Aug 18, 2011

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Previous New Hampshire State Representative Speaks About the ET Reality!

Listen to the testimony of Henry W. McElroy, previous representative of the state of New Hampshire. In this video Mr. McElroy testifies that while in office he read a memo attesting to “the continued presence of extraterrestrial beings here in the United States” and that ” a meeting between these beings and President Eisenhower could be arranged”.

We need to listen to McElroy’s testimony. He did not have to produce this video and make it public knowledge. He did this because he felt that this information he has presented to us is important for the world to know and because he has a sense of personal responsibility and he has the courage to do the right thing. We must now, all of us, begin to act upon our new awareness that the UFO Phenomenon is real and that our civilization has been and is currently being contacted by one or more civilizations that are “not us”. Please write to your own representatives and senators and demand that open U.S. Congressional hearings be held to ascertain all that is currently known by our world’s military and intelligence agencies about the UFO phenomenon. Together we can get the ball rolling toward a new and more promising future for mankind and all of Earth’s biosphere.

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