Aug 28, 2012

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Summer’s Almost Gone

Dear ET’s Visiting Planet Earth,

Summer is almost over and we are running out of time to see this design produced in a Genuine (we will know that it is Genuine) Crop Circle. While the design itself is simple, the implications, should the design soon show up in “your field” (see Concious Circles by Colin Andrews), will be profound.  I am posting this reminder once again with the hope that if we can successfully engage in this cooperative effort, we can help to clarify for all of Earth’s citizens the true source of the Genuine Crop Circles. Once again, the entirety of this design is displayed on a 4 X 4 feet sign resting at ground level and angled toward the sky beside the large white garage door at the Jesse A. Marcel Library which is located at latitude 46’33.23″ North (of Earth’s equator), Longitude 111’58.48″ West (of Greenwich, England). The sign has been on display there each day since June 5, 2012.

If your group will cooperate in the reproduction of this design in “your field”, precisely and in its entirety, I will do all that I am able to inform the populations of Earth of what has transpired, and the implications of the event. I will not stop until I am gone from this Earth.

This proposed Crop Circle Design has been on display to the sky at the Jesse A. Marcel Library since June 5, 2012.

On this you have my word.

Richard O’Connor, MD

Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

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