Aug 17, 2014

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The “Enigma” of “The Roswell Rock” (Solved)

ADDENDUM 8/29/14: And yet another. This one not as nicely done as “The Roswell Rock”, but nonetheless shows that other examples of crop circle rock art exist and are not of ET origin. Thanks again to John for giving of his time and effort to enlighten us.

“Hi Richard…enclosing the photo of our friend’s rock. He lived in NYC, and is recently deceased. A friend is “archiving” his belongings and managed to find this photo for us. Our friend was blind, and we bought him this rock so that he could feel it and get an idea of the crop circle shape it represented.”

All best,

Another "Roswell Rock"

Another “Roswell Rock”

ADDENDUM: 8/27/14 I received this note and these 2 photos from John regarding an engraved rock that he purchased in 1998, in Roswell, at the “Alien Encounter 98” festival. The company’s name was MLennium Productions. “The (Mlennium’s business) card has the copyright date of 1998 on it. They sold “Crop Circle Stones” with a Trademark logo following (TM). Their listed phone number, 888-818-8248, appears to be out of service and I cannot find a listing for them on the Internet. It has been 16 years now, so not unreasonable to assume they went out of business.”

Richard…here are a couple of quick snaps showing the rock I purchased from the company whose info I left on your website in the reply section.

John's Crop Circle Rock

John’s Crop Circle Rock

John's Crop Circle Rock

John’s Crop Circle Rock

There were other crop circle designs in higher relief, but I chose this low relief design because I carried it in my pocket for awhile and didn’t want the high relief of some other designs rubbing a hole in my pocket.
I’m a tad under the weather today, but will take a snap of the company’s little folder that accompanied the rock when I feel better. As I said the pertinent information from the folder I already posted on your website in the reply section.
My wife has also asked our friend in NY to provide a photo of his stone if he can find it.
If you watched the show about the rock you know that a man was able, in only 30 minutes time, to create an exact replica of the “Roswell Rock” and stated he could have done much better given a bit more time. There’s nothing exotic or alien about the carving technique on this rock.
All best,
So, this provides further evidence that “The Roswell Rock” was, very likely, a man-made curio purchased in Roswell by an individual from now defunct Mlennium Productions, and was either dropped by, or purposefully left by, some individual who was out in the area relatively nearby the 2nd Roswell crash site. “The Roswell Rock” was subsequently found by Mr. Ridge in 2004. Enough about “The Roswell Rock”. It is not of “alien origin”.
If you follow the Crop Circles, then you should know about this. My interest in this case was renewed after watching The History CHihannel’s H2 special presentation of In Search of Aliens that featured Giorgio Tsoukalos and The Roswell Rock’s discoverer, Robert L. Ridge.

On September 4, 2004, Robert L. Ridge, a 56 year old owner of an auto body shop in Roswell, NM, claims that he found this rock, “The Roswell Rock” (TRR) at around 2 PM, in a remote area, while he was out bow hunting.

The Roswell Rock

The Roswell Rock

Ridge’s claim of, specifically, bow hunting, fits with his claimed TRR discovery date of September 4, 2004, because bow hunting season in the area of NM where TRR was discovered by Ridge opens on September 1. The area where Ridge found the rock was relatively nearby (within 25 miles of) what researchers believe to be the second alleged Roswell UFO crash site (see map below).
Map showing locations of alleged Roswell UFO debris field and final crash site.

Map showing locations of alleged Roswell UFO debris field and final crash site.

Engraved on the rock, and, by the way, incredibly well done, is a precise (Correction: after reading Colin Andrews comment (see below), I now realize that the image engraved on TRR is not “precise”. The 2 points of the crescent moons do not meet together as closely in the center of the design as they did in the original Chiseldon crop circle which, according to Andrews (and he would know) was created by Julian Richardson and friends) reproduction of a Crop Circle that was discovered in the U.K. at Chiseldon on August 2, 1996, shown here:
Crop Circle at Chiseldon, U.K., reported August 2, 1996.

Crop Circle at Chiseldon, U.K., reported August 2, 1996.

Mr. Ridge states that he found “The Roswell Rock” (TRR), covered with dirt, and immediately realized that the rock was something special. In fact, Ridge stated that he felt that the rock had been machined so perfectly that he had the impression that the rock had been produced “by the hand of God”. Ridge “fell in love” with the rock, and claims that he held on to it for 4 years before he ever decided to go public with his discovery. That is when he contacted Linda Moulton Howe, who publishes the website Earthfiles, in 2008. It would be helpful to know, if Ridge can recall, whether or not he was walking on a well-established trail when he spotted TRR and, if so, just how far off of the trail TRR was found. If Ridge was walking in an area without a trail when he discovered TRR, then it would seem to make it less likely that TRR was deliberately planted where he found it.

Consider the following:

1.I, and probably you, have picked up a beautiful rock before, admired it, and put it in my pocket to take home. One time I picked up a 10 pound rock at Crow Creek Falls, put it in my pack, walked out with it, had it engraved with the word LOVE, and I gave it to my wife for her birthday. I know that if I had found TRR, then I, too, would have felt that I had found something extremely special, especially given the general area (relatively nearby the alleged Roswell UFO crash site #2) where Ridge found TRR.

2.When Ridge was interviewed about TRR by Linda Moulton Howe on July 11, 2008, 4 years after Ridge claims to have found TRR, he still had TRR in his possession. He made no offers to sell TRR to the highest bidder.

3.Now in 2014, 8 years after he found it, Ridge still has TRR which he states he keeps in a safe-deposit box most of the time. Ridge hasn’t tried to sell TRR. He agreed to allow Giorgio Tsoukalos (of Ancient Aliens) to do some testing on TRR during a recent August 15, 2014 presentation of The History Channel H2 “In Search of Aliens”. When geologist Bill Doleman suggested that Ridge allow he and Tsoukalos to apply a grinder to the back side of TRR in order to collect some TRR dust for analysis, Ridge reluctantly agreed, but he became emotional, even tearful, during that process. It is clear to me that Ridge does in fact have a deep emotional attachment to TRR, but appeared to be cooperating with The History Channel H2’s / Tsoukalos’s efforts to try to learn more about TRR via light microscopy, magnetic testing, CT scanning, and spectroscopic elemental analysis of TRR.

If Ridge is on the level and he did just happen to find TRR, then we are left with the following conundrum.
Either TRR was machined by human hands, or it wasn’t. I do not dispute that it could have been (and probably was) sculpted by a person, a human being, skilled in the art of sand blasting. After all, during H2’s program In Search of Aliens, a professional sand blaster did a reasonably good job of fabricating a reproduction of the TRR in 30 minutes. But, if TRR wasn’t machined by human hands, then it must have been made by the same race of ETs whose UFO crashed outside of Roswell in 1947. As for me, I accept as unequivocal fact that an ET UFO did crash outside of Roswell in 1947. My friend and colleague, Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr. told me this, straight up and face-to-face, and I believe him. He saw the debris with his father and held it in his hands, so I have zero doubt about this. Plenty of people who live in Helena will attest to the integrity of Dr. Marcel, and this will be seen in an upcoming documentary about Dr. Marcel’s life.

If TRR was made by a person, then TRR was left out in the middle of nowhere, either deliberately, or by accident, to eventually be discovered by Ridge or someone else. A deliberate planting of TRR as a prank seems less likely, given that a prankster would need to be willing to wait, perhaps for several years, for TRR to be discovered, with a small chance that it might never be discovered. This assessment is dependent on knowing if there was a trail present, and how close to that trail, if there was one, TRR was discovered.
I suppose that it is conceivable that some UFO/Crop Circle enthusiast could have deliberately left TRR with its Crop Circle design in this location, nearby where they presumed was the location of the Roswell UFO crash site #2, as a “tribute” to the ETs that died there during the Roswell UFO crash and not expecting that TRR would be found by anyone else.
If TRR was made by a person, then it is also conceivable that TRR might simply have fallen out of the pocket or pack of an individual who was out searching in the area they presumed to be the Roswell UFO crash site #2, looking for some smoking gun “memory metal” crash debris, but ended up losing TRR instead. However, to my knowledge, nobody has approached Ridge claiming that they lost, or deliberately planted, the TRR in that area prior to Ridge finding it. If this is in fact what happened, then it would be nice if they would come forward and let us all know this.

If TRR was made by ETs, which to me seems highly unlikely but cannot yet be ruled out, then we can surmise that TRR was either in the Roswell UFO when it crashed, and was not discovered until Ridge happened to find it, or it was deliberately planted there by the ETs, after the fact, perhaps as either a marker for the true 2nd Roswell UFO crash site and/or, perhaps, as a tribute to their fallen comrades from 1947. (This implies that what has been assumed to be the 2nd Roswell UFO crash site has been incorrect all of this time). That the TRR could have been spilled from the 1947 crashed UFO, yet not discovered until 2004, 57 years later, seems unlikely. If the presumed location that we accept as the 2nd Roswell UFO crash site is correct, then WTF is TRR doing in a location some 25 miles away from the 2nd crash site if ETs have anything to do with this? That makes no sense.

