Jul 13, 2012

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The Truth Has Apparently, Once Again, Been Written In Stone

Mayan artifact clearly depicting a UFO

This is the 100th post on this website, and its content, for better or for worse, has more to do with UFO’s than it does crop circles. This is because there is currently more information coming forth (see below) which confirms the reality of the UFO phenomenon and ET visitation to this planet than there is new, good information coming forth regarding the origin of the Genuine Crop Circles. I believe that both subjects are important and are intimately related, and therefore when new information becomes available which addresses either subject I try to move it forward.

It is not that CCRF is ignoring this summer’s offering of Crop Circles. There have been some very well done, very beautiful crop circles which have appeared this season which I would encourage all to check out at www.cropcircleconnector.com and at www.temporarytemples.co.uk. CCRF does have a simple, ongoing “experiment” in progress which is attempting to demonstrate a relationship between UFO’s, ET intelligence, and Genuine Crop Circles which is described here, but so far as we are aware our proposed Crop Circle design, known only to a few individuals here in the Helena, MT area, has not been reproduced as a Genuine Crop Circle in a crop field at any location remote from here. Our proposed crop circle design remains displayed to the sky behind the Jesse A. Marcel Library which is located at latitude 46′ 23.33″ North, longitude 111′ 58.48″ West. If this design does become manifest as a Genuine Crop Circle, we feel that this event would provide strong evidence for the presumed ET – Genuine Crop Circle connection, but so far this event has not occurred and we have nothing to report.

The video below presents yet more evidence that the UFO’s which are reported seen in our skies are real, and that in fact ET visitation to planet Earth has been occurring here for centuries. It has been reported that film producer Raul Julia-Levy is working on a documentary, to be released this December, which will explore the significance of recent discoveries of ancient artifacts of the Mayan civilization which clearly demonstrate that the Mayan’s had contact with ET civilizations. If these artifacts are able to gain the attention of mainstream science, and if the provenance of these artifacts is proven to be of Mayan civilization origin, then in my opinion, in light of all of the other evidence which currently exists, there can remain no doubt that this planet has been and is currently being visited by ET civilizations. These artifacts could very well be the final piece of irrefutable evidence telling us that we are not alone in the universe. For some reason the Mayans did not attempt to cover-up this reality, as our society has done. To the contrary, they apparently embraced ET contact, learned a great deal from them, and commemorated their encounters with this amazing intelligence by carving this reality in stone. What a refreshing idea!

Please take a look at this short video. What has been discovered is truly amazing!


  1. Raland Strom says:

    I missed this video some how. What a great sources of images it was. Thanks for posting.

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