely will have consequences for me, my family, and indeed all your Montana constituents. 

Briefly, these new revelations are summarized as follows:

  1. The US Department of Defense spent 22 million dollars between 2007 and 2012 to study UFOs through the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). This program was promoted and received funding through the efforts of Senators Harry Reid, Ted Stevens (who had his own UFO encounter as a military pilot), and Daniel Inouye.
  2. With a conspicuous absence of further details, we have also been informed that similar DoD efforts to study UFOs have followed on the heels of AATIP, through the present day.
  3. To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science’s (TTSA) spokesperson Luis Elizondo, previous Director of the Pentagon’s AATIP program for a period of a decade, has stated that AATIP’s efforts over his tenure resulted in the acquisition of a “a lot” of information about UFOs that remains classified.
  4. FLIR videos acquired by US Navy pilots attempting to intercept UFOs have been confirmed by a US Navy spokesperson as real videos of real UFOs that today remain (allegedly) unidentified.
  5. “Fleets” of UFOs seen on US Navy radars have repeatedly entered restricted US airspace at will, and some have directly interacted with US Navy pilots deployed from both the USS Nimitz and the USS Roosevelt, at close range.
  6. During these encounters, the UFOs (nicknamed “Tic’Tac”, “Gimbal”, and “Go-Fast”) performed aerial maneuvers and exhibited behavioral responses that unmistakably suggest an intelligence was guiding/piloting those UFOs. During each of those encounters, our Navy pilots have been incapable of either intercepting or matching the extreme performance characteristics of the UFOs. However, our US Navy pilots were able to maneuver within a close-enough proximity to the UFOs to gain detailed visual descriptions of the UFO plan-forms.
  7. Four US Navy pilots deployed from the USS Roosevelt have reported a near-miss encounter with at least 1 UFO involving two F-18 Super Hornets. In that encounter the UFO “flew” between the two aircraft, and within 150 feet of each aircraft, on at least one occasion.
  8. We have been assured by previous Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon that these UFOs are not a technology belonging to the US, Russia, China, or any other nation on Earth, as far as is known. Given our nation’s 7 decades-long history of repeated encounters with UFOs involving tens of thousands of first-hand eyewitnesses that extends well back into the early 1940’s, we can surmise Mellon’s statement is correct. These intelligently controlled UFOs are not technologies that originate from any nation recognized in our current consensus reality.
  9. Encrypted information concerning CAP (Combat Air Patrol) coordinates has been hacked by UFOs interacting with our US Navy Pilots (pilot David Fravor, radar operator Kevin Day). This should not have been possible yet did happen.
  10. The US Navy has created and approved a new reporting system for US Navy pilots who encounter UFOs. A Navy spokesperson has flatly stated that no newly acquired information about Navy UFO encounters will be shared with the public.
  11. Metamaterials” have been recovered from UFOs. How those “metamaterials” came to be in the possession of US military assets remains undisclosed. The 1947 “Roswell Incident” is one possible explanation. The details of this incident have been well-documented by UFO researchers. That these “metamaterials” are in the possession of US military assets strongly implies the possibility that hostile exchanges between the US military and UFOs have resulted in the acquisition of these “metamaterials”. If the US military considers UFOs and their pilots as “enemy combatants”, shouldn’t the general public be informed of this?
  12. Bigelow Aerospace received public funding to study these recovered UFO “metamaterials” between 2007 – 2012. “Dozens of reports” were generated from these studies. The content of some of these reports has been made public.
  13. Since at least 1967, UFOs have shut down both US and Russian nuclear missiles on multiple occasions at multiple locations, per Senator Harry Reid, USAF Capt. Robert Salas, USAF Capt. Robert Jacobs, and several USAF officers/missileers who were present when these incidents occurred. On at least 4 occasions, in both the US and in Russia, land-based nuclear weapons were briefly activated by UFOs! The public has never been appropriately and officially informed about these incidents. US military personnel who witnessed these events were required to sign non-disclosure agreements and ordered to never talk about these startling and very important incidents.
  14.  Very recently (October, 2019), To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a recently formed, (allegedly) “For Public Benefit” corporation, has signed a contract with the US Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command to provide, research, and exploit UFO “metamaterials” for the purposes of “inertial mass reduction, mechanical/structural metamaterials, electromagnetic metamaterial waveguides, quantum physics, quantum communications, and beamed energy propulsion”. The stated goal of this collaborative effort is to research and exploit relevant discoveries with the goal of incorporating these discoveries into the design capabilities of “US Army ground vehicles”.

