Nov 12, 2012

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“The Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge”

“The Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge”

This phrase is found at The Smithsonian’s website as its Mission Statement (

This past weekend I attended a medical conference in Las Vegas to learn more about the use of ultrasound imaging in regional anesthesia. While I was in Las Vegas I made it a point to see the newly opened National Atomic Testing Museum. ( In this photo  you see a banner outside of the museum which announces its affiliation with The Smithsonian Institution. ***This is significant***. Admission to the NATM is $14. For an additional $6, you gain admission to the “Area 51 Exhibit” which was the main reason that I wanted to see the museum. I had read that within the “Area 51 Exhibit” there was a display labeled “Authentic Alien Artifact” which was material allegedly obtained from the crash site of a UFO which occurred outside of Dalnegorsk, Russia in 1986:

“At the National Atomic Testing Museum, an affiliate of The Smithsonian Institution, a clear glass case displays glassy spheres and bits of metal in vials recovered from a red orb that streaked over the Russian mining town of Dalnegorsk and crashed into Mount Izvestkovaya on January 29, 1986. The exhibit’s description reads: “Three Soviet academic centers and 11 research institutes analyzed the objects from this UFO crash. The distance between atoms is different from ordinary iron. Radar cannot be reflected from the material.

Elements in the material may disappear and new ones appear after heating. One piece disappeared completely in front of four witnesses. The core of the material is composed of a substance with anti-gravitational properties.

The description above is exactly how the display is described within the viewing case. The plastic vials containing the material are slightly opaque and therefore a little bit difficult to see through (like the UFO phenomenon in general). The materials they contain appear to be small chunks of a dark colored, amorphous, solid, metallic substance which bear no resemblance to anything manufactured. These facts notwithstanding, the display is labeled “Authentic Alien Artifact”, and the NATM is an affiliate of The Smithsonian, so we must take this at face value. As far as I am concerned, what we see in these vials is in fact of alien (extraterrestrial) origin. By implication, this exhibit is an early, but important, aspect of official UFO Disclosure. Because the Area 51 Exhibit is juxtaposed with the NATM, it is difficult to imagine that information presented in this context could possibly be intended as a hoax or a joke. The development and testing of our nuclear weapons has been a deadly serious business.

There were other aspects to the”Area 51 Exhibit” which I believe lend credence to this conclusion. When you purchase your ticket for admission to the exhibit you are given a copy of “The Twining Memo”, the now famous (in UFO circles) September 23, 1947 memo composed by Lieutenant General Nathan Twining, addressed to Brigadier General George Schulgen, which describes in detail the operating characteristics of UFOs which had been observed at that time. A copy of the Twining memo can be found HERE  ( The Twining Memo tells us, in no uncertain terms, that UFOs are real.

Within the display case containing the “Authentic Alien Artifact” is another official -looking report which describes an incident which allegedly occurred November 16, 1977 at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota. Below is a summary of that incident:


 The following is alleged to have come from an FOIA request:
At 2059hrs., 16 Nov. 1977, Airmen 1C Phillips, Lt. A.Lims Security Control, telephone WSC. and reported an O2 alarm activation at L-9 and that Lims SAT #1, A-1C Jenkins & A-1C Raeke were dispatched, (Trip #62, ETA 2135hrs.)

At 2147hrs., A-1C Phillips telephones WSC and reported that the situation at L-9 had been upgraded to a COVERED WAGON PER REQUEST OF Capt. Stokes, Larry D., FSO.

Security Option 11 was initiated by WSC and Base CSC. BAF(Backup Security Force) #1&&2, were formed. At 2340hrs., 16 Nov. 77, the following information was learned: Upon arrival (2132hrs.) at Site #L-9. LSAT. Jenkins & Raeke, dismounted the SAT vehicle to make a check of the site fence line.

At this time Raeke observed a bright light shinning vertically upwards from the rear of the fence line of L-9. ( There is a small hill approximately 50 yards behind L-9 )

Jenkins stayed with the SAT vehicle and Raeke proceeded to the source of the light to investigate. As Raeke approached the crest of the hill, he observed an individual dressed in a glowing green metallic uniform and wearing a helmet with visor.

immediately challenged the individual, however the individual refused to stop and kept walking towards the rear fence line of L-9. Raeke aimed his M-16 rifle at the intruder and ordered him to stop.

The intruder turned towards Raeke and aimed a object at Raeke which emitted a bright flash of intense light. The flash of light struck Raeke’s M-16 rifle, disintegrating the weapon and causing second and third degree burns to Raeke’s hands.

Raeke immediately took cover and concealment and radioed the situation to Jenkins, who in turn radioed a 10-13 distress to Line Control. Jenkins responded to Raeke’s position and carried Raeke back to the SAT vehicle. Jenkins then returned to the rear fence line to stand guard.

Jenkins observed two intruders dressed in the same uniforms, walk through the rear fence line of L-9. Jenkins challenged the two individuals but they refused to stop. Jenkins aimed and fired two rounds from his M-16 rifle.

One bullet struck one intruder in the back and one bullet struck one intruder in the helmet. Both intruders fell to the ground, however, approximately 15 seconds later Jenkins had to take cover from a bolt of light that missed him narrowly.

The two intruders returned to the east side of the hill and disappeared. Jenkins followed the two and observed them go inside a saucer shaped object approximately 20′ in diameter and 20’thick. The object emitted a glowing greenish light.

Once the intruders were inside, the object climbed vertically upwards and disappeared over the Eastern horizon. BAF> #1 arrived at the site at 2230hrs., and set up a security perimeter. Site Survey Team arrived at the site (0120hrs.) and took radiation readings, which measured from 1.7 to 2.9 roentgens.

Missile Maintenance examined the missiles and warheads and found the nuclear components missing from the warhead. Col. Speaker, Wing Cmdr. arrived at the site and set up an investigations. A completed follow-up report of this incident will be submitted by order of Col. Speaker.

Raeke was later treated at the base hospital for second and third degree radiation burns to each hand. Raeke’s M-16 rifle could not be located at the site.


Why would this memo show up in the display case of the Area 51 Exhibit at the NATM, affiliated with The Smithsonian, if this were not a genuine report of an event which did in fact happen?

As you are leaving the exhibit there is a video on display which relates an important message from U.S. Army Colonel John Alexander (ret.), author of UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities. In this video we hear several important messages from Alexander:

  1. UFOs are real
  2. UFOs need to be taken seriously
  3. The taboo which has been in place concerning the scientific study of the UFO must be lifted, and scientists who choose to study the UFO phenomenon should be encouraged to do this without fear of ridicule or fear of estrangement by the larger scientific community.
  4. The U.S. government has no designated, official body which has been involved in the study of the UFO phenomenon.

I can certainly agree with Col. Alexander’s message regarding his first three points, but I am not so gullible that I would believe for a minute that our U.S. military has had no interest in the UFO phenomenon over the past 60+ years since Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sighting. There is simply no way that this could be true. However, I do support Alexander’s position, which he has promoted elsewhere, calling for amnesty for any government or military officials who have been previously involved with the UFO cover-up.

Finally, as you exit the “Area 51” exhibit you are reminded, via a model of an SR-71 Blackbird suspended from the ceiling, that not every unusual object you might view in the sky is a UFO of extraterrestrial origin. This is true, but now there can be no question that some are. It is time for us to take the UFO phenomenon seriously in order to determine who or what is the intelligence behind them, why they are here, and how we can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them. In order to do this, we must abandon our fear of the unknown and, most importantly, stop shooting at them. I believe that time is of the essence. Let’s grow up and become a part of the galactic civilization.







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