Apr 29, 2013

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PRG’s Citizen Hearing On Disclosure Is Underway

UFOs have been photographed over the Capital.

Dear Friends – Earthbound and Beyond,

I am here in Washington D.C. attending the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure which has been very well organized by Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group. Having listened to the first day of witness testimony, I am impressed by the quality of the witnesses, by how well informed they are, and by how incredibly well each was able to articulate their information. There is no denial or ridicule of the UFO subject encountered here. It is clear that those previous members of Congress who are listening to these presentations know that the UFO is a serious subject deserving of their serious attention.

To those Star People (“Extraterrestrials”) who are here observing planet Earth and our human civilization; if you can see this message I ask that your people consider taking action in whatever way(s) you feel would be safe, appropriate, and effective that will help to focus our press/media’s attention on these proceedings. This Citizen Hearing on Disclosure presents a unique and rather rare opportunity to further inform humanity about the reality of your presence here with us. An obvious display of your spacecraft in the sky over our nation’s Capital, such as that display which occurred here in July, 1952, could and I believe would be immensely helpful in helping our civilization overcome the now unnecessary “Truth Embargo” which has been effectively obscuring the reality of your presence here with us for decades.

I have hand-delivered the following letter to the six members of the committee who are listening to the eyewitness testimony of the courageous individuals who have come here from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Italy, China, Argentina, and the U.K. in order to submit their sworn testimony.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
PMB 2046
1 Jackson Creek Road
Clancy, MT 59634
(406) 461-2823
Email: richard@cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org

Dear Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee Members,

I am Richard O’Connor, M.D. I am a U.S. citizen and have worked as a physician (anesthesiologist) in Helena, MT, for 25 years. I present this letter to you as a character witness on behalf of Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr. whose testimony you will hear during this “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure”. Dr. Marcel has not asked me to write this letter, yet I felt it important that I do so. It is important that you be made fully aware of the outstanding qualities of this man who has been courageously telling the world, now for many decades, the truth about the UFO event that occurred near Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947. This was an event which has profoundly affected Dr. Marcel and his entire family ever since.

Like all of the first-hand Roswell witnesses, Dr. Marcel is getting up in years and his health is not what it once was. Because Dr. Marcel has lost proprioception in his legs, he is sometimes unsteady on his feet and can have difficulty walking. I decided to accompany Dr. Marcel to these hearings that I might be of help to him in getting around more safely. It then occurred to me that, at the same time, I could and should hand-deliver this statement to each one of you which I hope will help to convince you that the testimony that you will hear from Dr. Marcel can, in my informed opinion, be trusted beyond any shadow of doubt.

I have known Dr. Marcel for 25 years. Dr. Marcel was a member of St. Peter’s Hospital medical staff when I arrived in Helena to begin my career as an ABA certified anesthesiologist in July of 1988. It was then that I had the pleasure of becoming professionally acquainted with Dr. Marcel while working directly with him in the operating rooms of St. Peter’s. In this setting I worked with Dr. Marcel for about 10 years before he closed his ENT practice and went to work at the Helena V.A. Hospital where he provided ENT care to our nation’s ailing military veterans. This was all prior to Dr. Marcel’s decision to volunteer to serve as a flight surgeon over two consecutive tours of active duty in Iraq with the U.S. Army National Guard. Dr. Marcel is a genuine American patriot.

I have on many occasions personally observed Dr. Marcel’s work as a physician/surgeon, his relationships with other members of the medical staff, and his relationships with his patients, with St. Peter’s Hospital nursing staff, with his friends, and with members of his own family. My observations of Dr. Marcel’s character have, in every instance, been only of those befitting an insightful human being who has always acted within the highest professional standards of ethics, conduct, and judgment.

I have never known Dr. Marcel to speak anything but truth in each and every situation that I have been involved in as a participant or as an observer. Knowing Dr. Marcel to be as humble and impeccably honest as I do, I can and do vouch for the fact that when Dr. Marcel tells us that his father, Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr., brought to their home in Roswell the debris which he determined were from a non-manmade, extraterrestrial spacecraft then that has to be, in fact, exactly what happened. Because of my absolute confidence in Dr. Marcel’s character, I have zero doubt that an extraterrestrial spacecraft was recovered by the U.S. Army in 1947. You can be certain that any history of that event which contradicts Dr. Marcel’s account, and which you may have heard in the past, is the lie. Over many decades, Dr. Marcel’s story regarding the Roswell event has remained entirely consistent and has never changed. My best advice is that you take Dr. Marcel’s testimony to heart, and then contemplate for yourself the myriad and very important implications of just what his testimony will mean to human civilization. Over the past 6 decades a cover-up of this “new” reality has been effectively managed through denial, ridicule, and deliberate obfuscation, but now we are extended a rare and unique opportunity to set the record straight.

