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“Anecdote” is a trivializing word, used to dismiss observations that challenge the conventional paradigm. Good science begins with uncontrolled observation. If observations do not fit the standard model of reality –especially if they do not fit — scientists should give them attention. They are the raw material from which we form hypotheses to be tested. (Andrew Weil, M.D., The Scalpel and the Soul, by Allan J. Hamilton, M.D., Penguin Books, ISBN 978-1-58542-615-7).

The Crop Circle phenomenon is not occurring in a vacuum. In order for us to truly grasp the fact that our world is being observed and contacted by another intelligent civilization from”elsewhere”, we need to be aware of several other relevant and otherwise inexplicable phenomena going on in our world. These phenomena would include the “alien abduction phenomenon”, the “cattle mutilation phenomenon”, and the “UFO phenomenon”. Much controversy surrounds each of these topics, and rightfully so, as each of them goes way beyond the daily experiences of the large majority of us. Nonetheless, CCRF supports the theory (the extraterrestrial hypothesis) that the reality of all four phenomena are supported by more than enough evidence to conclude that all are in fact occurring as they have been described, and this evidence leads us with ever greater certainty to the logical conclusion that we are being engaged by another highly intelligent civilization. In order to educate yourself about the breadth of evidence supporting these claims, we direct you to the following information resources:

First, please take a look at this video interview with Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell at

UFO’s: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record Author: Leslie Kean Copyright 2010, Harmony Books, ISBN 978-0-307-71684-2.

This book will change your frame of reference regarding the reality of UFO’s! Author Leslie Kean and the contributing authors will help you to see that it is not you, as one of “the UFO believers”, that has a problem. Instead, Kean and her co-authors make it clear that the problem lies with the large majority of our world’s population, and especially our political leaders and our scientists, who continue to honor the social taboo that has been constructed around the UFO phenomenon. Individuals who continue to deny, denigrate, discount, ridicule, or simply ignore what are perhaps the most significant events unfolding in mankind’s history and which herald contact of our civilization by another, very separate race of intelligent beings are doing no service to humanity or to the biosphere of planet Earth.  Kean encourages a policy of “militant agnosticism” toward the UFO phenomenon and is unwilling to jump to conclusions about what UFO’s are, where they come from, or why they are here, but she makes a winning arguement for the fact that they are here, and have been so since at least the 1940’s. After reading this book you will know that UFO’s and the intelligence behind them are real and that they appear to be here with a complete absense of malicious intent. Kean makes a persuasive arguement that it is way past time that our political leaders, our scientists, and our world’s population give this remarkable phenomenon the attention it deserves. CCRF endorses Kean’s message. We are sixty years behind in our effort to understand what all of this will mean to our civilization and the biosphere of planet Earth.

CCRF does have some reservations about Kean’s suggestion that an office, dedicated to UFO research, be established within our U.S. government. We have been down that road before. CCRF supports U.S. government funding of an international, centralized office dedicated to UFO research, but one with no governmental strings attached. This research effort must be all about pure science and an uncontaminated search for truth, absent of any and all political agendas.

THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL  A Former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government’s Shocking UFO Cover-up, by Col. Philip J. Corso, copyright 1997, Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-00461-1.  

This is the book that pried open my mind to the reality that what my friend and colleague, Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., had been telling me for years – that his father, Major Jesse Marcel, Sr. had recovered materials of extraterrestrial origin from a crash site outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. This book had the same effect on Paul Hellyer, a previous Canadian Minister of Defense who has, since reading this book, taken a public stance promoting Disclosure of the truth of extraterrestrial visitation of planet Earth and our civilization. If you will read the book The Day After Roswell, you too will realize that all of this is true. When that joyful day comes that we all understand and take it to heart that we are not alone in this universe and that we have been and are being visited by extraterrestrial civilizations that are employing energy technologies that we have heretofore been completely ignorant of, we will be on our way to the stars and on our way to saving the biosphere of planet Earth. What could be a more compelling argument for confronting and embracing this issue than to think that we could, in the very near future, stop our addiction to oil and instead utilize a transformative new technology to power our civilization? Solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, conservation, biofuel, nuclear fission – choose any or all. None of these, alone or in combination, will be capable of safely and cleanly producing the prodigious energy requirements our civilization needs now and will need in the future. The energy technologies employed by our Visitors are going to be key to resolving the challenge of meeting the ever increasing energy demands of our civilization, and resolving the environmental crisis facing planet Earth that comes as a direct result of our current world-wide use of 86 million barrels (3,612,000,000 U.S. gallons) of oil per year.

In The Day After Roswll, Col. Philip Corso comes forward with the story of his first-hand encounter, while stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas, with the remains of an extraterrestrial being who was taken from the Roswell crash site and was en route to Wright Field in Ohio for study and analysis. In 1960, Col. Corso was then stationed at the Pentagon’s Desk of Foreign Technology under the direction of his mentor and the Chief of U.S. Army Research and Development, Lt. General Arthur Trudeau. (Corso, in fact, dedicated the book to the memory of Lt. General Trudeau). Corso describes how Trudeau assigned him the task of taking the materials of extraterrestrial origin recovered from the Roswell crash site and placing these into the hands of various military contractors to see what could be understood and developed from the study of those materials. Please put this book on your “must read” list!    


