Dec 19, 2012

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Stunning Aerial UFO Display Over Santiago Yesterday!!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish – just watch the video below (please watch the entire clip) and feel the emotion of the two people who are watching and filming this aerial UFO display which occurred yesterday evening over Santiago, Chile. Ask yourself, could these lights be stunt planes, military jets, military flares, ultralights, hot air balloons, sky divers, Chinese lanterns, birds, helicopters, ball lightning, atmospheric plasma, or any other conventional explanation of Earthly origin you can come up with? I do not think so. When was the last time you witnessed something like this? Well, I haven’t either. Let’s see how the skeptics explain this one away. Perhaps they will randomly choose an explanation like a temperature inversion, or the planet Venus, or an unusual form of swamp gas which “appears here, then over there”! Or, as a last resort, they will clain that this video is a hoax and this event never even happened at all. Use your inner guide to Truth to discern fact from fiction – it will eventually guide you to Truth. Remember, on December 8 Russia’s Prime Minister Medvedev told us that ETs are coming to Earth, and as far as I am aware he has not made a retraction of that statement. Here is a link where you can find that video:

Imagine if SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) recieved a “signal” this provocative through one of their radio-telescopes! For this display of Extaterrestrial Intelligence which occurred yesterday over Santiago you do not need a radio-telescope. All that you need are simply your own two eyes and your own processor (your brain). Dispays like this are but one step short of “Landing on the White House Lawn”. Whoever they are and wherever they come from, they are introducing themselves to us in a courteous and non-hostile manner. We should similarly acknowledge their presence here with us and see what we might learn from them!  It is abundantly clear that they will have a great deal to teach us when we can open our minds and our hearts to these friendly (and amazing) overtures of Contact.

ETs: could you please perform an aerial display like this for us over the cities of New York or Los Angeles (or both) over a period of several hours? By now we would hope that the U.S. military would know better than to attack you if you were to do this. I cannot believe that they would “open fire” on you over a major U.S. city. In my opinion, it is time for this to happen.

Here is a second video reported to be of the same incident but taken by another individual. This video may be of the same event but starting about 90 seconds before the video above. The voices that we hear in this video sound like different people than those who we hear speaking in the video above. In this video, we clearly here the woman say “tengo miedo” – “I am afraid”.

ADDENDUM: Here is a reply I received from CEFAA about this incident:
Dear Mr. O’Connor
During these last few days there have been several flights made by FACH airplanes (Chilean Air Force) due to the graduation of Officers from the Air Force Academy. On 18th Dec. the final ceremony was held which included a land and air passing by of the Academy’s students.
At the air passby, “Pillan” (training aircraft) flew by over the Academy at the time the sightings were made.
These planes took of from El Bosque AFB before the ceremony and, as in similar ceremonies, they kept flying in “an established waiting circuit”. During this lapse of time, the planes separate from each other and they begin to close their formation for the flyby.
The above mentioned manoeuvres are easily mistaken for UFO, depending on the observer’s location. specially when the planes make 90 and 180 degrees turns…it seems they are static on the air and then fly away looking like one single unit.
All this air traffic was registered and controlled by the Air Traffic Control Center Santiago area.
We thank you for contacting us and hope to have given a satisfactory answer to your question.
Jose Lay
International Relations CEFAA

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