The Logic

1. The UFO Phenomenon is real. It appears as though our civilization is currently being observed and visited by at least one, and possibly several, non-terrestrial civilizations. Although based on our current understanding of science we cannot conceive of how this is possible, a great deal of highly credible witness testimony, radar data, physical trace evidence, and photographic / video evidence now exists which indicates that this is, in fact, the truth. The challenge to our science is, first of all, to simply accept and acknowledge that this is in fact our new reality, and then to go about studying all related evidence, using the scientific method, in order to gain an understanding of HOW, WHO, and WHY. (please see “The Petition”).

2. The Crop Circle Phenomenon is ongoing each and every summer, and its manifestations simply cannot be explained on the assumption that it has all been due to mischeivous human activity. A careful analysis of what is known about “Genuine” Crop Circles leads us to a remarkable conclusion: Genuine Crop Circles are not produced by human beings.

3. Because the Genuine Crop Circles cannot be and therefore are not created by human beings, it is possible, and we argue that it is indeed probable, that the Genuine Crop Circles are created by one or more of the intelligent civilizations (the Visitors) who are coming here and who guide the UFOs which we now know are real. Presently this appears to be, in our judgement, the most likely explanation of their existence. If the ET Visitors have the scientific understanding of how to produce the technologically advanced UFOs, how to find this planet and arrive here, how to disable the guidance systems of our nuclear missiles located 60 feet underground, and how to observe us from a distance (as they have been doing for at least six decades) without a major disruption in the doings of our civilization, then they also likely have the technology to produce the Genuine Crop Circles.

4. These non-terrestrial visitors are creating the Genuine Crop Circles to let us know, in a beautiful and non-threatening manner, that they are here with us.. We postulate that the reason they are involved in this activity is that they desire to make contact with our civilization. They may be waiting for an invitation from us for CONTACT.

5. If we are correct that the Genuine Crop Circles are the product of the ET Visitors coming here, and if we are correct that they are being deliberately produced by the Visitors to let us know that they are here, then the Genuine Crop Circles are presented to us for a reason. The Genuine Crop Circles may be offered as THE KEY to opening up a relationship with the Visitors.

6. CCRF believes that we as a civilization MUST give the Genuine Crop Circles our attention. It is unwise for us to continue to ignore the otherwise inexplicable Crop Circle Phenomenon if, indeed, it does represent the signposts left to us by another intelligent but non-terrestrial civilization.

7. CCRF believes that we need to engage in intensive research of the Genuine Crop Circles until we have a complete understanding of who or what makes them, how, and why. We need to use the Genuine Crop Circles for the purpose for which they may be intended – to open up a relationship, a kind of “conversation”, with these non-terrestrial Visitors.

8. Update February 27, 2017: After 3 years of attempts to communicate with ET via internet (through this website) while requesting their cooperation in an effort to produce a very clear and unquestionable photo of their craft (UFO), this effort has now been abandoned. A clear, unmistakable photo of a classic UFO/”saucer” did not show up in over 405,000 motion/heat-triggered trail camera photos that were captured and reviewed. Possible reasons why this effort was not successful are numerous and varied, but we do want to make it clear to everyone that our attempts to communicate with ET through the internet HAVE NOT BEEN SUCCESSFUL.

Here is what I wrote in September 2010:

CCRF believes that we may be able to communicate with the ET Visitors through our Internet and through satellite communications technology. Although this idea may seem like fantasy, because we know that our internet signals are transmitted to space-based satellites orbiting Earth 25,000 miles above our planet in space , our ET Visitors may monitor our Internet signals in space as a means of learning about our civilization. We can strongly suspect that they have highly advanced technological capabilities.

9. As we attempt to establish basic one-way communication with the ET Visitors through the internet using our satellite communications, we may be able to expand upon our relationship with them, escalating from our present status of being merely observers, to actually communicating to them. Perhaps, through the internet, we can let them know that they now have our attention, and that we desire to engage with them in developing a peaceful relationship between our respective civilizations. This is a priority of CCRF, and an important reason concerning why this CCRF website exists.

