Sep 4, 2016

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Save the Date: October 19, 2016

ADDENDUM April 9, 2017: Crop circle researcher Red Collie ( Dr. Horace Drew) of Australia has recently pointed out that U.S. President Donald Trump’s airstrike on Syria took place on April 6, 2017, on exactly the 77th day of his Presidency. As you will read below, the number 77 (days) was clearly referenced in the Chilcomb Ranges “The Calendar” crop circle discovered on August 3, 2016. This leaves 23 days of the Chilcomb Ranges calendar yet to unfold. Interestingly, those 23 days are shown as “folded over” in the Chilcomb Ranges calendar, perhaps suggesting that the events of those days yet remain unknown. Today, April 9, 2017, both Syria and Russia have now issued strong warnings to the U.S. concerning any future U.S. military actions within Syria. Additionally, U.S. warships have been dispatched to the Korean Peninsula where N. Korea’s “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un has been flagrantly displaying exhibitions of nuclear missile (ICBM) test flights deliberately and provocatively aimed toward Japan. Geopolitical tensions in the world are clearly on the rise, yet not one nuclear-armed country has taken the initiative to suggest a negotiated world-wide nuclear disarmament agreement. Perhaps this quickly developing set of circumstances that could easily escalate to a global war is what was being predicted in the Chilcomb Ranges “The Calendar” crop circle. If so, the Circle Makers would have required prior knowledge that Donald Trump would be elected President of the U.S. and that he would order an important military action on the 77th day of his Presidency. If this is the case we can feel certain that the next 23 days hold an important and perhaps defining moment in human history.

ADDENDUM OCTOBER 20, 2016: Yesterday I wondered whether or not the significance of October 19, 2016, the date that appeared to be referenced in “The Calendar” crop circle (see below) of August 3, 2016 (Chilcomb Ranges), might manifest as a question about UFOs that would be addressed to Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the final U.S. Presidential debate hosted by Chris Wallace. Certainly, had that happened, it would have marked a very significant turning point in the awareness of many world citizens that the UFO phenomenon is real and is important enough to warrant such a surprising question being addressed to both candidates vying for this high political office. But, that question never materialized during the debate. UFOs never came up in the debate. In fact, as far as I am aware, no identifiable event took place yesterday that I would recognize as being the kind of event that was apparently referenced in “The Calendar” crop circle.

I do not often, or really ever, go out on a limb making predictions about anything that will happen in the future. However, the date of October 19, 2016 was so clearly indicated in “The Calendar” crop circle that I felt it was worth bringing this date to the reader’s attention. So far, it looks like I was wrong. October 19 seems to have passed us by without any readily recognizably important event having taken place. But wait…

Perhaps we might consider whether or not “the event” referenced in “The Calendar” crop circle was an event that could have happened and should have happened yesterday, but did not happen? Was the date of October 19, 2016, the date clearly referenced in “The Calendar” crop circle, a “deadline”? Was October 19, 2016 the final date by which “Expose hidden knowledge to ALL citizens” was to have finally happened via a question that could have been and should have been posed to Hillary Clinton during the Presidential debate, but wasn’t? Was this the final opportunity extended to mankind that could have begun the process of Disclosure, but didn’t? Is it possible that the patience of “The Watchers” has now finally been exhausted? Is it possible that, rather than satellites being depicted in the Woodway Bridge “Radar Screen” crop circle, the symbols refer to UFOs that will be seen “on radar screens”, and also presumably by world citizens, in greater numbers after October 19, 2016, thus precipitating a forced, and IMO a less desirable form of, Disclosure? Time will tell us whether or not the date of October 19, 2016 was a deadline beyond which a new strategy on the part of “The Watchers” will emerge.

Perhaps some feel the same level of confusion about all of this as I do. If you do, you have my sympathy.

While perusing the internet for information to present at our weekly meetings at The Jesse A. Marcel Library I came across the photo below. (

Panel of CIA officials at the Museum For Atomic Testing.

Panel of CIA officials at the Museum For Atomic Testing.

