Feb 2, 2011

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Sgt. James Penniston’s Eyewitness Testimony

This is Sgt. James Penniston

Sgt. James Penniston’s eyewitness testimony of the events he, Airman Edward Cabansag, and Airman First Class John Burroughs experienced in Rendelsham Forest, outside of the gates of Bentwaters AFB in the U. K. are, without a doubt, one of the most profound incidents of a close-up human encounter with a machine of obvious ET origin. That these three men at that time managed to remain calm enough to approach and very closely inspect such an enigmatic object speaks to the character of these courageous individuals. That they have now been willing to come forward and tell their story to a skeptical world is again, nothing but courageous.

CCRF would like to express our profound gratitude to these three men who have voluntarily come forward to do what they felt they were obliged to do in order to awaken our civilization to a whole new reality. We commend them for their honesty and their courage.

There is a great deal more to the Rendelsham Forest Incident than what you will become aware of in watching this video clip. To further educate yourself about all of the incredible details concerning the Rendelsham Forest Incident, we refer you to the book Left At Eastgate, by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins, Cosimo Books, ISBN 1-59605-753-X.

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