10. Update Jan 4, 2012: CCRF had attempted to set up a dedicated satellite communication system with the visitors, to no avail. This system was left on, 24/7, for approximately 6 months. This effort, as it was formatted, has been discontinued for the present time. CCRF may resume this effort if we are able to secure a software program, similar to the once existent “Free-Mail” software, which would allow us to reliably capture a message sent directly to our dish without the use of an intervening server. If anyone has expertise in designing such software and would be interested in cooperating in this project, please contact Richard O’Connor (

11. CCRF believes that one avenue of investigation which may hold promise concerns the MICROBIOLOGIC CHARACTERISTICS of plants and soil found within a Genuine Crop Circle. CCRF hopes to engage in scientific study to determine whether or not observable changes in the microbiologic flora of the affected plants and/or soils results from the applied energies involved in the creation of a Genuine Crop Circle. This could then be an important marker to help distinguish Genuine Crop Circles from those made by human beings (of which we know there are many).

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, CCRF, Inc.

September 19, 2010

There presently exists a wide spectrum of certainty among our world’s population regarding the statement “we are not alone in the universe”. Many who visit the Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. web site will do so because they have already decided that not only are we are not alone but that we are being observed and visited by non-terrestrial intelligent civilizations, and they are seeking validation from others (like us) who have come to the same conclusion as they – that we are not alone in the universe and that we are in fact being visited. Others who come to this website will be at the opposite end of the spectrum. They may visit due to their curiosity about how and why some people have somehow managed to convince themselves, even if they have never seen an alien or a UFO or walked inside a Crop Circle, that our world is being visited and closely observed by civilizations from some place other than Earth.

The subject of UFO’s, and more recently Crop Circles, have been for many decades subject to what Steven Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group describes as a “truth embargo”, and we have been effectively discouraged from open discussion and exchange of ideas of these subjects. Earth’s citizens have been subject to misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies from our military leaders about the true nature of these phenomena, and as a result we have not yet been able to engage in serious discussion of how we as a civilization will deal with this new paradigm, and how we will go about re-shaping our civilization in the light of this new knowledge. The taboo that has been constructed surrounding our open acknowledgement and exchange of ideas about this awareness remains in effect and may remain so until that day our military leaders who know the truth decide to do the right thing, act in the democratic manner that we so stridently proclaim we represent to our world, and make the unequivocal statement that “we are not alone”. Our U.S. and world military leaders have been afforded an ample (and courteous) opportunity to prepare our world for this momentous revelation, but thus far they have abdicated their responsibility to do so.

The following outline may be of value to any person trying to come to their own conclusions regarding the subject of an extraterrestrial presence engaging our civilization. The outline describes the logic that I have followed, and my own life events, that have shaped my conclusion that not only are we are not alone in the universe, but that our world is currently being visited by one or more highly intelligent, ethical, and technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

What follows is a synopsis of The Logic that has led me to the following conclusions:

1. Human beings have evolved in an infinite, yet apparently uniform, Universe. It is therefore a certainty (probability= 1) that other life has evolved on other planets in the Universe that lie within the “Goldilocks Zone” of “their” star. (Recent NASA Kepler telescope data reveals an estimate of 500 MILLION habitable planets within the “Goldilocks Zone” of their star existant within our Milky Way galaxy)!!!

2. Probability analysis suggests that human beings have evolved to an average level of intelligence and technological progress on an average planet in an average solar system.

3. Probablity analysis suggests that a subset of life in the Universe (the Visitors) will have evolved to a higher level of intelligence and technological capability (than the current human standard) for many possible reasons; more ideal climate, less home planet volcanic activity, one less large and destructive asteroid impact on “their” home planet, older home planet with therefore greater time for evolutionary progress, more insightful leadership, etc. Possible reasons are many.

4. As an intelligent species evolves in their intelligence and technological capability, they will, every one of them, discover nuclear energy and its potential use in both peaceful (energy production for their civilization) and destructive (thermonuclear weapons) applications.

