May 5, 2016

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CCRF and The Jesse A. Marcel Library Supports Dr. Greer’s Call For Witnesses


Dr. Greer’s Call for Witnesses

This message is written in support of what you will see and hear from Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. in his video messages below.Major Jesse A. Marcel, Sr., and his son, Dr. Jesse A. Marcel Jr., M.D., were two men of great integrity who served as officers in the US military with honor, with dedication, and with a deep sense of purpose. They were also the very first ex-US military officers who courageously stepped forward to tell our world the truth about what really happened during “The Roswell Incident” when a UFO, one “not of this Earth”, was recovered by our US military. They were first-hand witnesses to that incredible event. They both held in their hands and closely inspected the debris that came from that UFO.After 1947, it took many years for them to step forward and reveal the information they had so closely guarded about Roswell for so long. In the end they both determined that their responsibility to inform their fellow citizens about what had actually happened at Roswell outweighed their “obligation” to maintain a lie that was, rightly or wrongly, imposed upon them during their previous service as officers in our US military.Although both of these men proudly served in our US military, as we would expect of our finest US military officers, they both had the ability to discern what course of action would result in the greater good – what was right, and what was wrong. They thus made the difficult decision to defy what was, by 1978, an outdated and ill-advised gag order to keep quiet about what they knew to be true about Roswell. We can be certain they did not make this decision without a great deal of deliberation and soul-searching.

Today, in May, 2016, the vast majority of us will agree that this father and his son were right to step forward and reveal the truth about Roswell. In my opinion history will regard both of these men as true American heroes. I know that I certainly do. There can be no question that their actions took a great deal of courage and, more importantly, personal integrity.

Those men and women who presently serve or have served in our US military and intelligence organizations and who, even today, continue to withhold the truth about UFOs while doing all they can to undermine the widespread realization and acceptance of this reality by US citizens seem to be enmeshed in a nightmarish bureaucratic delusion. The psychiatric term for this is “folie a plusieurs”. While truly believing that they are somehow protecting and preserving a now bygone era of naiveté regarding mankind’s status in the cosmos, a guise of US military righteousness and potency, antiquated religious constructs, etc., they are in fact complicit in the continued propagation of a lie that long ago resulted in the stagnation of all of humanity’s forward progress. In my opinion their sins of both omission and commission are now reaching the point of being malevolent and, if carried on for much longer, perhaps one day unforgivable.

Listen carefully to what Dr. Greer says in the video below. If you have information of the sort he clearly describes, then, PLEASE, follow the examples of Major Marcel, Dr. Marcel, and the many other previous US (and other) military personnel, FAA officials, commercial airline pilots, corporate executives, NASA officials, CIA officers etc. who have now courageously stepped forward and GONE ON THE RECORD to tell us their truths about the UFOs in our skies. We need your testimony, we need it on the record, and we need it NOW. Follow their examples and help usher our world into a new age of enlightenment. I know you will feel better when you do this. Unburden your conscience and step forward. In all the time that I knew him, Dr. Marcel remained a patriot, a US military officer, a flight surgeon, a helicopter pilot, and an excellent ENT physician. He was able to hold his head high, knowing that he had done the right thing. His example is my prescription.




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    After seeing the stone on TV when a magnetwas used the stone started spinning could this be a model of a magnetic propulsion engine

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