Please take time to watch This video, produced by Dr. Steven Greer, MD, and The Disclosure Project, will help you become aware of the many highly credible and courageous individuals from military, civilian aviation, and  industrial backgrounds who have been first hand eyewitnesses to UFO / ET phenomena and have come forward with their truth about what is really going on. If you wish to purchase the video, you may contact The Disclosure Project at (Thank you, Joan Bird, for bringing this excellent video to our attention).

Dr. Steven Greer, MD, has sacrificied much and fought hard to bring out the truth about UFO’s and the extraterrestrial hypothesis. He has been an unwavering advocate of truth and transparency about this subject for two decades, and CCRF extends him our heartfelt thanks for all he has done in his quest to advance mankind’s understanding of these important phenomena. We would not be as far down the road to truth as we are were it not for the heroic efforts of Dr. Steven Greer, MD.

THE ROSWELL LEGACY The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site by Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, and Linda Marcel. New Page Books, copyright 2009. ISBN 978-1-60163-026-1.

I have known Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, for 22 years. I became friends with Jess while we worked for over a decade together in the operating rooms of St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, MT. Jess (now retired) is an MD (ENT) surgeon and a helicopter pilot who served in the U.S. National Guard in Iraq for two consecutive tours of duty. I can tell you that you will never meet a more sincere, honest, and forthright individual than Jesse Marcel Jr., MD. At least I haven’t. Jess is definitely one of the good guys. 

On several occasions, Jess personally showed me documents he requested through the Freedom of Information Act pertaining to UFO information he had requested from our government’s military that were so widely redacted that I would estimate 85% of the words on any given page were blacked out, rendering the copied document essentially void of any useful information! Can such actions represent democracy?  

For most of his life, while following his path of being an excellent ENT surgeon, a helicopter pilot, and a good citizen, Jess has been quietly and humbly trying to inform our citizenry of the conclusion that his father (Major Jesse Marcel, Sr). reached when he was assigned to investigate the crash site outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947. Jess’s father’s conclusion was that the materials he discovered at the Roswell crash site were of extraterrestrial origin. Those materials were not manufactured on planet Earth. Please read this book, for then you will understand why Jess’s father, Major Jesse Marcel, Sr., could not and would not have mistaken the materials he discovered at the Roswell crash site for the remains of a Rawin radar target or a weather balloon. You will learn how and why Jess’s father was ordered, by the propoganda machine of the U.S. military, to “admit to his error” in his initial assessment that the materials were of extraterrestrial origin, and bow down to the press photographers while holding the obvious tattered remains of a radar target which were definitely not the same materials he discovered at the crash site. After reading this book, you will know that we have been lied to, by the U.S. military and the U.S. “intelligence” apparatus, for over 6 decades. For most of us, that means we have been lied to about this reality for our entire lives. We, all of us, need to do what each of us can to change that situation as soon as possible, and thereby adjust our nation’s heading back toward the path of democracy. Acknowledging the extraterrestrial presence and then going after an understanding of their means of energy production may be the salvation of the ecosystem of planet Earth, and our civilization with her.

CCRF thanks Col Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, and his wife Linda Marcel, for their persistent and unwavering dedication to telling the world the truth. Their story has never changed. May both of you live to see the truth be widely known and accepted!

THE UFO ENIGMA A New Review of the Physical Evidence, Peter A. Sturrock (emeritus professor of applied physics, and emeritus director, Center for Space Science and Astrophysics, Stanford University). Copyright 1999, Warner Books, ISBN 0-446-52565-0).

World renowned scientists met together at Pocantico Conference Center and reviewed the UFO evidence. Their conclusion (in diametric opposition to the Condon Report): there is much we could learn from further study of the UFO Phenomenon – if the evidence is carefully collected and scientifically analysed.

Chapter 29, The Mansfield, Ohio, Case, is one of the UFO cases reviewed and analysed by the group. This case simply shouts in your face that Captain Lawrence Coyne and his crew experienced a very close encounter with an object and an intelligence that was not of this Earth. The affadavit, signed by all four of the helicopter crew members, describes the event in detail and leaves no doubt that any explanation other than the extraterrestrial hypothesis simply cannot explain the events that occurred during the time of their flight. If you will read Dr. Sturrock’s book, and especially The Mansfield, Ohio, Case, I think you will agree. ( Linda Moulton Howe is an award winning journalist of great courage and integrity. I have met with her in Albuquerque and spent one evening in three hours of conversation with her. My impression: she is reporting the truth to us as best she can discover, confirm its veracity, and understand it herself. Her reporting forum, Earthfiles, is an excellent source of information of all matters related to these phenomena. CCRF highly recommends that everyone subscribe to Earthfiles in order to gain access to all archived reports. Linda Moulton Howe is the world’s most courageous and forthright journalist, and she will not be intimidated away from the pursuit of truth. CCRF asks that everyone support the work of Linda Moulton Howe.