5. Thermonuclear weapons represent an evolutionary barrier (filter) to the continued existence and evolutionary progress of every species that evolves in the Universe.

6. Some fraction of intelligent, technologically advanced species will somehow survive their “nuclear adolescence”. The percentage of intelligent, technologically advanced civilizations that survive their “nuclear adolescence” may be low. Based on observations of our own current path, we may suspect that an intelligent and technologically advanced civilization which survives their “nuclear adolescence” may be the exception rather than the rule.

7. This implies that a civilization that survives its “nuclear adolescence” may embody a more highly moral and ethical civilization because they were able to pass through the “nuclear energy for weapons of mass destruction” evolutionary filter. They were able to see the light before they self-manufactured their own extinction event .

8. A subset of highly intelligent, technologically advanced life from elsewhere in the Universe who survived their “nuclear adolescence” has now arrived on our shores (our Visitors). Evidence for this statement below.

9. Our Visitors are specifically interested in our weapons of mass destruction, and more specifically in our arsenals of thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. Evidence for this statement below.

10. Our Visitors deliberately remain obscure and elusive. They do not directly interact with our human civilization on a broad scale. They are observing human civilization, and how we will excercise our Free Will.

11. Our Visitors are waiting for our civilization to definitively declare, through words and actions, the evolutionary path we will follow as we exercise our collective Free Will. They are following a policy of non-interference. They may be waiting for an invitation.

12. Human civilization is at a crossroads and we will choose, as we exercise our Free Will, to either:

13. Disengage from our current production and maintenance of our arsenals of thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction and renounce war, recognizing that nuclear weapons have rendered war an obsolete means of resolving conflict. We must come to the realization that if we maintain our current policies and practices, we will eventually and inevitably extinguish ourselves due to a deliberate nuclear launch or, more likely, an error in our nuclear systems, a miscreant who hacks into our nuclear weapons control systems, or a misinterpretation of threat. If our civilization is to survive, we must take the steps necessary to rid planet Earth of nuclear weapons and of all fissionable materials.

14. Or, continue to engage in our production and maintenance of our arsenals of thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction and continue to engage in war as a means to resolve conflict. This decision will take us down an evolutionary path to our final extinction event through either a deliberate act or, more likely, an error in our nuclear weapons control systems, a deliberate malicious act, or an error in our judgment.

15. Our Visitors are observing the decisions we make and the actions we take as our civilization grapples with our recently acquired capability of utilizing atomic energy to produce thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction. They remain in the background to observe the outcome of this process. They are not interfering with this process and they are in fact honoring the laws of evolution as they abstain from directly influencing the outcome of this process.

16. In a sense, when our civilization discovered the destructive power of atomic energy, we became enrolled in a pass / fail struggle for our own continued existence. So far, we are failing.


We know that there are real, solid objects (UFO’s) that do not originate on Earth but that exist in our reality, that these UFO’s maneuver in the atmosphere of Earth on a daily basis, and that these UFO’s are guided by intelligence.
Many. if not most of us, have never seen one of these objects, but;

We know that we are certain of their existence because a great number of highly credible, highly responsible, and highly educated people from military and civilian aviation, as well as trusted personal friends have seen them, they have had up-close and personal interactions with them, and they have informed us of these experiences. Example:

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has cofirmed that high level U.S. military and intelligence personell have confided to him that the crash and recovery of an extraterrestrial UFO outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, did take place. Dr. Mitchell has plainly stated that his conclusion, based upon the evidence of these conversations, is that Earth has been visited by at least one extraterrestrial civilization. Please watch this short interview with Dr. Mitchell at We trusted Dr. Mitchell to be part of our Apollo Space Program and to walk for us on the moon. If you cannot believe Dr. Mitchell, who will you believe?

We know that most people are honest and well intentioned. We know that these individuals would not come forward with their stories, sign their names to affidavits, and maintain their claims over a period of years at some personal risk of ridicule and social compromise and with no potential realization of personal gain, if their stories were untrue.