It is almost unthinkable that the truth of the discovery that “we are not alone” has been deliberately and mendaciously obfuscated for reasons at which we can only guess. However, given Dr. Marcel’s testimony, and that of the other witnesses present at this hearing, there is no question that this has been the mission of a group who long ago took control of this information. Now that we are informed of the truth by these witnesses, just what each of us chooses to do with the information that we learn through this hearing will be up to each one of us.

What I have chosen to do is to establish the Jesse A. Marcel Library, located in Helena, MT, which was opened to the public in May 2012. This library was established in order to provide educational materials; books, manuscripts, and audio-visual media, which will help my fellow citizens become more informed about what we think we know regarding the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial visitors who have been, and continue to be, interacting with this planet. The library was also established to serve as a “safe haven” where people who need to share their personal experiences with this ongoing UFO phenomenon may do so in a setting which is entirely free from denial and ridicule. Lastly, it was established to honor and memorialize the names of these two men (among many others) who have both courageously attempted, with the help of all of those who have come to testify at this hearing, to tell the world the truth about extraterrestrial visitors to this planet. Last summer, 108 of my fellow citizens came to the Jesse A. Marcel Library. In anticipation of even greater numbers of visitors over the coming summer, I have recently tripled the available parking area. The Jesse A. Marcel Library is truly an example of “if you build it, they will come”.

Many U.S. citizens, and indeed many citizens of other nations, either know or strongly suspect that they have been deliberately misled from the truth about the UFO phenomenon. Long ago and in the midst of the cold-war some necessarily hasty decisions were made about how to manage this new information. For better or for worse, a path was chosen that would methodically exclude not only our own nation’s, but in fact all of our world’s citizens, from knowing the truth about extraterrestrial visitation to this planet. That path has now come to a crossroads with Truth. Everyone testifying at this Citizen Hearing on Disclosure knows this, those who have been in charge of managing the known facts about this phenomenon know this, and, make no mistake; those groups of extraterrestrial beings who are coming here know this as well. We can be certain that these visitors have learned a great deal about “human nature” through their repeated observations of our failure to deal with the reality of their existence in our skies in an honest and straightforward manner. Let us, as a result of this hearing, finally demonstrate to these visitors that human beings are a resilient species capable of absorbing and then thriving in this new reality. Contact with other evolved and intelligent species can, if we will allow it, serve as the catalyst which will help to unite our global civilization and will help to raise the bar of human understanding.

The testimony of Dr. Marcel, his father, and the other witnesses who present their evidence at this hearing regarding the true nature of the 1947 Roswell UFO event belies any of the bogus accounts which have been proffered over the years by our nation’s military. Edward U. Condon’s deliberate obfuscation of Project Blue Book’s true findings is, in my opinion, a black mark on the University of Colorado which remains to this day. It is a fact that honesty is a key ingredient of all healthy and lasting human relationships. This is true for friendship, it is true for marriage, and it is also true for the relationship between a nation’s government and its citizens. Our nation’s poorly considered “official UFO policy” of denial, ridicule, and obfuscation was too hastily established within only hours of the actual Roswell event, yet it started our nation down a dark path, a path that has evolved into a road to perdition. A great democracy cannot deliberately mislead its citizens about something as important as this and continue to long endure. Those who have control over this information have already waited too long to speak the truth, and yet the truth must eventually be officially spoken. Listen to Dr. Marcel’s testimony and know that this man speaks that Truth.

Thank you for your decision to participate in these very important Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure. It is my sincere hope that the testimony you hear will alert you, as it has me, to the reality that there is indeed a genuine UFO phenomenon going on in our skies. Much valuable time to research and understand this phenomenon has been squandered through misguided efforts to divert mankind’s attention away from this phenomenon, and to render it taboo to free and open discussion. It is now time for a call to action, action which will place the serious study of this phenomenon squarely in the sights of humanity’s most brilliant, forward-thinking, and well-funded scientists.

In the words of the late Arizona State University professor of atmospheric physics Dr. James E. McDonald, I also believe that the “least objectionable hypothesis” which serves to explain the UFO evidence you will hear at this Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is, in fact, “an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race”. It is time that we take the initiative toward making open and peaceful Contact with these obviously intelligent beings. We may then determine who (or what) they are, what their agenda is, and what we might learn from them that may prove to be of indispensible value to our continuing project of human civilization and for our better stewardship of planet Earth. The time for action is now! I ask each of the members of the Committee presiding over this hearing to do whatever is in your power to help bring the denial and ridicule of the UFO to an end, and to help us open the door to developing a peaceful, diplomatic relationship with these obviously highly intelligent and technologically advanced beings from other worlds.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.

  1. Dick – This is a sincere, rational and persuasive letter. I hope the committee members and many more people will read it. i would like to send it out in its entirety to my email list, if that is all right with you. Bless you for bringing your heart and mind to this task. You are a great asset to the cause.

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