Dec 8, 2012

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Confirms ET Presence On Earth!

ADDENDUM, 12/12/12: Since first writing this I have been able to confirm that the translation of PM Medvedev’s words found below is accurate. I contacted a young adult woman, originally from the Ukraine, who has been here in the U.S. for two years and who speaks fluent Russian. Tatiana was kind enough to come to our home and listen to the controversial video of Russian PM Medvedev speaking about ET visitation to Earth. Together we watched the video found below without any English (or other) translation on the screen. After watching the video through one time, Tatiana turned to me and asked “is this a joke”? I asked why? She said because he is speaking about “little green men (her phrase) coming here”. I then asked her to further explain what she was hearing. She replied that Medvedev was explaining that each Russian President is given a Top Secret file when they take office which contains information about extraterrestrials coming here to Earth. She repeated back to me almost word for word the translation of Medvedev’s statements you find below. I am now 100% certain that Medvedev did make these statements just as they have been translated. It remains to be determined if Medvedev was joking but, again, I cannot fathom that a very high ranking Russian government official would joke about this given the very high likelihood that what he was stating is true. We will see where this leads.

ORIGINAL: I do not speak Russian and therefore I cannot be certain about the words which were spoken by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the video you find below. However, if the translation of Medvedev’s words as presented in this video are correct, then what we are hearing is the very first statement made by a high ranking government official, while still holding office, which were spoken to a mainstream news reporter and which confirm that Extraterrestrials have visited and may be currently residing on this planet Earth. If this translation of Medvedev’s words is indeed accurate, then we can surmise that Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has apparently been selected to be the “chosen one” who has now, for the very first time in history, spoken out plainly, publicly, and honestly about the reality of ET visitation to this planet. Mark the date – these statements were made on December 7, 2012. Medvedev’s statements may herald a major step towards official ET/UFO Disclosure by world governments.

Although the translation indicates that Medvedev stated that he would say this once and only once, for those who are paying attention, once is all that should be required to confirm the reality of what many, if not most of our world’s populations have strongly suspected all along. That not only are we not alone in this universe, but that other races of intelligent beings do exist and have already come here to this planet Earth. It appears as though Dmitry Medvedev has informed us that some of these ET beings are presently here and are living among us now. Here is one translation of what Medvedev allegedly said:

“Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet… Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country… More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black… I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic”.

While the female reporter to whom Medvedev is speaking appears to be smiling, and perhaps even giggling, while Medvedev is revealing this new information, Medvedev himself does not seem to be joking about this and in fact seems to be quite serious as he is speaking. Watch his facial expressions. Listen to the tone of his voice. Observe the hand gestures he uses while describing the phrase “Top Secret”. It appears to me that Medvedev is speaking in earnest about news that has the potential to change the course of human civilization. The reporter to whom Medvedev is revealing this information does not appear to know what to think or how to react to the words which Medvedev is speaking. Why? Is it because we have all been deliberately misled and misinformed about the true reality about this subject for so long that to finally hear the truth spoken leaves her incredulous and unable to discern whether or not Medvedev is serious or is simply joking with her. Therefore, she has no means of knowing just what type of reaction would be appropriate to the words she is hearing spoken. Perhaps not wanting to be “conned” again, she reacts with a kind of nervous amusement. This would be a tense moment for a journalist on camera due to the fact that discernment regarding what is real news and what is not is so important to the career of a journalist. Watch the video below and see what you think about the nature of Medvedev’s statements. Was Medvedev’s reference to the movie Men In Black part of a joke, or is it reasonable to assume that such an organization would in fact exist if the rest of Medvedev’s revelation is true?

By the way, apparently our own U.S. Presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama met with Prime Minister Medvedev and his wife at the Medvedev’s home on November 13, 2012 – three weeks ago. I would love to have been able to overhear the conversation that took place that evening!