We know that these individuals are trying to do “the right thing” by informing their fellow citizens of events they have experienced and that they recognize have very significant implications for mankind and planet Earth. References:

CE-5: 242 Case Files Exposing Alien Contact, Richard Haines, Ph.D., SourceBooks, Inc., ISBN: 1-57071-427-4.

Faded Giant, Robert Salas and James Klotz, BookSurge Publishing, ISBN-10:1419603418, ISBN-13: 1419603419.
We know it is possible for human observers to make honest errors in their interpretation of observations of subtle characteristics of distant objects or events but, we know that it would not be possible for observers to make errors in their observations or interpretations of certain types of UFO events. Some examples:

Jesse Marcel, Jr. M.D.: I have known him well, personally, since 1988. He is an honest, sincere, highly educated, very intelligent physician and helicopter pilot (now retired) who I know would not lie. Dr. Marcel has informed us that his father (Major Jesse Marcel, Sr.) brought into their home materials that he had personally recovered from the site of a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft outside of Roswell, NM, in July of 1947. At that time Jess’s father told Jess, and again publically stated unequivocally before his death, his conclusion that those materials were extraterrestrial and were not manufactured on planet Earth. Because I have absolute confidence in the integrity of Dr. Marcel and Linda Marcel, I know that this is true. References:

The Roswell Legacy, by Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., and Linda Marcel, New Page Books, ISBN: 978-1-60163-026-1.

Witness to Roswell, Unmasking the 60 Year Cover-Up by Tomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt., New Page Books, ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-943-5, ISBN-10: 1-56414-943-9.

Update January 4, 2012: Frank Kimber, professor of Earth Sciences at New Mexico Military Institute, has gathered samples of metals recovered from the 1947 Roswell crash site. He obtained these metals himself, using a metal detector at the site. His research indicates that these metal fragments are composed of elements exhibiting isotopic ratios that could not have been formed on planet Earth. Please see

Personal acquaintance Todd M., RN, spoke to me of his experience when, as an older teen returning home from a hunting trip with a friend in North Dakota, witnessed a very large, silent, flat black, apparently metallic UFO late one afternoon hover silently, approximately 50 feet over the Missouri River, and within approximately one hundred yards from their location. They observed this craft over several minutes while parked along the Missouri River frontage road in a pickup which had suddenly stalled a short time before they first witnessed the UFO. Todd denied that either he or his hunting companion had been drinking alcohol or using drugs. Todd stated that his companion began to panic and began loading ammunition into his shot gun. Todd stated that he told his friend to “not even think about” firing his weapon in the direction of the UFO. Todd described the UFO as so large that as it hovered, still and silent, its length “spanned the entire width of the Missouri River” north of Bismarck, ND. (The I-94 Grant Marsh Bridge spanning the Missouri River at Bismarck, ND, is 1125 ft in length). Todd described the UFO as of such considerable size that he and his friend were unable to give an exact description of its shape, but they had the impression that its shape was somewhat pyramidal. As they sat and observed, afraid but mesmerized by the event they were witnessing, they saw, sequentially one by one, approximately 10 bright, well defined “balls of light” emerge from the underside of the UFO and “shoot off” in various directions at velocities they could not describe, as if they were there and then they simply vanished so quickly that Todd and his friend were able to gain only an impression of motion and direction, and then they were gone. After watching this phenomenon go on for several minutes, the UFO rose vertically, silently, and then it too, left the area in such a way that it seemed to simply disappear. Immediately after the UFO left the area, they were able to re-start the pickup and continue on their way home.

Todd told me of this event at a time when I had raised the subject of UFO’s. Niether he nor I were under the influence of alcohol or any drug at the time we spoke of this event. Todd stated that he never talked about this event to others out of fear of ridicule. Todd related this event to me in a very sincere manner, and Todd swore to me on two occasions that this event occurred exactly as described above.

I am certain that Todd is an honest and forthright individual and therefore I know that this event occurred as he described and there would be no possibility that such an unusual event could be mistaken in its description or in Todd’s conclusion that this UFO could not have originated on Earth.