This photo was taken during a presentation at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, NV. The presentation featured several CIA officials who were there to explain to the public about what goes on (and what allegedly doesn’t go on) at Nellis AFB / Area 51 U.S. military complex. Journalist George Knapp is seen standing at the podium. Their contention, that “there are no secrets at Area 51”, I suppose is technically true since Bob Lazar spilled the beans about the reverse engineering of ET craft that has taken place there over many decades. George Knapp was the journalist who first brought this fact to public attention / awareness – thank you George!

I noticed the interesting insignia patches worn by author Peter W. Merlin, on the far right. In another photo below, we see clearer images of the insignia patches on the back of his jacket. The insignia patch on the back of his jacket, lower left, caught my eye. It immediately reminded me of a crop circle design that appeared this summer in the UK.

Insignias on the back of Peter W. Merlin's jacket.

Insignias on the back of Peter W. Merlin’s jacket.

Save the Date 3

Above you see an enlarged photo of that insignia patch. “L.O.” stands for “Low Observables” because the insignia has to do with a past mission to test the “Sigma” values of a stealth technology aircraft. Perhaps this insignia was from a mission to test the stealth capability of the B-2 bomber. “Sigma” is a value for “Radar Cross Section” and, for stealth technology, a low (or zero) “Sigma” value is desirable. This patch design indicates “No Sigma”, no radar-visible cross section, which means no radar reflectivity – the prime requirement of stealth technology. The curving white lines seen on the insignia patch represent radar signals / pulses. Now, compare this patch design to what we see in one of this summer’s crop circles:

The August 24, 2016 "Radar Screen" crop circle.

The August 24, 2016 “Radar Screen” crop circle.

This crop circle was reported to Crop Circle Connector (thank you for this image CCC!) on August 24 and was located near Woodway Bridge, Wiltshire. The similarity to the design on the “No Sigma” patch is obvious. Go here to see a better image.
I believe the small circles seen on the curved “radar pulse” lines represent satellites that serve the Northern hemisphere of Earth. The curved lines seem to also indicate the different orbital planes of these 12 satellites – i.e. the curved lines in this crop circle have a double meaning. The 3 satellites in close proximity to the upper flattened circle, which represents Earth, we realize are shown to be in polar orbits. Iridium telecommunications satellites are in polar orbits. We also see two “satellites” that are “off the radar”, with the one at the upper right being “completely off the radar”. This may represent a satellite that is not “ours”, but is “theirs” – of the Circle Makers, or of “The Watchers”. Perhaps this object is what others have referred to as “The Black Knight” satellite, or some other satellite or space craft of non-Earth origin. Perhaps it is a “Mothership”. Why is it there? What does it do? Does it monitor Earth and our civilization? Is it a weapon? We will return to this. If the small circle, lower right, that is also “off the radar” is not simply a void in the crop but was purposefully placed where it is seen or, if it is simply a void but was deliberately incorporated into the design, then it also likely represents a satellite, but one that has not yet been assigned to an orbital plane. This would indicate that, as of August 24, it had not been launched yet!
Also, make note that the peripheral circle border shows 2 dots (2 days), a dash (a weekend), and 3 dots (3 days). This “Radar Screen” crop circle was discovered (and probably created) on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. 2 days (Thursday, Friday), a weekend (Saturday, Sunday), then 3 days (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday), and then what? Then comes Thursday, September 1, 2016, when something very significant happened. We’ll get to that.

"The Calendar" crop circle.

“The Calendar” crop circle.

This crop circle above was reported to Crop Circle Connector on August 3, 2016 and was located at Chilcomb Ranges, Hampshire, UK. (Thank you for this photo Jane Barford!). It looks very much like a calendar with 23 days marked out, but also with 77 days remaining. 77 days remaining would peg the date of October 19, 2016. 23 days prior to August 3 pegs the date of July 11, 2016, and on that date we received the crop circle shown below.

"Three Important Elements" crop circle.

“Three Important Elements” crop circle.

We see that this July 11 crop circle, referenced by the August 3 “The Calendar” crop circle, displays the same 3 major elements that we saw in the more recent August 24 Woodway Bridge “Radar Screen” crop circle. This relationship seems to portray the idea of a “plan in the making” that was first revealed in this crop circle on July 11 and was portrayed in its completed form by August 24 when we see that (presumably) our satellites are now “on the radar”, with something else (or someone else) observing from a different satellite (or craft) that is “completely off the radar”. Don’t forget about the 13th satellite that has not been assigned an orbital plane, indicating that it had not been launched yet (by August 24).