In summary, I come up with the following conclusions, in order of likelihood:
1. Ridge is telling the truth, and TRR was accidentally lost by some UFO/Crop Circle researcher who was out looking for residual Roswell crash debris, but was looking in an area somewhat distant from the presumed 2nd Roswell UFO crash site. Perhaps they might have thought that the presumed original site had been combed by others too many times already, and that they might have a slim chance of finding some debris in this area distant from the presumed 2nd Roswell UFO crash site.
a. If someone previously lost TRR in the area where Ridge found it, will you please come forward and let us know when and where you acquired TRR, and who made it! Mr. Ridge did find your lost TRR, so I would apply the “finders, keepers” rule. I will have another one made for you, and I would like to have one made for myself, by the same artist who made TRR. It is incredibly well done!
2. Ridge is lying. Despite Ridge’s convincing behavior during the In Search of Aliens presentation of August 15, 2014, he in fact had TRR made, or made it himself, and then presented it to Linda Moulton Howe, along with his story, as a prank. This would be sociopathic behavior.
a. Others in Roswell who know Ridge might lend some insights in helping us to determine whether or not Ridge has ever demonstrated other behaviors consistent with an anti-social personality disorder. Going to Roswell and speaking with others who are acquainted with Ridge might be helpful. If you know Ridge well, please respond to this.
b. If Mr. Ridge volunteered to undergo a polygraph test, and through that test it was demonstrated that he was most likely telling the truth, then we could, with more confidence, surmise that the conclusion that Ridge is lying is incorrect.
3.Ridge is telling the truth, and some other unknown sociopathic prankster planted TRR beside the trail where Ridge found TRR, knowing that some “victim” passing by would eventually find TRR. The area where Ridge found TRR is relatively nearby, but still distant from, the presumed original 2nd Roswell UFO crash site. If this were the case, why would such a prankster not have left TRR AT the presumed 2nd Roswell UFO crash site? Many more potential “victims” go there to see the presumed crash site for themselves.
a. Again, it would be helpful to know if Ridge was walking on a well-established trail when he found TRR and, if so, how far off the trail TRR was found.
4. Ridge is telling the truth, and TRR was made by and planted by ETs, sometime after the Chiseldon Crop Circle of 1996, but before 2004, either as a marker for the true 2nd Roswell crash site, or as a tribute to their fallen comrades.
5. Ridge is telling the truth, and TRR was spilled from the crashed Roswell UFO in 1947, but was never found until Ridge happened to find TRR in 2004.

What We Need
A. We need for Mr. Ridge to volunteer to undergo a polygraph test covering the details of his claim of finding TRR.
B.We need for anyone who may have lost TRR, or deliberately planted TRR for someone else to find, to now come forward and tell us about it.
C.We need for anyone who sculpted TRR to come forward and tell us about it.

Like the Chiseldon Crop Circle, we will remain in the dark about who made TRR unless and until people of good character come forward and tell us what they know to be the Truth about TRR. Perhaps Robert Ridge has already done this, and perhaps he has not. If TRR was lost by someone, then let them come forward and state this. If TRR enigma has been set up by someone trying to fool the world, then they have have failed in this quest because we cannot draw any conclusions about TRR based upon the information presently available. The Roswell Rock simply remains a mildly interesting enigma, but one that is probably not worth much more of our time.

  1. On the show they seemed to skip over the actual image on the rock and instead over-analyze what it was instead of what is was showing us. There is a mirror-reversed image of a crescent, almost looking like an eclipse in progress, a circle beneath that, these two inside a larger circle, and the two mirror regions overlapping some circle with diamond-like cuts in it. Do aliens really understand our language? Maybe this rock is a communication, if so, of what message? It’s very

    • What I believe the symbol stands for is that a comet or asteroid that is suppose to fly between earth and moon I believe in 2039 it is going to hit the moon and the aliens base that’s on the moon will need to relocate, to Earth.

      • Nice prediction Greg. I agree.

        • Richardelga says:

          A mi parecer esa roca es una llave magnética. Lo que se debe buscar es que abre o activa? Tiene un diseño código especifico lo cual me hace suponer que pueden haber otras “rocas” con diseños diferentes y propiedades magnéticas.

          • Corp circle meaning, Outer circle is the Sun. Circle containing the earth and moon is the planet Nibiru.
            Position of earth and moon when Nibiru passes the first time. Nibiru then goes around the sun and then the position of earth and moon the second time Nibiru passes by.
            Which is when major changes on earth may occur.

          • I think I will make some noise n my 3D printer and spread them around

          • It’s a… “key”

          • I think that the symbol is a message..
            A circle (suppose a planet)and a crescent and mirrored the same separated by two . My guess is aabout a portal or travel: Two systems very similar (or the same) and a two way symbol (). Maybe a clue about worm holes here on the earth? Another clue (on the stone) is the magnetic proprieties so makes me thing about the line Ley and the electromagnetic gravitational fields. Just my two cents.

          • Janice Cudges says:

            People are missing the obvious magnetic connection in their explanations. To understand the message which is quite clear, you must take into account the magnetic properties as well, the oval shape, and the reverse imagery depicted upon its face.
            The earth is not circular, it’s more oval, the magnetic properties represent our north and south poles, and the mirror image tells us this is what truly caused the great floods twice destroying ancient civilizations with sudden pole reversal shifts in the past history of this planet we call earth.

        • I think its symbol stand for the date of the end of the world or If you put the TRR in the crop circle that looks like it,It may do smething,but this is in my mind If that TRR is looks like the crop circlce it might be have the other rocks that looks like the other crop circles

          • Meaning is very Simple-As above so below

          • As above, So below. The Sun/Moon symbolizes the Sacred Marriage of Hermeticism & Alchemy.

            Note the “hieroglyphics” described in counters of the third kind, namely the incident in England, wherein the military commder who witnessed the ship in the woods, saw hieroglyphs around the outer edge of the ufo.

            A picture is worth a thousand words; maybe more so if the electromagnetic properties of the material are imbued with a ‘memory’
            akin to the memory stored in crystals, computerized or otherwise.

          • yes yes yes i immediately felt / said the same exact thing when i saw it …. above and below …. life is simple …people complicate it

        • Hari Bol to all of you out their,
          this is what the symbol on the Roswell Rock
          The Moon – Chandra Loka is further away than the Sun, so how did the American’s get their in 4 day’s.
          On behalf of Sri Guru & Sri Gouranga.

      • Maybe it is simpler than that. It looks to me, like an eyeball. The message that is being conveyed is, “We are watching”. The sun and moon refers to day and night, while the sun and moon on either side refers to year round.
        Just my opinion.

      • There may be some mileage in this and I believe you could be on the right track!

        Jesus was about approx 35-39 years old when he died on the cross and got transported back to planet heaven (Took him a 1000 years approx in a frozen state to get back to heaven to get fixed up from his wounds etc and then to come back (A 1000 years to come back)

        Looks like 2035-39 is going to be an interesting time ahead for planet earth

        PS – I truly believe this! -Tim

    • It is amazing that the rock shape is similar to the, so called key hole, that is in the middle of the “gateway to the gods” in Peru? I would love to place it in this key hole to see what the outcome would be????? is it a key????. They say that the key was golden but did it glow golden when placed in the key hole?

      • I agree I think it’s a key and the symbols are linking 2 worlds or dimensions it’s a mirror image of us I think it’s a key to open a gateway between the two worlds

        • Laurie adkins says:

          I agree….mirror worlds in our universe

          • Mary McDermid says:

            I agree that it is probably a wormhole key. Your interpretation is VERY close to mine. The magnetic property would align the key. Would love to talk to you more!

          • So would it be a master lock key or some other?

          • Sandblasting that rock and then leaving it in a stream or even a fishtank and it would within weeks be smooth like that. Its a dumbass hoax

          • I agree with Darren …it screams out to me Mirror image….a parallel world….we are all part of the big bang …all stardust…all connected genetically….long lost family…and they feel the same.

      • Duality. Sun and moon, day and night, feminine and masculine. It’s all there on the rock.
        A philosophy of the Knights Templar, Maryvincians, Rosacrucians and Free Masons.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your work.

    Like yourself, Jesse Marcel was a good friend of mine, with whom I spent a good amount of time in various locations around the world. I also agree Roswell happened and is of great importance to us all. The so called Roswell stone however isn’t. As you will see, the design is not in fact identical to the crop circle I investigated on the ground in 1996: and I think another strong indicator that this is a man made casting is the fact its crop circle counterpart is known to be man-made. The crop circle was made by Julian Richardson with help. One could go on but I think enough said. It is important though to keep our focus upon the larger picture and that is proof exists of ‘interaction’ inside and out of the crop circle subject. Worth noting that our friend Jess wrote a strong endorsement to my new book ‘On the Edge of Reality’ days before he sadly left us. The book contains proof that we are onto something of profound gravity. Best wishes – Colin Andrews, USA

    • Colin,
      I was not aware that the Chiseldon Crop Circle was known to be man-made and was created by Julian Richardson and friends. Where do they find the time? Thank you for letting me know this. This makes me all the more certain that “The Roswell Rock” was also man-made and was dropped, most likely accidentally but perhaps on purpose, by someone who had fabricated quite a well-done facsimile of the Chiseldon Crop Circle on the face of a beautiful magnetic rock. Whether or not this is simply a distraction or is a “part of a plan” I cannot say, but perhaps any event that draws the world’s attention toward the Crop Circle phenomenon is a good thing. I feel certain that there is an intention underlying the Crop Circle phenomenon, and the most basic element of that intention may be to simply reassure humanity that, as our relationship with the Genuine Circle Makers continues to evolve, we will all be reassured that we have nothing to fear from an intelligence that gifts to us such gentle and beautiful works of art in the crop fields each and every summer.
      I do have your book “On the Edge of Reality” on the shelf at the Jesse A. Marcel Library, as well as a copy of your DVD “Conscious Circles”. Thank you for all of the vital work you have done as you have dedicated so much of you time, energy, and effort – your life – towards helping humanity realize that there is something of profound importance going on that deserves our immediate attention.

      • dabaltimoreson says:

        the crop circle was real watch the show they even said they had people in a plane fly over the field an nothing was there an a half an hour later they flew back over it an there it was

        • steve kasarsky says:

          Humans make mistakes, a lot. Why do we see no conceivable errors in the TRR circle or any of the other circles? Try to figure the Alien Autopsy…..If it was a fiction then ask why? If it is real then ask how? Only 2 options– fake or real. If fake ask why would the US govt. put it together except to obfuscate the reality. People would say it is obviously a hoax and be abliged to say that aliens were not recovered at Roswell! Which is the goal of the Government!