Because I have followed the gradual Disclosure of the UFO reality for many years, I have found none of these revelations particularly shocking. That our world is being engaged by other-than-human beings who are highly intelligent and very technologically advanced, yet non-human, I now regard as fact – an expected and timely solution to what has been termed “The Fermi Paradox”. Clearly, they, whoever they are, are here. Our society will soon experience what will be nothing less than a revolution in our consensus worldview.

The questions I pose, as an American citizen and one of your constituents are, how is our nation, and particularly our nation’s Department of Defense, responding to this phenomenon? Are UFOs and their occupants regarded as enemy combatants? Are there standing orders to shoot-down UFOs if such an opportunity presents? Have you, my (Governor, US Senate, US House of Representatives) representative in (Montana, Congress) been informed about what is known about these developments, and their implications? Are you aware of past incidents that have involved UFOs vs. our nuclear weapons? If you have not been informed about all of this then how can you, as my representative in (Montana, Congress), promote either my interests, those of my family, or the interests of other Montanans in what is most certainly an evolving and potentially volatile relationship with these other-than-human beings?

Do you know if efforts have been made toward directly communicating with these beings to determine who they are, why they are here, what their intentions may be, why they have shut down (and on 4 occasions, activated) our nuclear weapons, or how the US government came into possession of these “metamaterials” derived from their alien technology?

There are many, many questions and too few answers to reassure me that our nation is not already in a shooting war with these beings. There is no denying this may be the case, for how else would our DoD and TTSA have come into possession of these “metamaterials” derived from UFO technology? Are we in peril due to a perceived-to-be warranted, but possibly unwarranted, aggressive posture toward these visitors being foisted by our own military? If so, what past events precipitated, and still justify, this aggression?

If you, (Governor Bullock, Senator Daines, Senator Tester, Representative Gianforte) have not been informed about these important details that may soon concern all (Montanans), I hope you will begin seeking answers to these very legitimate questions.

This is our 1st billboard!
Standing on US Hwy 12 between Helena and East Helena, MT.

A large billboard currently stands along Hwy 12 between Helena and East Helena that proclaims, “UFO Disclosure Is in Progress” “Get Ready.” “Get Informed.”. An estimated 46,000 passersby are seeing that billboard weekly. Dr. Joan Bird and Dr. Richard O’Connor of Helena have, for 3 semesters, been leading a class at U of M, Helena College titled UFOs: Are They a Threat to Our National Security? It will not be too long before a tipping point is reached, after which concerned (Montana) citizens, like me, are going to be asking you similar, pointed questions as we all strive to understand what is happening, and what the implications may be for the lives of all of us.   

You do not need to be reminded that Montana is a heavily nuclear weapons-armed state. Given how mysteriously yet adeptly these beings and their craft have disabled our nuclear weapons (right here) in Montana (Malmstrom AFB) on more than one occasion and have, at other locations, briefly switched-on nuclear missiles both in the US and in Russia on 4 occasions, Montana’s citizens should be especially concerned about these new developments. Our state could be in real and present danger of nuclear annihilation by our nation’s own nuclear weapons should our nation’s relationship with these beings begin to turn completely sour.  

We are depending on you, (Governor Bullock, Senator Daines, Senator Tester, Representative Gianforte) to become well informed about these developments and to provide leadership toward moving our nation away from armed conflict with these visitors. Leaving these issues to be dealt with solely by the US DoD will be a grave mistake. You have a definite “Need to Know”, and you must press this constitutional right as the (Montana’s, US Congress’) representative of all (Montanans). Given the level of technology possessed by these beings as described by our own US Navy pilots and many others, given all we do not know about their military capabilities, and given the extreme vulnerability of our beloved state of Montana to an induced nuclear holocaust that quite apparently could be triggered by these alien visitors ( a capability they have clearly demonstrated on numerous occasions), it is my opinion that EXTREME and IMMEDIATE efforts must be taken to directly and transparently communicate with these beings, discuss the reasons for their presence here and attempt, through persistent diplomatic efforts, to resolve our differences, real or imagined.

It is very likely that the many centuries of anthropocentric sovereignty humans have heretofore enjoyed (or inflicted?) on planet Earth are nearing their end. We are entering a new age, a new paradigm. With these visitors we could, depending on the choices we make, be headed toward a new beginning – if we have the wisdom and the courage to explore and cultivate what could become our common interests. In my opinion, communication, diplomacy, and avoiding hostile action toward these visitors is key. At the very least, we must try our best to avoid escalating what may have already become a conflict with these highly intelligent and technologically advanced other-than-human beings whose capabilities and agendas we clearly know little about.

If I can be of help to you in any way, please do not hesitate to call on me.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.

(406) 461-2823               

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