Save the Date 7

This crop circle was reported at Ansty, Wiltshire on August 12 and is perhaps the most elegant and complex crop circle we have seen this summer. It is truly magnificent. Early on it was discovered that all of its major design elements came from a logo used by a very Earth-based company called Mothership Glass. This has caused many to assume that this crop circle was made by people, and Colin Andrews has stated that he knows this to be true based on some “insider information”. Ansty may be completely irrelevant to the synthesis of this story, but it’s reference to a “Mothership” is kind of curious. One wonders if the “satellite” that is “completely off the radar” could be the “Mothership” referenced in the Ansty formation. If the Ansty formation was not made by people, it proves to us that the Circle Makers, “The Watchers”, are totally dialed in to all information transmitted through our internet

The Peace X 6" crop circle.

The Peace X 6″ crop circle.


This crop circle was reported on Nursteed Farm, Wiltshire, on August 17, 2016. This was 7 days prior to the “Radar Screen” crop circle of August 24. This crop circle shows the Earth surrounded by peace signs emanating from every direction. It appears that peace is being extended to Earth by no less than 6 other parties, or possibly 6 other civilizations. It seems to convey the message “We offer Earth peace in abundance”.

The Hindu / Buddhist "Harmony" symbol crop circle.

The Hindu / Buddhist “Harmony” symbol crop circle.

This crop circle at Cook’s Plantation was reported to Crop Circle Connector on August 27, 2016, and was perhaps created 23 days after “The Calendar” crop circle. This symbol is a Hindu swastika (also seen in Buddhism) that symbolizes “auspiciousness” and / or “harmony”. So, the “Radar Screen” crop circle is bracketed by 2 other formations that convey a message of peace and harmony.

How does this all tie together? We see the last 2 crop circles above have both referenced peace and harmony, while 2 others this summer indicate that perhaps a plan is in place, a plan that has placed 12 of (presumably) our satellites on someone’s radar screen. 3 of those satellites are shown to be in a polar orbital plane, where our Iridium Constellation of telecommunications satellites are in orbit. Human beings use radar for military targeting purposes. The “Radar Screen” crop circle seems to reference our satellites as potential targets. We must ask the question, are 12 of our satellites being targeted for possible destruction? And what about the 13th satellite, the one that has not been assigned to an orbital plane? We can surmise that this satellite had not been launched by the 24th of August.

On Thursday, September 1, 2016 – 7 days after the Woodbay Bridge “Radar Screen” crop circle was reported, a Space X rocket was destroyed on its launching pad. The Space X rocket was allegedly for the purpose of delivering a new satellite that would provide Facebook connectivity to Africa. Some have made the claim that the Space X rocket was purposefully destroyed by a UFO, and there is a very slow-motion video on You Tube that indicates that this may in fact be true.

My concern is this. “The Calendar” crop circle pegs 2 dates, and one of those dates (still to come) is October 19, 2016. The “Radar Screen” crop circle indicates a possibility that 12 of our satellites may be targeted for some intention, and the 13th satellite, the one that had not been assigned to an orbital plane, may have been destroyed by a UFO on September 1! This occurred 2 days, one weekend, and then 3 days after the “Radar Screen” crop circle was discovered, and it appears that this temporal relationship may have been encoded in the “Radar Screen” crop circles’design via the spaces defined by the small standing crop squares seen in the formation’s peripheral border.
Is October 19, 2016 going to be a day of reckoning? Are both “The Calendar” and “The Radar Screen” crop circles intended to warn us of some future happening that will target our satellites? And, should we consider “CJ’s” binary code message that was brought to our awareness in a story posted at Linda Moulton Howe’s website to have relevance in all of this? CJ’s binary message certainly carries the tone of an ultimatum. Read it for yourself:
Here is the translation (in red) of CJ’s message. I know it is correct because I checked the translation myself. This required 6 hours of my time.
Save the Date 10

We can only hope that the National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO), Defense Intelligence Organization (DIA), Central Intelligence Organization (CIA), Department of Naval Intelligence (DNI) etc. are as intelligent as their titles would lead us to believe and are paying very close attention to all of this.

