Sep 1, 2011

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Pumapunku = Round Hole, Human Beings = Square Peg

An extraterrestrial civilization came to Earth and constructed, or at least aided in the construction, of a megalithic site at Pumapunku, Bolivia sometime between 536 – 600 AD. Period. There can be very little doubt about this. The megalithic stones found at Pumapunku represent indisputable physical evidence which is highly suggestive that we are not alone in the universe. This is demonstrated using simple math.

The largest stone found at the Pumapunku site is quoted in Wikipedia as being 7.81 meters (25.62 feet) X 5.17 meters (16.96 feet) X 1.07 meters (3.51 feet). The stone was quarried at a site about 10 kilometers (6.21 miles) from the Pumapunku archeological site. The stone is a mixture of sandstone and andesite. Its weight has been calculated to be approximately 131 metric tons (288,805.56 pounds).

Allowing 18 inches for each man’s shoulder width would allow room for a total of 56 men to gather around the stone, shoulder to shoulder, in a heroic group effort to lift this stone. Simple calculation reveals that each man would be required to lift 5,157.25 pounds in order to lift the stone even one millimeter off the ground. No man has ever existed who could even come close to lifting that much weight, and the Amara people of Bolivia are not large people. Levers available to the Amara people of Bolivia at that time would only have bent or broken.

Thus, Pumapunku was not constructed entirely by human beings. There can be no question about this, so anyone who tells you that there is no physical evidence that we have been visited by an off-world (extraterrestrial) civilization is either deliberately misleading you or is unaware of the irrefutable evidence of this fact standing right now, this minute, at the Pumapunku archeological site. I know it is there right now because nobody can move it.

Wikipedia says: “Archaeologists argue that the transport of these stones was accomplished by the large labor force of ancient Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco). Several theories have been proposed as to how this labor force transported the stones although these theories remain speculative. Two of the more common proposals involve the use of llama skin ropes and the use of ramps and inclined planes.[8]”

The statement above is so dumb it is laughable! The coefficient of static friction acting upon this block of stone is simply tremendous, and is completely unapproachable by the hands, arms, and backs of human beings!

Because “scientists” will not “go there” insofar as accepting that we have, and are currently, being visited by one or more ET civilizations, they keep trying as hard as they can to put square pegs into round holes. This is about the worst case I can think of otherwise intelligent people not being able to “see the forest for the trees”.

The above argument does not even address the unbelievable interlocking channels which are very precisely engraved into the megalithic stones of Pumapunku. There is no way this was done with stone or even metal chisels.

Many of you will read this article and still remain unconvinced that it is an unassailable certainty that we have been visited by an extraterrestrial civilization. You will invoke the “speed of light” argument (our current science indicates that they could not arrive to here from there because of the distances involved), or you will argue that human beings could have accomplished this amazing work but we just haven’t figured this puzzle out yet, or you will feel certain that if this were true your government or your media would have already told you about this. You will not see the truth even if it is written in stone. I can only point out that discernment is the key ingredient which must be excercised in order to grasp what has been, and continues to be, a deliberately falsified history which has been written for us by powerful interests who do not want the human race to understand the true nature of our reality.

  1. I respectfully disagree. To say just because we don’t know how something is done so it must be ET’s, is not a valid conclusion. Just because something is a mystery, doesn’t mean that the stones were moved by extraterrestrials or even with some mysterious force. While this is a large mass, there are certainly many examples of stones of larger masses being moved by humans. Here is an example of one human moving a 19,000 lb block into an upright position with simple levers and fulcrums by himself.!

    • Ken,
      If you are not convinced by the megalithic stones found at Pumapunku, then check out the ones found at Baalbek, Lebanon. For a single human being to move a self-manufactured, pre-suspended concrete stone weighing 19,000 pounds is indeed remarkable, but this example is a drop in the bucket when compared to the stones of Pumapunku and Baalbek. Several stones at Baalbek, quarried over one mile from where they now rest and then arranged to form an expansive platform , are estimated to weigh in excess of 2,000,000 pounds! Moving these stones required a technology that did not exist 8000 years ago.

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