      • Can we have more proof that this crop circle was made by Julian Richardson?

    • If Julian made crop circles, why does he prove it by making sand art, why not prove it by saying he will make a crop circle and when and were, then doing it while the press documents it? Proving it with sand art sees to me like proving he is good with geometry, and design, but not via vegetation. Regarding the stone, do the man-made copies show the same magnetic properties as the more famous one? That aside, it seems to me that any geologist can tell a casting from a rock (person carved via “alien” carved is a bit harder.)

  3. concrrndcitizen says:

    Everyone is a expert on untangible and non existent evidence.pilot testimony and government agency findings (which may be something better or worse than what pepple are expecting, and co incedetally non obtainable:) ) is what id be willing to accept.its like a big wild goose chase with the “this is what it is or isnt”.its sad man.

    • Dear Concerned Citizen,
      What is sad is that excellent civilian and military pilot testimony, many very credible citizen and military eyewitnesses, many government documents, at least three astronauts, a previous Canadian Minister of Defense, and even the Prime Minister of Russia himself, Dmitry Medvedev, have had the integrity and the courage to come forward with their Truth about extraterrestrial visitation to this planet, yet people continue to either completely ignore or to deny this testimony. Not to mention that of my colleague and friend, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., who told the world, his family, and me that Roswell did happen and that it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft that was recovered there in 1947. My recommendation is that if you are caught up in a state of cognitive dissonance about this that you not become discouraged and disillusioned with the quest for the Truth. Something is going to happen, I think relatively soon, that is going to jar this loose.

  4. Extremely interesting, not knowing of this find until recently viewing “The Roswell Rock” episode of “In Search of Aliens” hosted by Giorgio Tsoukalos. The crop circle known to be created by Julian Richardson and friends in 1996, from where did Mr. Richardson obtain inspiration for this pattern? Obviously, it could not have been from TRR as TRR was not found by Mr. Ridge until 2004, its existence not revealed until 2008. So where did TRR’s creator obtain his or her inspiration? Not possible that the pattern similarities are mere coincidence, seems the Richardson crop circle (RCC) pattern must have been the inspiration for TRR. TRR cannot possibly predate RCC as suggested by Mr. Tsoukalos, who iterated a possibility regarding TRR as an ancient alien artifact — which idea doesn’t work date wise. I greatly enjoyed the program and will continue to follow, even while something just doesn’t add up regarding this claim. Thank you for allowing my comment.

    • Mr. Raymond J. Pace says:

      There is no doubt the stone is real,and carved with such preshion that anyone who has done sand blasting on stone would know could not be done by anyone anywhere on earth. If anyone refutes this let him come forward and show us his expertise while we watch. So far no one has done so because it can’t be done at least on our world. It does’ material where the stone was found or for that matter when. What matters is what does it say. What is it’s meaning? Time, or maybe it’ could mean more. Time or a dimension, time travel. We should be putting all our effort toward finding the meaning of the message of this stone, as well as the crop circle. All the rest is a waste of time.

      • I beg to differ… i own A CNC ( Computer Controlled Router ) as well as two computer controlled Laser carvers…. this design on that rock can be created on any computer graphic platform and carved out with Extreme precision in ;less than 20 minutes….. very easily done, and the technology to do so has been around for decades…. no mystery here…. Crop Circles are a known and proven hoax…. Richardson created the cropcircle…. someone else say a picture of it and duplicated the design, and used it as a Roswell momento, or artifact… either as a hoax or as a trinket to sell for profit…. the whole thing is silly.

  5. Tom Davis says:

    Mr. Andrews, at your convenience will you point me to the study that concludes that the Chiseldon Crop Circle was made by Julian Richardson with help.

    And to any engineers who happen to read this, what kind of explosion at say 5000 feet elevation, would it take to propel an object the size of The Roswell Rock, 25 miles? At what speed might that rock be traveling when it contacted the sandy soil where it was found? And what damage, if any, might that cause to a rock of the density of The Roswell Rock? What if that explosion occurred over the first site, where the major debris field was located, and not the second? Could an explosion toss that rock that far?


    • Tom,
      I took Colin Andrew’s statement that the Chiseldon CC was produced by “FoJ” (“Friends of Julian”, apparently along with, in the case of Chiseldon, Julian Richardson himself) at face value, probably because I have heard Colin Andrews speak on two occasions, I have spoken with Colin face-to-face on one occasion, and my impression of Colin is that he is a straight shooter. We have seen the initials “FoJ” beside several excellent Crop Circles in the past. However, Linda Moulton Howe, who I also trust, is apparently convinced that the Chiseldon CC is a Genuine Crop Circle, one not made by humans. I am not personally aware of any study carried out on the plants from the Chiseldon CC that argued either for or against the Chiseldon CC being Genuine. Perhaps Nancy Talbott may have some additional information about any such studies carried out on the Chiseldon CC.

      As for the “25 mile” distance I stated that TRR was discovered from the Roswell Crash Site number 2, this number is only a rough maximum estimate. The distance may have been as short as 10 miles away, and I do not know the exact distance for certain. I have received no comments about this from Mr. Ridge who must by now have a better estimate of the distance between the two sites.

      • Tom Davis says:


        Thank you for your kind reply. I hope my question was not misunderstood. I have no reason to doubt nor do I wish to cast any disparity on Mr. Andrew’s statement or his work or his character. I just read it as though there had been some kind of research and discovery and I wondered how those conclusions had been arrived at. That’s why I asked to be pointed to that research so that I could read it for myself.
        I am now interested in reading what Linda Moulton Howe has to say about it and why. Again, any direction you can point me where I can read what others have written about the Chiseldon Crop Circle would be much appreciated.
        I have had a passing interest in Crop Circles in general for a long time but I confess to being new to your site. My schedule does not allow me the time to delve into these things as much as I would like to. So if I speak in terms that reveals that I am not too well informed please be aware that I am not well informed at all. I’m interested and I have read a few things, but I am basically uninformed.
        As to the stone and my question about the 25 miles, it occurred to me that if a craft flying at an elevation of even 500 or 1000 feet, was struck by lightening and suffered some kind of internal explosion as a result, that an object the size of the Roswell Rock could have easily been projected 25 miles or more into the desert as a result of that incident. It also seems to me that the rock is of sufficient density that it would have withstood such an explosion and the sand where it was found would have provided sufficient cushion so that it would not crack open or disintegrate upon impact.
        Maybe I’m wrong about that but it just seems plausible to me. I’ll bit if I challenged the Myth Busters to float at 1000 feet and fire a similar object that distance they would do it or prove at least for their own purposes that it isn’t possible.
        Of course the most obvious, secondary point to all of this is, if it is possible, then what other scrap of this or that might also have been projected that distance and never discovered by the military who were determined to scrub the site clean? It makes me want to rethink next years vacation or to check and see what the weather is like in that part of the country this coming January when I next might have a little time free.
        Finally, I am reluctant to bring this next statement I am about to make to the comments section of any blog or website, including this one. But having read here some I see that others have had courage to stick their necks out so I guess I should offer mine as well. I have reason to believe that the symbol depicted on both the Roswell Rock and at the Chiseldon Crop Circle is that of a clock. It’s not just any clock, it is a clock that is not of this world but is well known to other worlds and a common symbol outside of this one. Please don’t ask me to justify that kind of outlandish statement because I won’t. Anything I said would not further this discussion as I could offer no one any tangible evidence for my convictions. If it has to be justified then caulk it up to my personal ideas about things.
        Speaking to the clock mechanism itself, the two large circle, each containing a smaller circle and a crescent, move in relationship to one another. So do the crescents and the smaller circles move in relationship to themselves within the larger circles. Finally the two larger circles move against the somewhat modified elliptical shape of the background image. I can’t begin to tell you how to analyze that movement or to tell you what it all means. I don’t know how to read it, I just believe I know that is how it works.
        I have reason to believe that the mechanism, when understood and operating, does not only just indicate a, “moment,” as we understand time, or to say it another way, establish a position of one celestial body moving in orbit around another, it also makes some complicated statement about matter and physics which is universal and basic to an advanced civilization but not yet understood here.
        Thus the crescent tips seemingly misaligned are not misaligned at all but simple making a different statement.
        As you might now better understand, believing as I do, I am very interested in the origin of the geometric symbol that appeared in the Chiseldon Crop Circle. If it was an inspiration on the part of the person or people who created it in that field, where had they seen the symbol before? If they created it out of their own mind, what was the source of their inspiration?
        Those are the kinds of questions I would like to answer for myself, for reasons introspective to my personal beliefs and in no way to disparage anyone’s research or valid scientific conclusions.

        Finally, and forgive me as this comment has become way longer than I had ever intended, I wish to thank you for your commentary of August 2013 about Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr. I have read a bit about he and his father over time and I believe they were two very, very brave individuals. I won’t attempt to add anything to your excellent commentary on that subject except to make a statement regarding the belief or disbelief in contact with individuals who are not from this planet.

        Those of us who have had an experience, which we will never prove, do not need anyone to teach us how to believe. So too with Dr. Marcel. He held that wreckage in his hands. What’s not to believe?

        Thank you sir.
        Please have a pleasant day.


