Jan 1, 2014

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Russell Scruggs UFO Testimony

Russell Scruggs visited the Jesse A. Marcel UFO Library a couple of months ago, which is when I came to know him. He agreed to share on video his experiences of 2 UFO sightings that he personally witnessed while growing up in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley in the early 1960s. He was kind enough to allow me to video-record his testimony after I called him and asked him if I could travel to his home (about 90 miles from where I live) and record his statements. It takes courage to speak out like this, and I am grateful that Russell allowed me to visit his home and record his telling of these experiences.

If more people would follow Russell’s courageous example and share with the world their own UFO experiences, we could be on well on our way to helping everyone understand that the UFO phenomenon is real, it is important, and it deserves our serious attention. Could the study of UFOs, using the tools of science, allow us to understand how UFOs produce the energy they require to arrive here and to perform the incredible maneuvers that have been so often described by UFO eyewitnesses? Perhaps the serious scientific study of UFOs could result in new breakthroughs in energy technology, but we will never know this unless we all begin to understand that the UFO phenomenon is real and we demand that funding for UFO research be made available for scientists to engage in UFO research through our universities and national laboratories. We must divorce our civilization from the continuing practice of using fossil fuels for energy, and the UFO may offer an alternative path, a wild card so to speak, in our search for a solution to our energy conundrum. Please listen to Russell’s testimony below:

  1. Great video! It must have taken Russell a lot of courage to film this, and he was very animated and well versed.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Russ! Its an amazing one!

  3. Fascinating & believable. Thank you for sharing your eye witness testimony

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