Jan 1, 2012

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Rx For January 1, 2012: Courageous Honesty, Like Mrs. Roestenberg

Image borrowed from BJ Booth at ufocasebook.com (excellent site).

Please take a few minutes to listen to Mrs. Roestenberg’s account of a UFO event that she witnessed in 1954. Now, fifty-seven years later, our world still remains skeptical and stubbornly refuses to embrace the truth that Mrs. Roestenberg, and many others since her, have tried to tell us. Our world is having contact with ET intelligence, and with the machines which are derived from that intelligence and which do not originate from Earth. These “UFO’s” are producing and utilizing energy in ways that we cannot yet explain or understand.

Energy is key to the survival of an individual or to the survival of a civilization. The collapse of Rome and the Roman Empire was, in large part, due to their lack of access to a sustainable energy source. In 2012, we as a civilization must gain a widespread acceptance and acknowledgement that the UFO Phenomenon is real. We need to begin to study the UFO’s, focusing on their means of energy production and utilization, while thinking outside of the box, if we are to survive as a civilization. We cannot continue the practice of the cumbustion of fossil fuels to produce the energy we require for much longer, or the environmental consequences are going to devestate our biosphere and then our civilization. Petroleum, coal, and methane are killing our planet. We know this.

For our scientific community to embark upon this study with the serious attention, determination, and funding that such a project warrants and will require, we first will need to accept an acknowledge that UFO’s are real.

Listen to Mrs. Roestenberg’s story. Decide if you think she is telling the truth. Imagine yourself experiencing the very event she describes, and then begin mentally preparing yourself for the day when this type of event may happen to you. My recommendation: act friendly and do not be afraid. If these people were mean spirited, we would already know this by now. We know they have already been around us for at least 57 years and they have been essentially benign.

UFO’s are real, and 2012 needs to be the year that this reality finally comes to the forefront of human awareness.

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