        • Tom,
          An insightful letter, deep thoughts. I would recommend contacting Colin Andrews about his statement directly, and please keep us informed, if you pursue this, regarding why Colin feels so certain that the Chiseldon CC was man-made. He may very well know by whom, and you might then be able to contact them to determine their source of inspiration or where they came across the Chiseldon design, if indeed it was created by people. My guess though, is that if it was made by people, they will not talk with you about it. The crop circle hoaxers, artists, however you regard them, seem to have a “thing” for “mystery” and “secrecy” which, given our world’s current circumstances, I find inexcusable. If some Genuine Crop Circles do represent Contact of our world by another intelligence (and I think this is quite likely the case), this awareness should not be held hostage by unscrupulous vandals who get their kicks out of confusing people about this issue by vandalizing farmer’s crops, no matter how elegant their designs. I know that Colin seems to feel that they are compelled to engage in these activities, but I do not buy this argument. In my book they are vandals, pure and simple.
          I have no inside information about this. There is some information on Linda Moulton Howe’s website Earthfiles. (This requires a subscription to access archives which, in my opinion, is worth the money and supports the work of one of the bonafide Truth seekers alive on this planet today. A subscription to Earthfiles allows you to browse Linda’s archives which are replete with good information concerning the UFO, crop circle, alien abduction, and “cattle mutilation” phenomena, as well as information about our changing biosphere.) Linda reports a different story, stating that she was informed by Stuart Dyke that “The glyph itself was one of the best floor patterns I have had the pleasure to witness in many years, very fluid in its form, with counter-rotational flows evident in many parts of the design. The whole floor construction gave the impression of running water, with multi-layering in certain segments of the pattern. In one particular part, the layering was about 4 layers thick where the crop was layered as one directional flow met another. Two directional flows were evident within the design and as they changed direction the crop was “fanned” out into changing its course. Really wonderful to see”.
          So, we have conflicting opinions about the origin of the Chiseldon CC. Due to the diligent work of CC hoaxers, this is the usual state of affairs in the world of crop circles. Nancy Talbott may have more information concerning Chiseldon. I agree with Nancy in her assertion that one cannot determine the provenance of a given CC without a close inspection of the plants to determine whether or not footprints, board marks, elongated nodes, and/or expulsion cavities are present. She may have done that research on Chiseldon and, if so, she would likely be willing to share that information with you.
          The “clock” mechanism you describe is an interesting idea, and I will keep this in mind, giving this further thought. If you are anywhere near the Helena, MT area and want to come out to The Jesse A. Marcel Library to engage in further discussion, you are most welcome to come and I invite you to do so. The JAML is open tonight (Tuesday evenings) from 7-10 PM. It sounds like you might have an interesting story to tell. Secrecy = bad. Truth = good! It would be so nice if we had a lot more Truth and a lot less secrecy surrounding the Crop Circles.

      • Mr. Raymond J. Pace says:

        Great, good for you. Sane at last. Now we can move forward. What does the pattern represent. I think it is a symbol. May show the way those from other dimension travel. A symbol of those who travel through dimension. What are your thought?

  6. Hello!
    Regarding this article, I truly wish to speak with someone that can contact Linda Moulton Howe or even better Robert L. Ridge. I have “very” pertinent information that would be of interest to all…..Please contact me!

    Thank you!!

    • V.J.,
      Linda Moulton Howe’s email is If you email Linda and she concludes that you have relevant information, she will call you. She is very good about this. I have not heard from Mr. Ridge, but I am sure that you could do a people search that would eventually get you in contact with Mr. Ridge, a 57 years old auto body shop owner in Roswell, NM. I, too, would be interested in hearing about the information you have to share, so don’t be shy.

  7. There’s a company that etched (engraved, sandblasted, however they did it) crop circle patterns onto these stones. I have one (different crop circle pattern than the so-called “Roswell Rock”) that I bought when I was in Roswell many years ago (I can find the exact date that I was there if it’s important) and I bought one of these from a vendor there. If I can find it I have a little information card that came with the rock about the process they used, etc. My now wife was there at the same time in Roswell and bought one of these rocks for a friend of hers back in NY. I’m surprised that the company that made these hasn’t come forward to say “That’s one of ours!” Of course it seems to be a relatively new story so perhaps word hasn’t gotten back to them yet. I believe the “Roswell Rock” to be one made by this same company that I bought mine from…the rock, style, basic shape of the rock, method of engraving, etc., are all identical.

    • John,
      If you find the name of the company/card please let me know so that I can contact them for more information about TRR. Can you send a photo of your crop circle rock if you find it? In searching for a company that sells stones engraved with crop circle designs, I came across only one called Crystal Vaults (, but their work has a much different appearance than what we see in TRR. All stone engravers I have come across engrave the design or lettering into the stone, but do not have the raised surface that makes TRR look so unique. Compared to what I see offered as engraved stones on the internet, TRR does seem to be much more elegant and unique. I wonder if contacting the administrators of the Roswell UFO Festival would yield any useful information regarding vendors there who may have sold such engraved crop circle stones in the past? It would be cool if we could solve this.

      • Hi, Richard.

        The event was Alien Encounter 98 in Roswell, NM, from July 2-5, 1998.

        My rock I bought there, as well as all of the others this company made, have the raised surface same as the RR. This company produced these rocks with patterns from the different crop circles found around the world. It might be worth a try to see if a vendor list was still around from that event (16 years ago). I will be happy to take some photos of my rock and e-mail it to you if you will provide me with your e-mail address. If you don’t want to publish it on this forum you have my e-mail (as required by your form) and you can contact me there with yours.

        As soon as I saw the rock on TV my initial reaction was “I know that rock. I bought one from the same manufacturer!” 🙂


        • I saw a comment somewhere on the Internet that such rocks are still commonly available at gift shops in Roswell, but I didn’t notice a date on the comment.

        • John,
          If you don’t mind making the effort, I would like to receive a photo of your rock, “JRR”. My email is
          Thanks John.

          • Not a problem. I’ll try and shoot some tonight or in the morning and e-mail them to your e-mail address given.


          • I found the little card that came with my rock. I will make photos of it too. The companies name was MLennium Productions. The card has the copyright date of 1998 on it. They sold “Crop Circle Stones” with a Trademark logo following (TM). Their listed phone number, 888-818-8248, appears to be out of service and I cannot find a listing for them on the Internet. It has been 16 years now, so not unreasonable to assume they went out of business.

          • Do these rocks have a magnetic field??? Perhaps someone saw a rock like TRR and wanted to try to replicate it?

  8. I’m no rock expert but I believe you could of taken the Sand Sculptors rock and put it in a Rock Tumbler to get the same worn down results as TRR.

  9. I’m surprised that Giorgio Tsoukalos hasn’t posted a reply here. I wonder what he would say. He is so convinced of aliens around every corner, it would be interesting to get his take on all this.
    I have nothing substantive to report one way or the other, I’m just an interested citizen, a writer who uses these themes in his fiction.


  10. This is at least a more thorough consideration of this phenomenon than what Giorgio Tsoukalos does on In Search of Aliens.

    Tsoukalos is simply a huckster who has latched on to “ancient astronaut research” as a way to make a buck. Before taking up this pseudoscientific pursuit, he was a promoter for bodybuilding contests.

  11. Just watched the In Search of Aliens program about the Roswell Rock. Very interesting. The first thing that came to my mind was this rock belonged to one of the aliens in the Roswell crash and it was made for them by their child in laser shop, possibly used like a paper weight, but a keepsake in any case. Just a thought.

    • “Laser shop” – that’s a good one! “Paper weight” – does ET use paper? This seems unlikely. Sorry, but for me all evidence thus far points toward an Earthly origin of The Roswell Rock.

    • I also recently watched the In search of aliens program and was very interested in learning more about the Rosewell Rock, which I was not aware existed prior to watching the program. I have watched Giorgio on both this program and the ancient aliens program and generally do not find him to be very credible and appears to be more fame and fortune based rather than trying to find the truth about many of the theories that he proposes. However, this episode did intrigue me in a few ways and I ended up stumbling onto your site accidentally. As a retired disabled police officer, I am trying to figure out what are the actual facts of this item, and what are sensational items that might have been put together for the show. Having seen lots of Linda Moulton-Howe and Leslie Kean’s work, I would agree that both ladies have completed some amazing work on this subject and both appear to be straight shooters. I probably would have dismissed the crop circle evidence, however Moulton-Howe states it appears to be authentic. I do however have some issues with the crop circle.
      1) The circle itself is not completely symmetrical when looking at the inner points on an x/y axis as I have seen on another site. That is suspicious to me that if an UFO truly made said circle, it would not be very likely it would be misshapen.
      2) How credible is the pilot information about the circle? Did they go over the exact same area within the 30 minutes? Could they have been mistaken?
      3) What sort of investigation or scientific inspection took place at the scene of the crop circle? So far, it does not appear to be very much that I can find.
      4)How credible is the Friends of Julian information? I also agree that it is criminal mischief and really frustrating when trying to take serious any crop circle sightings. With so many people trying to perpetrate frauds and mocking people truly interested in trying to find the truth, it has to be very frustrating for you.
      5) The presence of tractor marks that abut the crop circle also can be a place of ingress and egress to the site that also raises some questions for me.

      These are just a few items of inquiry regarding the circle, in addition to any eye witness information or information that those involved would have.

      The rock also has some questions, the most obvious is the MLennium Productions question, which does appear to be the most likely. The show takes us through many different forms of testing to help establish its authenticity. Have the statements on the show been authenticated or vetted fully? One of the earlier commenters brought up a very good point about using a lie detector test or similar test to help determine the veracity of Mr Ridge. I do not believe that he is knowingly perpetrating a hoax and did not see any obvious deceptive behavior. But, that can be hard to determine on tv and not in a formal interview setting. My questions about the rock are fairly simple as well.
      1) The show intimates that under magnification, the ability to make such clear and sharp lines would not be possible to do with sand blasting. Others have stated that the rock was possibly carved and this was an optical illusion. It does not appear to be a carving and looks to be raised to my eye. Is anyone aware of a way to make this that would make the same sharp clean lines that look the same under magnification? Unfortunately, this in not an area of expertise for me.
      2) The show asserts that the rock is genuine, not painted or molded, stained or whatever. They did not mention that they used silly putty to clean the rock. How does that affect the rock?
      3) It appears that the rock is indigenous to earth, which really puts the ET theory in doubt.

