Mar 25, 2015

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RVDB: A Spiritual Messenger

I have several close, very intelligent, and well-educated friends who immediately reject all matters that even remotely suggest a possible spiritual component to our reality. I propose that this instantaneous, almost knee-jerk rejection of all matters spiritual stems from:
a. Their unwillingness to consider spirituality as being something entirely separate and apart from Christian religions.
b. Their own narrow-minded “faith” that anything worth knowing has or will become known through the scientific method. Although this position may eventually prove to be correct, science’s proof, verification, and acceptance of what you will discover in reading below may require too much time and meet too much interval opposition to effectively steer mankind away from the path down which we are now headed.

One of RVDB's photos, Peace On Earth.

One of RVDB’s photos, Peace On Earth.

I believe that it is actually religion that repels them – and rightfully so. These many and varied, dangerously divisive belief systems created by man over the past many centuries are tribal by nature and have clearly outworn their usefulness in serving as mankind’s moral compass. Christian religion’s underlying promise, to “Save MY Soul”, does not approach the new, more laudable, and quite necessary standards that must now guide each of us toward embracing more holistic and selfless decisions and behaviors that are necessary for humanity’s (and others) very survival in today’s geo-political reality. The narrow focus of Christianity, that of “saving oneself”, will never serve mankind in surmounting the monumental tasks at hand that are to rescue humanity (and all others) from an unconscionable and unsustainable world economic system, the greed of banksters, the threat of nuclear war, the military-industrial machine, and cascading environmental collapse. Indeed, these extant and very threatening realities have all blossomed and thrived under the watchful but unblinking eye of corrupted Christian religions.

However, in failing to recognize the important difference between the spiritual vs. the religious, those who reject the spiritual are “throwing the baby out with the bath water”. In the link below you will read about Robbert van den Broeke who, for unfathomable reasons, has clearly become a spiritual messenger to mankind. Written by Nancy Talbott, director of BLT Research Team, Inc. who is also a friend (perhaps a best friend) of Robbert, I accept this information, as unusual as it is, as Truth – because I feel that I know and I trust in Nancy Talbott who is a stickler for detail and a warrior for Truth. Evidently, the etheric is not “up there”, its “down here”, and every day we together move closer toward creating Heaven or Hell on Earth through the decisions we make and the actions we take.Click on the link and change your notions of reality.
Virgin Mary

  1. Hi, Richard,
    I see you’ve posted your thoughts regarding this latest BLT report about Robbert, and that you perceive very much what many others are increasingly saying — that Robbert really is a “spiritual messenger.” I liked that you pointed out formal religions’ focus on saving one’s OWN soul, rather than showing so much concern for all of humanity, and your emphasizing that the “messages” Robbert transmits are SPIRITUAL in nature…not “religious.”

    Robbert and I both have always had the strong feeling that the crop circles–the real ones–are simply another creative manifestation of the same gentle, respectful, “enlightened consciousness” which is also responsible for these incredible photos Robbert gets and the messages he is regularly given. And that the “purpose” of both the circles and these amazing events around Robbert is simply an extraordinarily respectful attempt to entice at least some of us into thinking a bit more deeply about the true nature of what we perceive as “reality.” An encouragement for us to ask more profound questions & to take greater responsibility for the reality we all are, in fact, creating here on earth.

    And it does increasingly seem that Robbert is here to help those of us who, like you, see a desperate need for an expanded human awareness.

    Thanks for posting this for your readers….much appreciated,
    Nancy Talbott
    BLT Research Team

    P.S. I dunno if I can claim to be Robbert’s “best” friend, but he certainly is mine.

    • Nancy,
      Thanks for keeping us informed about what has been happening with Robbert! These events must be happening for important reasons – I am sure this enigma is not just about Robbert. These signs are coming through Robbert, but must be intended for all of us. We are being informed that the intelligence communicating with us through him is real, it is aware, it is capable, and it seems to be focused on reminding us about what is really important – Love, Kindness, and our Connection to a higher spiritual plane. Why is this all happening now? Perhaps we are reaching a point of criticality, a “make it or break it” crossroads for mankind and this planet that we “steward”. That is my sense of it anyway.
      Perhaps a very special event will be presented to mankind in this summer’s Crop Circles that will finally get everyone’s undivided attention. I am going to hope for that.

  2. I have proof an asteriod-turned-spaceship is being towed toward earth right now April 10 2015. Destined to hit earth in a couple weeks. We have to send up a spaceship and dweflected its trajectory asap

  3. Robbert has recently been arrested for making death threats. This has been widely reported for many years but so-called researchers have turned a blind eye. Looks like the police have taken this seriously…

    • Dear Nancy,
      This is terrible news you have brought to my attention. You wrote “This has been widely reported for many years but so called researchers have turned a blind eye”. This is the first time I have ever heard anything about this kind of behavior or such statements coming from Robbert. I do not know Robbert personally, do you? If you do, do you believe this allegation could possibly be true? Is it possible that someone could be setting Robbert up, trying to incriminate and thereby discredit him? Please keep us informed about the status of these allegations and what is happening with this really disturbing news.

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