Apr 4, 2014

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Richard Dennis UFO Testimony

This is Helena, Montana resident Richard Dennis telling of his UFO sighting which occurred in Montana up around Ft. Benton, brought to you by the Jesse A. Marcel Library. The JAML is bringing you real stories of real UFO encounters from real people. It is up to each individual to discern whether or not these folks are telling the Truth. I believe they are, but you must decide for yourself.

If you have had an up-close-and-personal experience with a UFO, please send me your 10 minutes or less, MP4 format video on an SD card or DVD, telling of your experience, and I will post your video on this website and on the Jesse A. Marcel Library YouTube channel. (Contact info below) If you live in the Helena area, call me (Richard O’Connor, M.D.) and we will arrange a time to video record your story at the Jesse A. Marcel Library. It is important that people start hearing of these life changing events experienced by everyday people who have nothing to gain and no reason to hide the Truth about their own UFO sighting.

Here is Richard Dennis:

Contact Info:
Richard O’Connor, M.D.
PMB 2046
1 Jackson Creek Road
Clancy, MT 59634
(406) 461-2823

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