Colonel Philip J. Corso’s testimony of personally witnessing the body of a non-human (extraterrestrial) being on its way to Wright Field AFB in Ohio while he was stationed at Ft. Riley, KS. Corso also describes his assigned task at the U.S. Pentagon, under the supervision of Lt. General Arthur G. Trudeau, Army Desk of Foreign Technologies, to distribute artifacts of extraterrestrial origin, discovered and collected at the time of the “Roswell Incident”, to top secret military contractors with the goal of developing new technologies based upon discoveries gained from the study of those artifacts. Reference:

The Day After Roswell, Col Philip J. Corso, Pocket Books, ISBN: 0-671-00461-1.

Another example: events surrounding “The Phoenix Lights Incident”, Phoenix AZ, March 13, 1997. Hundreds of eyewitnesses describe a huge, “mile-wide”, silent UFO as it progresses from northern to southern AZ through the highly populated I- 17 to I- 10 corridor. Ex-governor of Arizona Fife Symington was one of the witnesses and has publically expressed his opinion that the UFO he personally witnessed at that time was not of Earth origin. References:

The Phoenix Lights documentary. Visit

The Phoenix Lights by Lynn Kitei, M.D., Hampton Roads Publishing Co., ISBN: 1-57174-377-4. (I have spoken with Dr. Kitei and she is very reliable).

I Know What I Saw documentary, James Fox. Visit
UFO’s; Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record , Leslie Kean, Harmony Books, ISBN: 978-0-307-71684-2.

Most of what we have learned and adopted as our own world view and fund of knowledge has come to us and been accepted by us as valid and relevant to our reality through the spoken and written word of others, our teachers. We know that there are many examples of places, events, and phenomena that we have not personally witnessed or demonstrated but that we accept as part of our reality.

For example, we know that none of us have ever seen a proton, neutron, electron, or a magnetic field, but we accept the reality of their existence. We know that we have never seen electricity, but we are certain of its existence because all of us have experienced the effects of electricity in the forms of static electrical shock, lightning, arc welding etc. We know that we cannot three dimensionally conceptualize the mechanisms involved in the unfolding of a quantum process, but we accept that quantum processes are in fact a part of reality because the mathematics describing a quantum process reliably makes useful predictions.

We know we have never personally witnessed the explosion and resulting massive destruction of a modern thermonuclear weapon, but we know that the destructive capacity of a modern thermonuclear warhead is magnitudes greater than the destructive power that was unleashed over Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan with the first, now comparatively rather primitive, atomic bombs of the 1940′s. The destructive capacity of a modern thermonuclear weapon is more horrifying than we can possibly imagine.

We know that taped radar data do not and cannot lie. Example:

FAA Chief of Division of Accidents and Investigations John J. Callahan’s testimony concerning his 1986 investigation of JAL 747 flight 1628 which was followed by a UFO outside of Anchorage AK. The Japanese pilot and eyewitness Kenju Terauchi , air based radar, and ground based radar all relate consistent accounts of a UFO, four times larger than the 747, performing “impossible” but documented aerial maneuvers, “covering many miles in less than 10 seconds”. References:

Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History, by Steven Greer, M.D., Carden Jennings Publishing, ISBN: 0-9673238-1-9. Visit

UFO’s: Generals, Pilots, And Government Officials Go On The Record, Leslie Kean, Harmony Books, ISBN: 978-0-307-71684-2

We know that UFO’s display characteristics of movement which indicate that they are under the guidance of intelligence. There is no question that they are manuevered under intelligent control. Example: The “Mantell Case”, Godman Field, January 7, 1948. Reference:

The Flying Saucers Are Real, Donald Keyhoe, Cosimo, Inc., ISBN: 1-59605-877-3.

Another case which makes it obvious that (extraterrestrial) UFO’s are under intelligent control is the “Mansfield, Ohio Case”. A U.S. Army helicopter crew observes UFO on an apparently deliberate collision course with their aircraft. Crew in left front seat actually braces for impact. UFO then suddenly decelerates instantly, hovers briefly directly in front of the glass canopy of their helicopter, and then moves away. All four crewmembers sign an affidavit describing the event, and their story is exactly corroborated by eyewitnesses on the ground. This event is reported in:

The UFO Enigma by emeritus professor of applied physics and emeritus director of the Center for Space Science and Astrophysics of Stanford University Peter Sturrock (Study Director), Warner Books, ISBN: 0-446-52565-0.