In my opinion, this could not have possibly been a “slip of the tongue” or “a joke” on the part of Prime Minister Medvedev while thinking that his microphone was turned off. After all, Medvedev knew that he was speaking to a news reporter in the presence of other news reporters.  In the translation, nowhere did Medvedev say “This is off the record”. Medvedev recently served as a recent President of Russia, he is the current Prime Minister of the great superpower of Russia, and he is a poised and polished career politician. If the translation is determined to be accurate, then I believe that what we are witnessing in this video is a vetted and carefully planned major step in the direction of ET/UFO Disclosure. It is also remarkable that this first statement came from Russia and not from the USA, and I believe that “testing the water” in this way leaves the U.S. some “wiggle room”, or “plausible deniability” if this initial Russian statement gains traction in the mainstream media and then appears to be spinning out of control as far as the general public is concerned. After all, panic on the part of the general public has been cited as one of the most compelling reasons behind the long-standing UFO/ET “secrecy”.

All I can say at this point are three things:

  1. THANK YOU Russian Prime Minister Medvedev for finally telling the world the TRUTH which is a truth we all deserve to know, and,
  2. It’s about time!
  3. Let us all demonstrate through our words and our actions that we can “handle the TRUTH”, and let us move forward toward a future for humanity that incorporates all of the best features of a wide variety of cosmic cultures.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

Addendum: I sent the following email to the Associated Press this morning, December 9, 2012.

Dear Associated Press,

Regarding: “Russian Prime Minister jokes about secret files on aliens”. “But was he just joking”?

Many of us already know that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wasn’t “just joking” about ET beings visiting Earth, and your “news coverage” of what will evolve to become the most important statement ever made by a world political leader while still in office is the real joke here. Please do your jobs as journalists, find out the truth about this very important statement, and then tell that truth to the world. It is past time for this to happen. This very important information should not be and cannot be withheld from the world forever, and in my opinion the longer this charade goes on the worse the potential backlash is likely to be from citizens who have believed that they live as contributing participants in a partnership we are fond of calling a democracy.

As citizens of the U.S., we and our forbearers have contributed a great deal to the management of this very important information over many     decades, a we deserve to know the TRUTH. More importantly, the biosphere of this planet is approaching a critical state of debility due to our continued abuse of fossil fuels to produce the energy we require. What we might learn from open and honest discussions between our best scientific minds and the ET visitors who are coming here may provide indispensable insights into our development of an energy technology which will provide a means of extricating our human civilization from the fossil fuel trap in which we and planet Earth currently find ourselves.

DO NOT DROP THE BALL on this very important story. This is a golden opportunity to begin the process of bringing out the truth about the UFO/ET reality, and this opportunity must not be wasted by passing it off as a “joke”. It is anything but a joke.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

Addendum: Consider that my original link to a YouTube video recording of Medvedev’s statements was “removed by the user”. What’s up with that? The one you find above remains on YouTube for the time being. We will see what happens with this one. If this one disappears, we will know that there are people out there who just do not want you to see this video because, as they say, “seeing is believing”.

You can “read and re-read” what Medvedev said all day long, but to fully grasp what happened you must watch his facial expressions, listen to the tone of his voice, and observe his body language. Medvedev’s words are only 10% of the real message. When you carefully observe these more important aspects of the exchange as recorded in the video, you realize that there is not the slightest hint that Medvedev was joking. The only thing that would dissuade me from this conclusion would be for Medvedev himself to again appear on camera and tell the world, ON THE RECORD, that he was joking. But, he has not done this, has he? If he does this please let me know! I seriously doubt he is going to do this because to publicly retract his statement would place the Russian government in a compromising situation. Why? Because he would then be lying to the world.  Medvedev knows, and we know, that what he originally said was, very likely, the Truth. Regarding the reference to the MIB movie, do you doubt that there would be such a group that would be assigned to interact with visiting ET’s if in fact they were coming here as Medvedev has stated? I think there would absolutely be such a group, and we do know for a fact that they (ET) are coming here, therefore I see no conflict with what I would assume would be true. I for one will not be “moving on” from this anytime soon. Medvedev’s statements are the closest thing to real Disclosure that I have heard from one of the highest ranking world leaders still holding office on planet Earth in my lifetime of 58 years. I know Truth when I hear it (and see it) spoken, and the body of evidence which supports the veracity of Medvedev’s statements is immense and irrefutable. I suggest that everyone who is interested in our world coming to an acceptance of the ET reality pay close attention to what evolves from this “incident”. I believe that REAL Disclosure is unfolding at this very time in human history, and all I can say is THANK YOU Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and IT’S ABOUT TIME that somebody “in the know” said these words!