      Like yourself, I have a hard time finding a plausible ET explanation for how the rock would have arrived on earth in the first place. Certainly the revelation of MLennium Productions making and selling crop circle rocks at the 1998 Festival seems to be the most likely source of the rock. How it got there is another question altogether and absent of a lie detector test on Mr Ridge, would be tough to show a hoax completed by Mr. Ridge, which also does not seem plausible. Thank you so much for allowing me to leave a comment and putting the pieces of the puzzle together on this one should not be all that difficult to do. While I believe in the veracity of the 1947 Roswell incident, the Roswell Rock does not appear to stand up under moderate scrutiny.

  12. I must admit to not having visited this site before today. But, I recently made this clock (after watching the show on H2). I had been asked to help a developer, on another project altogether, to make a timed icon for her website. When I saw the the Roswell Rock on the H2 show, I looked it up on Google and immediately thought of making a clock out of it. Enjoy.


  13. M. Erick Antariksa says:

    I’m an Indonesian, the TV show mentioned above just been aired here in Indonesia… The rock itself has the physical characteristic of an extraterrestrial rock (meteorites) for its dark color, smooth surface, heavy weight, and can be influenced by magnets… The one thing I still can not understand is Why didn’t the TV show conduct a more serious scientific test that normally conducted to study extraterrestrial rocks, such as mineral test, age test, etc. Why didn’t the funny haired TV host didn’t bring the rock to any geological department of the nearby university???
    And is there any institution that monitor and control public broadcasting in the states? If this show was made and aired by Indonesian TV station, Indonesian media and people will immediately reacts and demand more explanation and confirmation, and at the end the government official will conduct a deeper investigation to the rock since it caused a public hysteria.

    • Dear Erick,
      Here in the U.S. “The Roswell Rock” has not caused any public hysteria. The majority of U.S. citizens remain “under the spell” of a successful, decades-long propaganda campaign intended to dissuade them from realizing that ET visitation to this planet is real and has been happening regularly, at least since the time of “The 1947 Roswell Incident”, and probably centuries to millennia before that. It would be difficult to identify any qualified scholar/scientist from a U.S. university who would show any interest in approaching a scientific study of “The Roswell Rock”, due to their dismissal of the ET subject in general and due to concern about compromising their professional reputation/status if they were to approach anything related to the ET subject with serious intent. Additionally, funding to pay for such studies would come only from the private sector, and such private funding in the U.S. for the scientific study of anything related to the subject of ETs is scarce to non-existent.
      The U.S. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has oversight regarding the content of what can be aired through radio and TV, but that censorship is focused primarily upon language and sexual content. As long as radio/TV programming stays within the guidelines of primarily these two areas, the airwaves are free to transmit ideas/information. Citizens are left to decide what they will pay attention to, what is true information, and what is false information. The subject of ETs, “Ancient Astronauts” etc. is gaining some traction here in the U.S. and elsewhere, but we still have a long way to go before the majority wake up to this “new” reality.
      Anyway, in my opinion, enough has been revealed about the origin of “The Roswell Rock” to convince me that it is not of ET origin. If you wish to become more aware of other evidence supporting the idea that the ET/UFO phenomenon is real and that it is important, then I direct you to the website of The Jesse A. Marcel Library ( Review the slides, check out the “Eyewitness Testimony” page, and take a brief look at some of the photos we have captured in the airspace over the JAML (find these under the heading “More”). There you will find a great deal of information which I can assure you is both Truthful and factual.
      Thanks for getting involved. – Richard

      • Hello Richard
        This is the first time on your site. I am going to check out the above link to the library next.

        Have you heard of Marshall Vian Summers and his work”The Allies of Humanity”? If so do you have a opinion?


        • Dear Bill,
          Sorry, but I do not know about Marshall Vian Summers or his work, “The Allies of Humanity”. Do you recommend that I look for this and, if so, is this a book that I might want to order for The Jesse A. Marcel Library?

      • I too just saw the story on TTR, I believe it too is from the 1998 convention. I am very openminded and truly beleive in life outside our own planet however I’ve never been convinced on crop circles and this so called crop circle rock based on my own common sense opinion! My thought is, I believe that 5000 years ago, mankind had ” help” in building pyramids, the lines and carvings in the mountains of Peru, and so forth. If back then, Et’s were THAT far enhanced, it would be truly ignorant to assume that 5000 years later they would have not evolved any further. Why then would they be messing around with crop circles and rocks? Just doesn’t seem plausible to me!

        • Dear Openminded,
          Based upon what we now know about “The Roswell Rock”, I agree that it is unlikely that our Star Visitors have been “messing around with rocks”. I think “TRR” was man-made for commercial purposes. But, I am also quite convinced that the Crop Circles are an entirely different matter.

          It is now very clear, based upon eyewitness testimony of credible individuals, photos, videos, official documents, etc., that one or more ET races of Star Visitors are here observing Earth and human civilization. It is also clear that they do not appear to be interested, at least not yet, in an open and transparent relationship with humanity. It is doubtful that, given mankind’s current level of social and spiritual development, any such relationship could even exist. There are many obvious reasons, good reasons, that would explain why they would continue to avoid closely interacting with mankind, and I am sure that you have probably thought of them yourself or heard them all before. However, that the Star Visitors remain aloof does not necessarily imply that they are indifferent to this planet or to humanity’s presence here. I have concluded that the Crop Circles, at least some of them, are being created by Star Visitors in an attempt to let us know that they are here in our vicinity, that they are observing our civilization, and they are well aware of what is happening “down here” – the good, the bad, and the ugly. When we finally choose to acknowledge and accept their presence here with us the Crop Circles will serve an extremely important purpose. They will serve as concrete, well-documented, and long-standing evidence that we will have nothing to fear from the Star Visitors, their creators. When people begin to take the time and make the effort to really learn about the Crop Circles, the messages and information they convey, and, especially, the circumstances under which they occur, many will come to the same conclusion that many have already reached – there is no way that human beings could have created all of the thousands of Crop Circles that have occurred over decades, under the circumstances in which they have occurred, over and over again.

          A brief summary of Crop Circle characteristics: At least over 4 decades and possibly over centuries, many thousands all over the world, at night, in the dark, in the rain, no muddy footprints, no compensation for artists, no fame, no fortune, almost all anonymously created, no errors despite highly intricate and complex designs, never incomplete, complex mathematical themes, trespass and vandalism yet no arrests, no efforts from authorities to stop this “vandalism”, no broken stems, elongated growth nodes decreasing linearly from center out, expulsion cavities, changes in the crystallinity of specific clay minerals of the soil demonstrated by X-ray diffraction studies, appearance of crop circle “ghosts”, association with well-documented balls of light, and, most importantly, eyewitnesses who have observed Crop Circles forming in real time. In the effort to cover-up the UFO phenomenon, we have all been subjected to a great deal of propaganda. That same strategy has been used to dissuade people from paying attention to the Crop Circles. This is the unfortunate reality of our time.

          • I have been following the alien theary for some years and my belief is this- #1 where are they? Ancient wall drawings show the gods floating on clouds. After so many thousands of years they must have advanced more then they were then. How hard is it to believe that today they live in the clouds (Cloaked or phased) or that other species live under the ground. We still today haven’t found everything there is on this planet. What are the facts? Is there any real proof they were here or still are? #2 there are all kinds of earthly anomalies (devils grave yard {energy triangles} megaliths and crop circles,mounds and massive stone structures. What is it we are to believe, why does it even matter? If they are so far advanced we couldn’t do anything about it.

          • Mr. Raymond J. Pace says:

            As far as a company making sandblasted rocks like the stone found I have sandblasted many stones. As far as I cas see there is no was possible to make the raised pattern on that stone leaving the perfect natural stone underneath the raised pattern. Also you don’t get sharp edges like on the pattern. It is possible to get sharp edges with etching but not possible to have raised pattern ass the stone is with etching. If someone thinks they can reproduce this stone come forward and do it so we can watch. No one will because it can’t be done

    • Things like the rock are a diversion because they prove nothing one way or another. One of the most decent honorable men I have ever known was an MP present at the Roswell Site. Only on one occasion late in his life did he ever speak about it. “They weren’t from Philadelphia ” was all he ever said about it. That’s enough for me but I hope I live long enough to know for sure. Jim

  14. Craig Dietrich says:

    It seems to me that this is not a date stamped, but a cryptic message leading us to unlock a parallel universe, it looks like two magnetic poles interacting, if that make sense?

  15. Matthew Martin says:

    What if someone in 1947 made the rock, and died before it was found.
    A tribute to the fallen UFOs makes sense too. It must have a built in tracking device that happens to be magnetic

  16. Ok i have a serious issue with the incomplete pattern on the TRR. If you look at the rock with the diamond pointing at 12 and 6 oclock, look at 5 and 11 and check out how its not finished in the design. Its like someone had little time to complete the design, either it being a person from earth or an ET.

    so either a….

    Person from earth, if trying to hoax, would most likely have finished the rock and complete the design. because any idiot would think that ET’s are perfect and wouldn’t leave it unfinished.

    Person “not” from earth, was in the midst of completing the design and then they crashed in Roswell, and rock spills out of craft. Sounds funny but maybe they have long space trips 🙂

    Or maybe….

    Its a design that has a message that we have overlooked, like the pattern is not infinite for a reason. Maybe the design could mean that 5 and 11 oclock pattern that mismatch is actually described as an end of cycle and/or start of new.

    As for the magnetic properties, “maybe” this is a key fob type cartridge that ET uses to turn on the autopilot for their craft to take them to different planets (and the TRR found is the key to our earths solar system).

    Maybe the TRR is part of a library that can take them to different galaxies and solar systems like a universe positioning system.

    I maybe crazy but hey, so are the allegations.

    I think if this is really from the crash then the US govt would have collected the TRR by now and Ridge would have been told to shut up about it.