We know that these objects are capable of operating silently, hovering, and of directed movement in any direction at very high velocities, and they are apparently capable of negating or cancelling the effects of gravity and inertia.

We know of reliable human observations and radar recordings describing instantaneous acceleration and very high speed, angular turns which have been demonstrated by these objects. References:

UFO’s And The National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-Up1941-1973, Richard Dolan, Keyhole Publishing, ISBN: 1-57174-317-0.

UFO’s and the National Security State: The Cover-Up Exposed 1973-1991 , Richard Dolan, Keyhole Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9677995-1-3.

We know that these objects are not manufactured by human beings, but rather have been manufactured by some other intelligence capable of conceptualizing, designing, and then fabricating these machines, because we know that the initial widespread observations of their existence in Earth’s atmosphere, beginning in the 1940’s, pre-date any possibility that then-extant technology of human origin that could explain their presence in Earth’s atmosphere at that time.

We know that the technologies underlying the eyewitness and radar tape descriptions of the maneuvering capabilities of these objects imply that the intelligence producing them possesses a much deeper understanding of the physics of gravity, quantum electrodynamics, inertia, electromagnetism, and perhaps nuclear energy, and methods to produce, harness, and manipulate energy.

We know that the intelligence that controls the UFO’s have demonstrated a keen interest in U.S. nuclear weapons installations. According to Capt. Robert Salas, guidance systems of 20 nuclear ICBM’s housed in underground missile silos (Oscar Flight and Echo Flight) around Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Montana in 1967 were rendered inoperative (and were unable to be repaired) by a UFO that hovered outside of the gates of those installations. Recently (2016) we have learned that these nuclear weapons interventions have occurred at every nuclear weapons installation in our country, and many as well in Russia!

According to Lt. Robert Jacobs, an ICBM test flight from Vandenberg AFB was interfered with by a UFO that inflicted damage to the flight control system of the missile in mid-flight and the missile began tumbling out of control. This event was filmed by Lt. Jacobs and he viewed the replay of the film. His description of this event can be seen HERE.


Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History, Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. Visit

UFO’s and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, a documentary by Robert Hastings available at Vimeo On Demand

UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, Robert Hastings, AuthorHouse Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-4343-9831-4.

See 20 ICBM’s Shut Down By UFO’s At Malmstrom AFB In March, 1967. Interview with Robert Salas by Linda Moulton Howe

We know that the intelligence which has produced and controls these objects has shown a persistent interest in planet Earth, its biosphere, and human civilization.

We know that we do not know why they are here or exactly what their intentions are, where they originate from, or the moral and ethical principles upon which they base and exercise their free will.

We know there are living human beings who possess a much more intimate and detailed knowledge surrounding the existence of these objects and the intelligence which controls them.

We know that these individuals have made a highly determined and largely successful effort to use any means possible to keep the truth of the existence of these objects, and the intelligence that manufactures and controls them, from the conscious awareness of almost 100% of our world’s population for over six decades. We know that this strategy was mandated by the Robertson Panel (

Many military eyewitnesses speak of their being issued gag orders to keep quiet about the incidents they were witness to “or else”, and being forced to sign ( illegal) documents promising their silence. Reference:

Left At East Gate: A Firsthand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up, and Investigation , Larry Warren, Cosimo, ISBN: 1-59605-753-X. A detailed account of the amazing encounter that occurred during the “Rendlesham Forest Incident” at RAF Bentwaters NATO base in December, 1980.

We know that the withholding of this information from most of our citizens has set back the social, scientific, and spiritual progress of humanity.

