May 9, 2012

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The Jesse A. Marcel Library, sponsored by the Crop Circles Research Foundation

This is the Jesse A. Marcel Library which opened its door on Tuesday, May 8, 2012. It is not just another pretty building. The Jesse A. Marcel Library is a place which is dedicated to the collection, dissemination, and exchange of information concerning the UFO, Crop Circle, Animal Dissection, and Alien Abduction Phenomena. This is a place for people to gather together for discussion and analysis of these phenomena, and the highly significant implications this reality will undoubtedly have for the future of human civilization on Earth. This is a place where people who are AWARE that the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is “the least unsatisfactory hypothesis” (terminology used by professor James E. McDonald, PhD, an atmospheric physicist at the University of Arizona who became convinced that the UFO Phenomenon is real) which very likely explains the existence of these phenomena. The Jesse A. Marcel Library is a repository of information for those who want to learn more about these important events which are unfolding around our world. These phenomena are driving us toward the understanding that we are not alone in the universe, and that we are now being contacted by one or more intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations.

Major Jesse A. Marcel

This man told the world the Truth in 1978, but most of the world still refuses to believe it. This is Major Jesse A. Marcel. It was he who collected the debris from the crash site of an extraterrestrial UFO outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. It was he who informed our world of this new reality through an interview he conducted with the “grandfather of UFOlogy”, Stanton Friedman, in 1978. Major Marcel expained to us that he personally collected the debris from a crashed UFO of non-Earth origin in 1947, dutifully returned those coveted materials to his superiors at Roswell AFB, and then played along in a cover-up of that event for over 30 years until his conscience would no longer abide  him holding back the Truth. We honor his integrity and his courage through the establishment of the Jesse A. Marcel Library. Major Jesse A. Marcel had the courage to finally tell us the Truth about this new reality, and it is now time that the world listen to, and then act upon the Truth which he has revealed to us. Our deepest thanks go “out there” to Jesse A. Marcel for his courage and his honesty in bringing the Truth of this new reality to our world’s awareness. We must now work to spread the news of this Truth to our world, and to come to a deeper understanding of the profound implications which accompany his revelation that We Are Not Alone!

The Jesse A. Marcel Library will also serve as the headquarters of the Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc., a designated tax-exempt Public Charity under IRS code 501 (c) (3). All donations made to CCRF are tax deductible. Your donations will help to fund improvements in the JAM Library such as expansion and gravelling of the parking area, snow removal equipment which will allow the Library to remain open during the winter months, and acquisition of new books, videos, etc.

Please come by and visit the Jesse A. Marcel Library which will be open on Tuesday evenings, weather permitting, from 7-9 PM. The library is located in the South Hills area of Helena at 11 Ponderosa Road, between Helena and Montana City, MT, USA. Detailed directions to the library can be found here.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

  1. Very Nice and Wonderful !

  2. Hi:

    I am excited to hear about the Jesse Marcel Library. I am a UFO researcher who just moved to the Helena area in Aug. of 2011. I operate a web site UFOS Northwest & collect/analyze sightings from around the world:

    Please keep me informed of upcoming events.


  3. Barry M. Potter says:


    I was pleased to meet Dr. Richard O’Connor today and deliver to him a copy of Timothy Good’s excellent resource, “Need To Know,” for inclusion in the JAM Library collection. I look forward to seeing and browsing the collection in the future.

    Thank you for your contribution to our knowledge of the unknown.

  4. Pat Branch says:

    I would be interested in analyzing your trail camera pics of the Nov 4th event. I do meteor triangulation analysis from allsky cameras. I will need exact times of the first pic. Do you know your camera field of view in degs? You should space your cameras further apart for better stereo analysis.

    • Pat,
      Please see the most recent post on this website titled UFOs or Raindrops? Therein is a zip file with the pertinent photo files. Question: how far apart do you think the cameras should be located?

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