ABDUCTION –  Human Encounters With Aliens by John E. Mack, M.D., copyright 1994, Macmillan Publishing, ISBN 1-4165-7580-4.

PASSPORT TO THE COSMOS Human Transformation and Alien Encounters by John E. Mack, MD, copyright 1999, Crown Publishers, ISBN 0-517-70568-0.

John E. Mack, MD, was a psychoanalytic psychiatrist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and a Pulitzer Prize winning author. Unfortunately and ironically, Dr. Mack became a victim of the “old world order” when he was killed by a drunken driver in London, 2004, at age 72.

Dr. Mack interviewed 200 individuals who were referred to him and who he determined had no evidence of mental illness but who presented consistent, detailed accounts of their interactions with alien beings. The byword here, “abduction”, is an inadequate and misleading word used to describe the complex nature of the interactions with alien beings detailed by those individuals Dr. Mack interviewed. Dr. Mack preferred and encouraged the term “experiencers”. (The term “abduction” is yet another word that has been introduced into this subject matter that is intended to horrify and ultimately turn people away from any and all events connected with these phenomena).

Mack’s work with “experiencers” was ground breaking and helped them to gain a legitimate voice to tell the world of their very important interactions with alien beings. Unfortunately, very few have been listening. We would all do well to listen to what they have to say, for much of the message has to do with the profound lack of respect we extend to planet Earth through our unwavering practice of attending to “the bottom line” of corporate and / or military interests while mostly ignoring the deleterious effects this mind set is having, on a daily basis, on the biosphere of planet Earth.

One day, if our species survives, we will all be having interactions with these highly intelligent beings from elsewhere. CCRF recommends that while reading the book, each of us considers how we might conduct ourselves, as representatives of the human race, in our interactions with these beings from elsewhere.

THE FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL by Donald Keyhoe, copyright 1950, Fawcett Publishers, reprinted by Cosimo 2004, ISBN 1-59605-877-3.

Donald E. Keyhoe was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served active duty as a pilot for the U.S. Marine Corp. Keyhoe was involved in Admiral Byrd’s historic flight to the North Pole and worked as an aide to Charles Lindbergh. Thereafter, Keyhoe was chief of information for the Aeronautics Branch, U.S. Dept of Commerce, and then became a reporter/investigator for True magazine. Keyhoe carried out a six month long, detailed investigation surrounding the (then) recent USAF pilot’s close encounters (and one death) with UFOs for True magazine from May – December 1949. Keyhoe went all the way to the Pentagon with his investigation. Keyhoe, and the editorial staff of True, after careful and thoughtful deliberation, published their conclusions in True’s January 1950 issue. Their published conclusion: some UFO’s are interplanetary spacecraft. In the last paragraph, page 172, Keyhoe wrote:

“The secret of the space ships’ power is more important than even the hydrogen bomb. It may someday be the key to the fate of the world”.

The BLT Research Team, Inc.:

Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Team, Inc., formed in 1999, have already accomplished ground-breaking work in the crop fields having discovered and described several unique and characteristic markers of a “Genuine” Crop Circle.

One cannot approach the serious study of “Genuine” Crop Circles without an awareness of the important work that has been accomplished by Nancy Talbott, W.C.Levengood, and the BLT Team, and our thanks go out to them for their persistent dedication to pursuing a well organized, methodical, scientific approach to gaining an more complete understanding of the origin of the “Genuine” Crop Circles. You can find their published work at and their home page at

THE FIELD GUIDE The Art, History, and Philosophy of Crop Circle Making by Rob Irving and John Lundberg, edited by Mark Pilkington.

This book is propaganda intended to direct you away from the conclusion that Genuine Crop Circles are produced by an intelligent, non-human race attempting to let humanity know of their existence through the  gentle, beautiful, and non-threatening medium of the Genuine Crop Circles. The authors (who are self-confessed, law breaking vandals and therefore, by definition, are not to be trusted) utilize psychological principles throughout the book to denigrate and embarrass any person who might question whether all crop circles are of human origin.

At best, we can hope that Rob Irving, John Lundberg, Mark Pilkington and their “circlemaker” buddies are simply ignorant vandals who assume that even if they know that they did not produce the most expansive, complex, error free, and highly detailed “Genuine” Crop Circles, some other group of human “circlemakers” must have produced them. This ignorance would thereby innocently allow them to maintain their assertion / belief that all crop circles are of human origin and would not then represent a deliberate action on their part to dissuade humanity from the conclusion that we are not alone in the universe. At worst, these individuals are working in collaboration with U.S. and British intelligence agencies as part of the disinformation campaign mandated by the Robertson Panel of the Brookings Institute in 1953 to use any and all means possible to discourage our population from subscribing to the conclusion that we are experiencing contact with off-world civilizations. This book would embody a very well done and effective means to that end. Rob Irving, John Lundberg, and Mark Pilkigton each deserve to receive a “Darwin Award” for their willing participation in the production of this misleading book. May they reap the benefits they deserve.