    And if it isn’t then who ever did this work really didn’t finish the job.

    Happy 2015 everybody!

  17. Francisco says:

    Es necesario conocer las características de la roca y su composición ¿Qué minerales contiene?, y son estos minerales conocidos en el planeta?

  18. Hey,

    Unfortunately your research have a lot of flaws and doubts. And its clear to me that you don’t know the existence of guts. Being said that Ridge does not look alike the kind of person who understand of sculpting, either an actor. The rock contains a strong magnetism located in one area of the whole rock, the fact that ridge found the rock, while following car TRACKS was probably because our cosmic friend dropped this message before they were taken to USA army, FYI Roswell crash wasn’t an accident, that ovni was shot down.

  19. It actually would make sense that TRR ended up 25 miles away from the second roswell crash site, because the craft is said to have bounced off the ground like a pebble would skid and bounce across water when it crashed. That’s a lot of force and weight..and FORCE..enough to have thrown a piece of debree 25 miles away.

  20. Also on Giorgio Tsoukalous’s “In Search of Aliens”, he compares the roswell rock and the sandblasted rock under a microscope. Although I personally thought the sandblaster did a good job, when compared under a microscope,the sandblasted rock had very rigid edges, which was expected. What I didn’t expect to see were even smooth and precise edges from a microscopic level on TRR.. And I’ve only ever seen sosmething like that on other ancient artifacts, like on obelisks… so my doubt that aliens did make this rock have been undermined… Furthermore, TRR is put to the test by a magnetometer, and while rocks in nature are magnetic, TRR seems to be very magnetic only in one area…. which kinda brings me back to square one. Sure man can make an artificial rock with a magnet in the middle, but that doesn’t quite disprove the possibility that aliens did make the rock… anything we can do they should be able to do better right? so…I kinda don’t even have a personal conclusion as yet. Even so, it wouldn’t bother me if it was manmade, and it wouldn’t bother me if aliens made it, and I believe in aliens, so I don’t have any strong biases.

  21. no paints been applied to TRR either, and its not a plaster cast…because they used a dremmel to grind it.. and not enough magnetite was found in TRR to compensate for the amount of the magnetic charge detected by the magnetometer.

  22. And apparently there’s nothing inside TRR, no magnet. TRR went through a catscanner, and its made of the same material on the inside, all the way through, and its very dense.. WTH makes it magnetic? Not knowing hints at some other energy we don’t have the technology to detect yet….or it means TRR is an advanced piece of technology that we have not yet come across….So I kinda am starting to think aliens could have made the rock.

  23. WTH they found a ganglion in it!?? Ok those of you who havent watched the show, In Search Of Aliens, you have to watch it and watch this episode.

  24. I think it’s a key

  25. Donald S Baird says:

    Native American are/were amazing craftsmen of relics still found today. I am marveled by the artistic qualities included even by their choosing stone grain in everything from tools to arrowheads. One must remember these items may have taken generations to complete. So much was simply destroyed over time due to ruthless treatment by New world settlers, and sadly is a unretrievable loss.

  26. cyrus264 says:

    I personally think the rings of TRR represent planets. Saying something about a particular point in time when the planets align to reveal this same image. But seen from what point of view?, is the question to me. cover half the image and count the circles. There are five. Is this point in time representative to only using five planets? or do you count the reverse image as well, totaling…10 planets? I also have a thought that the spot right in center of the image where the two halves intersect, is depicting the doorway, wormhole, gateway, or path that is to be used to slingshot you to the background image…the tenth planet. Nothing to backup my inclinations. Just my thoughts on TRR

  27. cyrus264 says:

    After another closer look at TRR I believe I see 6 circles (on one half of the image. Or 6 planets. Which happens to be what you would see if looking from Earths point of view. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Planet X. The final circle in the background being planet X.

  28. Luke Camden says:

    I have a few of questions. So the Roswell crash material was made from a type of metal that could not be burnt, dented, broken, marked and even when crumpled up it folded back out flat right? It was an amazing unbreakable metal which could not possibly be man made. Everyone agrees with that? So how were pieces of an unbreakable craft scattered all over the desert when it crashed? How can something be made from unbreakable metal and then break?? Just that one fact alone shows how stupid people are for believing stories like this. The fact is it was a military craft but was not American. That’s why the American military got confused and then realised it was from another country and came up with the cover story. And the other country obviously wasn’t going to admit they were spying on the U.S. And also just FYI back in the 40’s when not many people had a good education and there was no internet, writing in a different language ( like Russian for example – лдобфю ) looks like strange symbols. It’s all really stupid…..

    • Luke,
      Nothing is indestructible, but many things are “relatively indestructible” when we compare them with materials with which we are familiar. Perhaps you are being too literal in interpreting what you have read about the qualities of the Roswell debris. Or, perhaps the physical properties of the Roswell debris have been overly exaggerated as the story has been re-told thousands of times by those who were not there at the time of the event. That we know that black holes exist and what they can do is proof enough that nothing in this universe is totally indestructible. Anything, if subjected to enough force, will break. But, beat on a sheet of polycarbonate plastic with a hammer, and you will conclude that polycarbonate, relative to other clear plastics, is relatively indestructible. Although it looks just like any other clear plastic, you won’t be able to break it.

      I am one of the “stupid” ones who is firmly convinced that the Roswell debris was, in fact, a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. Why? It is because I am 100% certain that a man that I knew quite well for almost 1/2 of my life, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., who was there at the time of the Roswell event, and who’s father told him at that time that the Roswell debris “was not of this Earth”, was not a liar. He and I discussed the Roswell event, face to face, on several occasions. His story never changed. That’s it. That’s how I know, with 100% certainty, that the Roswell debris was from an ET spacecraft. Dr. Marcel’s father, the chief intelligence officer there on the base at Roswell was not stupid. He would have known what a weather balloon, a Rawin radar target, or a secret military aircraft, U.S. or Russian, would have looked, felt, and smelled like. But, he said it was none of these. He said it was “not from this Earth”. He was there, so I have to believe what he said. If you haven’t already, you need to read the book “Witness To Roswell” by Schmitt and Carey. In that book you will discover many other reasons that will help you understand why I and many others believe that the Roswell craft was “not of this Earth”.

      • theodore william bauer says:

        good thoughts and comments, richard.
        in 1996…here in defiance, ohio…i stood two feet from an alien “orb”.
        13 years later…i found out that 2 other people saw it too.
        they were fishing next to my home, that same night.
        it’s hard to get past the magnetic qualities of this rock…and the precision cutting of the stone itself.
        i believe the marcel family.
        i can tell when people are telling the truth…and when they lie.
        keep up the good work.


        • If they (Aliens) made the spacecraft with unbreakable metal then they must be knowing how to break or mould that metal. What if the crash occured for reasons inside the craft?

        • No one can tell with absolute certainty when another person is lying or not. That’s blind arrogance to assume such a thing.

  29. Patrick Julien says:

    I think it represent the matter and the anti-matter emerging from a blackhole or a whitehole.

    • I think you are more correct then you know.
      I have spent some time in that area,
      I know what I have seen
      I know what I have heard(or even lack there of, of having seen, there should have been sound)
      Although I think the rock is cool I don’t have anyfeelings one way or the other.
      Just go about living your life.

      Que sera sera

  30. Dhanesh says:

    I am really impressed by this rock. my thoughts are simple. the rock reacts to magnetic fields when a magnet is placed over one of the moons it rotates in clockwise direction and when the magnet is placed over the other it rotates anticlockwise…. so it may be part of a navigation system like our mariners compass. the marking are so accurate like molds created may be the ones who created it may be in possession of a technology similar to our metallurgical knowledge. by which they can manipulate dimensions of rock like we do of metals. after all we had a stone age before metal age. now about the symbol. what is it? is it the earth, moon, sun ?? or a sun with two planets?? or a planet with two moons???? this is the tricky part… but if we look at the image it reminds me of a Einstein’s theory of relativity and newton’s laws of motion. the image appears to be like it’s the same world means both have same number it planets or moons or what ever it depicts with same amount of mass but with opposite spin to balance the rotation and revolution of one world with the other . and clearly its like both are placed on a weighing scale and perfectly balanced…. so is there a multiverse?? is this a message from the ET to where to look for them dropped at the crash site?? or is a symbol depicting the afterlife dropped in memory of the fallen. by all this we feel strongly that our old tradition may not have been really ours it may have been given to us . we may not be alone after all.

  31. When i saw this rock the first thing i thought about was my dearly departed mentor and artist friend David Lamb who carved stone all sorts of stones and he was teaching me how to do things like this before he passed over.
    I know this style of carving he did many raised pieces hundreds of them maybe more than hundreds for he did this craft for 30 years and he traveled all over the US and Mexico.
    he was very in to his native American south western heritage and Carlos Castaneda and aliens so i would almost wager this could actually be of of his pieces and when he felt that something didn’t stand up to his ideal he would chuck it where ever he was we always laughed that someone would find it someday and wonder what tribe had left it behind .
    I am a believer in ET life but I am pretty sure this was done by a human artist.

  32. guatapeluda says:

    I don’t know whether it is man made or ET made, but if it’s man made, please somebody explain the magnetic field and the fact that all tests revealed that it is a solid piece of stone with no magnet or any other object whatsoever…

  33. Ray Howard says:

    I have to say I only read one or two responses to the article and admit the gloss over. But what I did read while it covers the subject fairly thoroughly is not any menition in that ‘gloss’ over of the magnetic properties of it. Also as to the facimile copies, (man made definately) they upon magnification do not compare the manufacture technique of the original, however that was achieved. To me, the tech. question is a big one, as big as Pumapunku, in South America. While there are debunkers to that, their actually specious the arguments, being the structure upon any suggesteed reconstruction including amongst others, a rocket launching catapult the fitting of the stones their lego typed joining is a standard each stone to the next.

