Oct 29, 2013

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Testimony Regarding Extraterrestrials on Earth From New Hampshire State Representative Henry McElroy, Jr.

Former New Hampshire State Representative McElroy states that a “briefing paper” he read, while preparing to take office, stated that there was knowledge of at least one benign ET race visiting planet Earth, and that a meeting between President Eisenhower and these Extraterrestrial Beings visiting planet Earth “could be arranged”. But, McElroy states that he cannot verify whether or not such a meeting did take place. Producing this video was a responsible and courageous act by Mr. McElroy, and CCRF commends him for his willingness to expose this information.

So, if in fact a meeting between Eisenhower and visiting Extraterrestrial Beings “could have been arranged” as McElroy alledges, do you think that such a meeting did take place? IMO if a President of the United States could have had a meeting arranged with visiting Extraterrestrial Beings, then such a meeting would have certainly taken place. If you read Timothy Good’s new book Earth: An Alien Enterprise, you will read about additional evidence that such a meeting between President Eisenhower and visiting Extraterrestrials did take place at Holloman AFB, and on more than one occasion. As a remotely located USAF base located near Alamagordo, NM, Holloman would have been an ideal setting for such a meeting. Please have a listen to McElroy’s testimony.

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