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

Addendum 12/20/12: It is believed that the video below is the film to which PM Medvedev was referring when he suggested that in order for the reporter to whom he was speaking might come to a better understanding of ET visitation to Earth she should view the film Men In Black. I had assumed that PM Medvedev was referring to the Hollwood film Men In Black, in which case one could better argue that Medvedev was not serious about the revelations he put forward. However, if the video you find below is indeed the film to which Medvedev was referring, then it seems much less likely that Medvedev was joking. This film is a serious attempt to outline the history of a poorly understood human – ET relationship, and how that relationship has evolved over time. In my view, if this is in fact the film to which PM Medvedev was referring, then we can strongly suspect that Medvedev was not joking about ET visitation to Earth. The lid on this information may be lifting! Here is the Russian Men In Black video:

  1. Rev. Allorrah Be says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Giorgio Piacenza says:

    Good ideas Richard. I concur. ALSO, PM Medvedev looked serious to me. He even got more serious when the reporter insist him to reveal more. Furthermore, talking about anything in connection with the nuclear codes a president may carry should be a serious matter. Also, revealing this important matter in a nonchalant way the reporter had a nervous smile.

    Generally speaking, Russians tend to be more open minded on alternative scientific research and may now want to take the lead in disclosure to be on the lead as when they led the early space race. I’m surprised by the largely negative cynical reactions in many in the UFO research community, as if they knew for sure that it must have been a joke. It may have been after all but I’m surprised of them being so certain and negative even to the POSSIBILITY that the PM he may have been both accurately translated and been serious about what he said. We just don’t know for sure know but the POSSIBILITY that the statement was sincere is out there. It appears that the tendency toward hardline disbelief is also present among those that call for disclosure. We don’t just need a negative critical attitude to assert our partial “objectivity” but a visionary, loving, critical attitude to represent our Love for Truth.

    • Giorgio,
      All very well said and capture my sentiments as well. I wish I spoke fluent Russian. To assume that PM Medvedev’s statements were all a big joke is a mistake, at least at this point. In my view, aside from his statement’s juxtaposition with a remark about Santa Claus, there is nothing I observe to suggest that he was joking. The entire exchange may have been very carefully scripted, and likely was if what PM Medvedev stated is true. The fact that the mainstream media seems to have dropped this like a hot potato also hints that there may be more to this story than many (most) are assuming. The first video I posted on my website was “removed by the user” – I have not checked to see if the second YouTube link I published in the article is still up. I will be very suspicious if that one disappears as well.

      It could well be that Russia is tired of playing second fiddle to U.S. (non) leadership as far as UFOs are concerned, and the Russians are quite clearly more open about this subject than the U.S. I assume that you have seen the (for me) recent documentary made by an Italian gentleman who spoke with several high ranking Russian military leaders about their experience with the UFO phenomenon.

      Even if this turns out to be a near-miss for those who have controlled the UFO/ET cover up in the U.S. and their damage control system holds for now, this episode may serve to “put their feet to the fire”, forcing them to further realize that the days of the UFO/ET cover up are numbered. I hope so. Our world really needs to know the Truth about this and a great deal many other things. Thanks for your note.

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