  34. Keep it simple it’s the universe with another mirror universe and shows they are connected
    That’s all

  35. Immanuel55 says:

    Honestly it looks like a alien magnetic key to me.

  36. Alien Chestburster says:

    Rock carved with high powered water jet instead of sandblasting?

  37. Wow. So many people with such imaginations.
    It’s a rock with a design. Look deeper at the guy who “found it bowhunting” and I can almost guarantee you’ll be disappointed to find the real story.
    I’ve read several books and articles about Roswell – and about ghosts, bigfoot, Nessie and so on. Why? Because I’m interested and like so many other people, would like to believe there’s something more out there.
    All the writing has an abundance of circumstantial evidence. But if any of this stuff REALLY exists or REALLY happened, don’t you think there would be one physical shred of proof somewhere? You mean to tell me every single piece of evidence from one or maybe two crashed flying saucers in Roswell is gone? Nobody who picked up “unfolding tinfoil” or any of the other stuff kept ANY of it? Come on. I know it was a “different time” then, but then as now there must have been a few people who said ‘Screw the Army, I’m keeping this….”
    Point 2 – What VALID purpose would the military have for covering up something like this? Or more to the point, what valid point would any government organization in the world have for continuing to hide information about UFOs from the public? We can’t handle it? Widespread panic? Come on – if it were really happening, at least one government would step up and say, “Yeah, they visit us. In fact, they’re having dinner with the king right now.”
    Point 3 – I was a journalist for 30 years and let me tell you, secrets are very hard to keep in general and next to impossible in any military or government organization. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just highly improbable that so many people could keep a secret or tell the same lies so consistently for so long. There’s always somebody ticked off enough or “upstanding” enough or whatever to spill the beans.
    I could go on, but it will probably fall on deaf ears here. FWIW, I would love to believe that aliens have been here (or Nessie, Bigfoot, etc). However until I see proof, I’m on the other side of the fence.
    And also FWIW, I watch Ancient Aliens occasionally for entertainment purposes only. I don’t believe word one of anything they report (and if that Giorgis guy wants any credibility – fer chrissakes, dude, CUT YOUR HAIR). I put it in the same category as “Search for Lost Giants”, “America Unearthed” and several others where they make it look real, but NEVER, EVER FIND ANYTHING.

    • Dear jriise,
      The evidence shows that the Roswell Rock is, most likely, a manmade artifact. I do not contend this.
      Point 1 – Dr. Marcel told the world, his family, and me personally, and on several occasions, to my face, that Roswell was the recovery of materials from a crashed ET spacecraft. I knew Dr. Marcel for 27 years and I assure you that he was not a liar. Dr. Marcel’s father, Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr. said that the Roswell event was a crashed ET UFO, and he said this on a nationally televised TV program. You can find the YouTube video of his testimony. Col. Phillip Corso, in his book “The Day After Roswell”, said the same. Previous Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer has testified that he was told by a U.S. General that “everything in Corso’s book is true, and more”. Dr. David Rudiak translated “The Ramey Memo” using a computer enhanced magnification of the telegram held in Ramey’s hand and showed us that the telegram clearly references a “disc”, “victims of the crash”, etc. That is part of the “hard evidence” that you claim does not exist but in fact does. Note also that a great deal of radar data exists that proves that UFOs are real (see FAA official John Callahan’s testimony concerning the JAL Airlines event over Anchorage AK, and watch the DVD from the 2013 MUFON presentation by Robert Powell concerning the Stephenville, TX UFO event). If you have not yet read Carey and Schmitt’s book “Witness to Roswell” you should. In it you will read Walter Haut’s affidavit stating that he saw small beings covered by a tarp. Read Professor Peter Sturrock’s book “The UFO Enigma” addressing the Trans en Provence case and the Mansfield Ohio case. Read about Ted Phillip’s investigation of the Delphos, KS UFO landing event, with photos. Read France’s COMETA Report. Read Leslie Kean’s book “UFOs – Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record”. Read Robert Salas’s book “Faded Giant” about UFO interference with Minuteman ICBMs at Malmstrom AFB. Read “Left At East Gate” by Peter Robbins and Larry Warren concerning the Rendlesham Forest/ Bentwaters AFB UFO landing. Buy the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure 10 DVD set and watch it. There is by now so much reliable testimony about this from highly credible people. If you then choose to remain cynical about the reality of the UFO phenomenon then be my guest, but I can almost guarantee you that you are going to end up on the wrong side of history.
      Point 2 – Governments around the world would have every reason to keep this awareness away from the general public, but with the internet and with video cameras this is now becoming impossible. The job of governments is not to make their citizens feel unsure about the future, nor is it to relay information that might (for some) call into question their own authority. The widespread acceptance of this reality will affect (is already affecting) every aspect of our civilization, including our interpretation of the Bible/ Koran/Torah, the basis of our religions, the ancient history of mankind, the future of the multi-trillion dollar petroleum industry (the foundation of the world’s economy) etc. To state that the widespread acknowledgement and acceptance of this reality is going to shake the very foundations of present human civilization is not an overstatement -it can and it is going to, and this is already starting to happen. More to your point – the governments of Brazil, Chile, France, and Russia have pretty much done what you claim has not happened – publically acknowledged that the UFO phenomenon is real and that it is important. Look up Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev’s press statement on YouTube. Check out the organizations CEFFA in Chile, or GEIPAN in France. Check in periodically with Peter Davenport’s NUFORC, and read his case highlights. People are having these experiences/interactions with UFOs and ETs every single day somewhere in our country and throughout the world.
      Point 3 – UFOs are not secret, and have not been since at least 1978 when Dr. Marcel’s father came forward to reveal what he knew about Roswell to Stanton Friedman. Our society has been socially engineered to (mostly) ignore the subject, and this strategy has been amazingly effective. We have a government / military / industrial complex that knows the UFO phenomenon is real but has determined that they will simply not go there or, when backed into a corner, will lie about this to the people. But, by now, too many insiders have come forward to reveal what they know. Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, both NASA astronauts, have both stated outright that the UFO phenomenon is real and that it is ET.
      We are not only dealing with governments that have not wanted their citizens to become intensely interested in UFOs/ETs, and distracted from their own agendas, by this subject, but we are also dealing with one (and likely more than one) races of ET beings who are most likely more ancient, more technologically advanced, and very possibly more intelligent than the human race. They have their own agendas, and I do not pretend to be able to second guess what their motives and methods are or should be. I am simply convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they Are. Do not expect that what you will consider to be “evidence” will always come neatly packaged and conform to your ideas of what evidence “should” look like. The UFO subject is by now very broad, nuanced, and requires a great deal of discernment to distinguish fact from fantasy. I will consider “The Roswell Rock” fantasy unless somehow proven otherwise.

      • Perhaps the RR was designed to leave an impression on documents or elsewhere like a rubber stamp or a company seal. The impression might be magnetic in nature and may actually be a key rather than a means of validation.

  38. Manjit Singh says:

    There is signal in pattern on this rock through which the creature or as we say alliens want to inform us about there location.As the pattern indicates there is another moon shown half and sun maybe alliens’earth because sun doesn’t attached geographically with moon.There is message for us to bring our concentration on the parallel universe which lies just close at the end of our galaxy.

  39. Mihir Sanghao says:

    I think Roswell rock is somekind of key I think that we should heat it and see what happens

  40. Manjit Singh says:

    It indicates the another universe in which the creature are living has thier own moon in adjusted location .

  41. Dheeraj Rao says:

    maybe it’s the Roswell rock is the blueprint they used to create the pattern at crop circles try taking the rock to the place where that pattern was once what else I think crop circles where created because something in that sharp landed on it.

  42. People keep saying it represents a cresent moon but it looks like a cresent earth to me. The only way to see a cresent earth would be if you were on the other body, the moon. If the rock is not a hoax it would seem to represent civilization on the moon. Still to this day NASA seems to be hiding information obtained from moon landings. I also find it interesting the first communication from the first mission to circle the moon was Houston there is a Santa Claus. I think it is a paper weight or desk top toy. Who it belongs to I do not know. Perhaps one day we will not have to speculate. And NASA won’t be a joke for never a strait answer.

  43. Laurie adkins says:

    I believe it is a communication that there is another world out there like ours in this universe.

  44. I drew this same symbol on my chem notebook in 1992… Just doodling. Felt like it was “mine” at the time… Used to sign some paintings with it later on… Darn aliens stole my thunder

    • hey I happened to be following your example (doodling). My daughters recently took up origami. Try this for the hell of it. Draw the symbol on a large sheet of paper as precise as possible. Cut it out and color the 2 circles black. Next fold it in half along the points of the triangles. Turn it sideways and fold it so the top of the circle meets the base do the same on the other side. Now open it so the 2 circles are underneath. Fold the 2 sides in until each side touches the center but fold part of the sides out so the circle is fully visable. Fold the top part like a paper airplane and fold it down. the bottom piece fold like the airplane, but don’t fold it in. If this makes any sense you should have a little alien looking at you!!

  45. This to me looks like a magnetic motor that is very simple.
    Leaving no thought that it works I built a small replica and it spins like crazy fast.

  46. don’t be a fooled it’s in plain sight wot this symbol means ! whats is in front of the moon is also to the rear of the moon yes that right a unknown planet to the rear side of the moon witch can never be seen due to line of site and nasa knows this and they know there’s life there too !

  47. everybodysaysthesamething says:

    What is real? The world is fake. Look at everyone, they think what they’re doing is real. They think there is a purpose to their actions, but the opposite is true, there is only purpose in inaction. All the wise men know this. You believe the lie and you think you need to do things, you think there are big things a foot, but you lack the sentient capability to safely drive a car above parking lot speeds. Vehicles need more and more safety features to deal with our low consciousness. What I’m saying is that you have help, everyday, an invisible hand protects you. Think about it fully. Just look at your home, everything must be arranged just so to keep you from hurting yourself. Irons need to turn themselves off. Alarms needs to make sure you wake up on time. You constantly check the clock to know when to feed yourself according to a preset schedule. This is because we are clumsy larva. We are in a larval state, eating, pooping, and sleeping. Oh sure you do this profession or that profession, it seems like big stuff, but its not, there’s not a thing humans do that hasn’t been done a billion times before in the universe. What we do is simply experience existing.