Here’s some advice from a poorly informed citizen. “Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL ‘citizens”. Ask President Obama to get on the tube and make the official announcement that “we’re not alone” over all major media outlets. Get rid of the God Damned nuclear weapons. Nobody needs them and our world will be immeasurably safer without them. Perhaps, if these 2 measures are SOON taken, we will be in a better position to negotiate the peaceful co-existence that the Circle Makers appear to be offering.
Richard O’Connor, M.D.

P.S.: I strongly suspect that the Circle Makers do not find this particular insignia shown below to be all that funny. Neither do I.

The sick humor of a military that just doesn't get it.

The sick humor of a military that just doesn’t get it.

  1. October 19,2016 ? Maybe an auspicious date for ET Contact ? Let’s see what happens, Yours, PK

  2. Julia Vincent says:

    Be very, very careful about E.T. contact. Superior technology does not equate superior morals or spirituality.

    • This is good advice Julia, but let’s be cautiously optimistic. Given that there is every indication that we are experiencing Contact with some advanced intelligence(s), it does not seem reasonable or wise that humanity should continue to discount and/or completely ignore what is happening. As far as I know those who claim that this intelligence is one of “fallen angels”, “demons”, etc. have zero basis for such claims and are simply basing their conclusions in a world view based in fear and religious superstition. These beings, whoever they are, have not seemed hostile towards humanity yet and have clearly attempted to warn us off from our continued endorsement of nuclear weapons as a tool to resolve any of our problems here on Earth. Such actions do not seem to be those characteristic of low morals or spirituality.

  3. Excellent and plausible read, Doc. Thank you for your work and for sharing it.

    I disagree with your read that anything good or helpful comes out of NRO, DIA, CIA, or DNI. I presume their real purpose is to protect the evil forces on this planet.

    It will be an interesting fall, between your plausible ‘prophecy,’ the teetering paper money edifice, rapidly weakening economy, etc.

  4. Jack Sullivan says:

    Richard, The Crop Circle Connector has published today my Astronomical Analysis Article re the Woodway Bridge.Wilts. Crop Formation of the 24th Aug.2016. The one you picture at the head of the foregoing “Save The Date” article. Please have another look at the Connector web page for this Formation under the ‘Articles’ heading.
    You may feel you need to change your view of what the crop circle maker’s intention was in presenting us with this design.

    Best regards as ever, Jack.

    • Jack,
      Thank you for directing me to your analysis of the information this crop circle might be intended to convey to humanity. That some of the “discs” do seem to accurately line up with those shown on the Red Shift map you have provided does offer a compelling argument that the “discs” we see inscribed in the CC represent quasars that would be useful / essential for celestial navigation by a space-faring race. As you have pointed out, the “discs” do all appear to feature a highly detailed central axis suggesting that they may very well represent quasars rather than satellites. I conclude that your analysis may be “right on”. It would be very helpful if there was a way to superimpose the 2 images you have shown in your article, but I don’t have the knowledge or the software that would allow me to do that. Is this something you might be able to do for us?

      Regardless, I think your analysis is deserving of an “A+” in its content and originality. This is the kind of thinking that is going to lead us toward a better understanding of the Crop Circles! Thanks for your input!

      • Jack Sullivan says:

        Richard, Thanks for your acknowledgement that my Quasar analysis of the Woodway Bridge C.C. is probably correct, there are too many correlations with the C.C. image for it to be otherwise I think. Re your suggestion that a superimposition of the Red Shift data on to the Field image would help to confirm. The problem against that is that the angular Declination intervals shown by Red Shift are in accord with the 10 degree standard generally used world wide, while the Dec. intervals on the field image scale out at approximately 3 degrees. I think an accurate correlation would be difficult to make, we would learn little more than can be gathered from comparing the overall R.A’s covering the near matching nine Quasars nearest the N.C.P. See The dotted radial lines on both illustrations, showing a 93 degrees encompassing angle on the Red Shift data and 105 degrees on my annotated field image.
        This is why I mention in the article that the field image may be a deliberate approximation of the true data. E.T. was not concerned about precise placings of the symbols.

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