We know that many bright minds that might have otherwise contributed significantly to mankind’s understanding of the technologies involved in this phenomenon and their application for producing the energy our civilization requires have been de facto excluded from the serious study of this phenomenon for over six decades. Here is an example that leads us to this conclusion:

Webster Cash, Professor and Chair, Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder, May 8, 2007, in response to my letter requesting that UC Boulder ( the home of the misleading and scientifically flawed Condon Report) establish a course of study of the UFO/ET phenomenon; “If the Extraterrestrials and/or the U.S. government are deliberately misleading the scientific community then we cannot make a good scientific case one way or the other and (we) are reduced to teaching the complexities of the situation”.

We know that the impoundment of this information (the “truth embargo” – a phrase coined by Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group) by the U.S. military and intelligence communities, with their self-designated “need to know”, represents an egregious infringement on our right to be told the truth about the universe in which we exist by the leaders we have elected and their appointed subordinates (U.S. military, U.S. intelligence communities).

We know that we have paid our tax dollars to the U.S. IRS and that these monies have, in turn, been appropriated to finance a very focused black budget program intended to keep the awareness of the reality of this phenomenon from U.S. and world citizens.

We know the U.S. military and intelligence communities have blatantly infringed on the human rights of those individuals previously in the military who have been eyewitnesses to these phenomena and subsequently been physically assaulted, verbally threatened, and/or emotionally intimidated, and forced to sign (invalid) pledges of silence surrounding those events. The U.S. military has sanctioned and participated in the “bullying” of U.S. citizens in instances that they have self-defined as necessary for “national security”.

We Cannot Yet Know, But We Can Surmise That:

The intelligence which controls these objects originated and evolved and at some location other than planet Earth. If they originated from planet Earth, we would know many more details about them.

These objects, and the intelligence which controls them, are here with peaceful intent. If their intentions were not peaceful, our civilization would have been invaded and conquered by them decades ago when our civilization had one or two, rather than now thousands, of nuclear weapons. The technology underlying the well described performance characteristics of “UFO’s” may hint at the likely sophistication (and lethality) of their weaponry.

We can surmise that other, otherwise inexplicable phenomena occurring in our reality are, in fact, related to the UFO/ET phenomenon.

The “Cattle Mutilation” Phenomenon.

The surgical instruments utilized to carry out these very skilled dissections and organ harvests of cattle, sheep, horses, and bison do not exist on Earth and must therefore, like the UFO’s and the intelligence which controls them, be of non-Earth origin.

The remoteness and inaccessibility of the locations where many of these procedures have been carried out precludes the possibility that these procedures have been done by human beings. References:

Glimpses of Other Realities, Linda Moulton Howe, LMH Productions, ISBN: 0-9620570-5-3.

Mystery Stalks the Prarie, Roberta Donovan and Keith Wolverton, 1976,T.H.A.R. Institute, Raynesford Montana 59469, probably out of print but try EBay.

The “Alien Abduction” Phenomenon.

John Mack, M.D.,a psychoanalytic psychiatrist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, concludes from his interviews of approximately 200 individuals, that the “alien abduction” phenomenon is occurring. References:

Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens, John E. Mack,M.D., Macmillan Publishing, ISBN: 1-4165-7580-4.

Passport To The Cosmos, John E. Mack, M.D., Crown Publishers, ISBN: 0-517-70568-0.
The Crop Circle Phenomenon

“Genuine” Crop Circles may be intended as messages or signposts to our civilization from the intelligence that controls the “UFO’s” (our Visitors).

We surmise that these messages are produced by the Visitors as part of a campaign, designed and implemented by them, to make us aware of their existence and possibly of their desire to communicate with our civilization through the very gentle, beautiful, and non-threatening medium of the “Genuine” Crop Circles.

We surmise that the “Genuine” Crop Circles may represent an invitation to mankind to directly communication with the “Visitors”, thus allowing us to bypass the “truth embargo” which has been put in place and maintained by world leaders who have abdicated their responsibility to inform humanity of the Visitors existence and their presence in our reality.

The Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. intends to facilitate intensive study of suspected “Genuine” Crop Circles to determine if a line of communication can be established between humanity and the “Visitors”.

With your help, we will do this together.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.