    To put it in the most simple form possible… this place is a giant kindergarten, and it is a place that has been refined over eons to be a certain way, to play a game with your consciousness. Many people reach the conclusion that life may be meaningless, and it is by the definitions of why you think you’re here. What I mean is, the way this world is, is on purpose, not because we made it this way or chose to make it this way. It has been made this way intentionally and outside of our perception.

    Most people will reject this notion, because they aren’t rational, truly rational thought has little meaning or relevance here. Most people are happy with their little dreams, ridiculous as they are.

  48. Its a key. It opens a door.

  49. Giorgio Tsoukalos is a fraudster of PT Barnum proportions. The article plainly lays out that the rocks were manufactured by a company selling them and yet there is a debate in the comments section. Accept the truth. It is right in front of you.

  50. It appears to me, to be indicative of the polar shift; a switching of the magnetic poles of both the earth and the moon. Due primarily to the shifting of the solar magnetic poles. This conjunction is the reason for the finality of the Mayan calendar at the end of 2012, that was the beginning of the primary shift in phase of our solar system.
    Just my opinion.

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  52. The images in the crop circle and stone are the four phases of the moon. Full moon, first quarter, second quarter and new moon

  53. 11:41 hrs Saturday 4th February 2017 – Hi Richard – Somehow to me, trying to establish whether the Roswell Rock is genuine seems endless and as hollow as the universe and our huge galaxie.

    We were all mystified, frightened, and anxious about our future after hearing and watching published photographs of diverse beings from out of space and unbelievable stories of various encounters some earthlings had with UFOs. I said “were” above because I for one like the other say (guess)89% of Earth’s population am very concerned about my (our) future if those UFOs and their supposedly extra-terrestrial powers which are more potent than ours decide to attack us. And as a christian I happened to pick up confirmation of the existence of out of space bodies, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial in one of St.Paul’s speeches in Corinthians which warmed my belief towards UFOs. The story of Jesus says He was lifted up by the Power of God when He Ascended to Heaven as witnessed by his disciples and the two Angels who appeared to the disciples said Jesus will return in the same manner when He comes back to take us to His Father’s mansion. I hope I’m included!

    All that aside, I am now watching the real pictures of our Galaxy right now. Everyday I get an update from Earth splashing real pictures taken from Hubble’s Telescope and other cameras. I keep all these real pictures in my library and they are more realistic and amazing than all the faulty and may be fake photographs people have been publishing about UFOs before. I’m not sure of the Rockwell story either but the real life sceneries of the genuine encounters should never be doubted because there are real UFOs out there.

    What I’m puzzled about seeing all these amazing photos from the space station up there and Hubble’s collection as well as other super strong telescopic cameras on earth is they are able to capture any or all spacial objects in their sights and print them for us. Some even billions of light years away? But amongst all the huge collection of these terrestrial photographs, why haven’t they published the UFO photographs Hubble captured for us to see?..If they can capture Galaxies a billion years away they must have captured some UFOs only 50 to a 1000 miles from here. If they took some of these UFO photographs why are they keeping the truth from us. NASA should know that the light is stronger than darkness so reveal us these photographs to rid the darkness out of our minds. Keeping UFO photographs away from the populace is more harmful than not. Come on NASA give us a peek – you have no right to keep the truth amongst yourselves.

  54. Lee Wrench says:

    What was the geology report finding they never told us?

  55. ***Dear Richard,*** I have been investigating this New Mexico event, & All related information since 1965. I KNOW EXACTLY* what The meanings on This “Rock” ARE! I will only reveal this understanding to it,’s finder, which I understand is Richard. Proof of communication with it,’s original finder will be Required. Mrdan7

    • Richelle HarperJuaire says:

      Why won’t you enlighten all of us with your “secret” information? Why do we NOT deserve to see it also?

  56. Richelle HarperJuaire says:

    Can anyone out there make me a vector image of the symbol on the Roswell Rock, please? I want to engrave it on the wood handle of a knife….just for fun. It needs to be a very clean black and white vector image. I cannot find one anywhere on Google. Please let me know here or at my email: Thank y’all so much for your help. 🙂

  57. The crop circle and TRR are reversed. Where TRR is raised, the crop circle is flattened and vise versa. Mean anything? I have no idea, but interesting.

  58. George Willis says:

    Please tell the persom that has the rock I like to talk to him. I had a dream about that rock. It is a key and there was a survivor that hat it and ehen his people came for him he lpst it. The rock is very important. Do not let any body take it you will be awarded for your care of it. Let me know what happens please.

  59. Why is it that practically all crop circles are perfectly done and no one takes into account that humans are imperfect beings? The Roswell rock and corelating crop circle seem to me to be something to do with a solar eclipse!

  60. mel austria says:

    1. why would an ET be carrying a weird or odd shaped rock, even if it was made of some “special” material? if i was the ET with advanced technology, i’d fashion the “special” rock material so that it will be a perfect round, oval, square, or what-have-you shape and carve or sculpt my “creative” design on it.
    2. what would the purpose of the TRR be for the ET, a lucky charm, a memento, his abracadabra object? 3. what would a weird or odd shaped rock fit into an advanced flying ship or vehicle?
    the mystery of the TRR is who is the wise guy to come up with it! he must have a hell of a time laughing all this time!

  61. Nancy LaFortune says:

    Robert Shapiro who is a clear channel who could tell you about the Roswell incident, its in the Sedona journal
    this month, the ship that crashed were the zetas.

  62. MsBridgit says:

    So two errant inebriates”Smudger” Smiff and “Chalky” White who were poured out of the Red Stag at closing time decide to make a very complex crop circle a Kilometre in length by only using a length of rope and a fence paling and only during the hours of darkness. I must admit I find that even harder to believe

  63. Jerry Haygood sr. says:

    I think the item is a keystone that will lead to an artifactual find.

  64. I believe the outer circle is our sun. The circle and crescent on the left represents our earth and moon. Whomever created this symbol used the crescent as a symbol for our moon because another circle could be confused as a planet. The square like symbol or diamond shaped symbol kind of in the background represents a diamond. The circle and crescent on the right represents our earth and moon again but in another dimension if we use diamonds to get close to the sun so we can harness the power of the sun to create a portal strong enough to access this portal to “Another Dimension”.
    That’s what I see when I look at this rock.
    The circle behind our earth and moon is just a way for us to see the image more clearly.

  65. Chad Lee says:

    Could it be one of the Stargate communication stones? It’s crazy how the new Ancient Alien shows and Stargate line up.

    The stone could have been molded in Bondo. The guy was a body man, so he would know how to use Bondo. Take a rock and put the design on it using bondo. Carve out the Bondo into the design on top of it the way you want it. Then make a mold of it. Mix up some Bondo with paint, dye or whatever to get the colors and put into the mold. Sprinkle in some metal dust or whatever too. Out comes your new rock. Depending on how its mixed it can become quite hard. When they tested it they didnt say what it was made if just that it was solid.

  66. Joey Granados says:

    I think that the government should not hide things from us and should let us know whats going on so that we can get prepared for what ever is gonna happen in the next couple of years..

  67. Nathan Swann says:

    You all need to get your science right.
    I’m embarrassed for all of you. The subconscious mind and secret military tech explains 99.9999% of UFO and alien abduction stories.
    The remaining stories are lies.

  68. I personally believe it may have something to do with atoms and black holes,
    because due to the fact they would of had to of been Very intelligent beings the most simplest of maths to them could still be unthinkable mathematics for us.
    Below are links of diagrams and pictures of blackholes and atoms that I think resemble the pictures on the rock and in the crop fields.

  69. Ted S Leber says:

    I think the aliens come and go through a wormhole near Roswell that they can open and close. The two crashes is because they forgot to open their wormhole when they were headed home. ;>)

  70. Steven Martin says:

    I seen the show on the roswell rock with Georgio and always a fan. It seems to me the rock may have been dropped and also being magnetic it could be some sort of compass or gps kind of device. Used by who that is the big question. It seems strange it would be out there in nowhere. Maybe more will be found in other locations.

  71. Marilyn Parker says:

    I am the one who actually researched the internet for 3 months after Robertdiscovery determined to help Robert make some connection to the Roswell Stone. I found the crop cir.

    Marilyn PARKER

  72. Carollynn porter says:

    To me it’s our sun/moon &earth showing a parallel world. Simple to me…

  73. I can’t believe that I have to be the one to say it. The rock/stone is part of a technology, that uses magnets to create power. It is magnetic generator. The symbols do not have a specific meaning, they only make the stone spin with the help of a magnet. That is all that is to that “design”.

    a semi-smart girl.

  74. Is a colored rock or a gift shop piece bought by someone. And it was probably dropped by someone on one of the tours that’s given out to the sight during the UFO festival every year.

  75. So a company made the “Roswell rock” and it’s been a hoax placated on the public’s conscious through the History program Ancient Aliens.

    Sounds like the producers of the show are desperate greedy lunatics and liars like other people who make reality shows.

    Sad part is Ancient Aliens is on the History channel, and the History channel is supposed to reference facts, and not BS.

  76. Gary CARVALHO says:

    I have made 3 of these since I have seen the AA show. I have found that when they are spun fast they show an unusual almost 3 dimensional patent. You can draw this on a piece of paper or cardboard poke a pin in the middle and spin it. A small worm hole will appear

  77. Wow! Great read–THere has been a very similar stone recovered by the Pyramids in Egypt in March last year

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