Jan 28, 2011

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The UFO Cover-Up In 10 Minutes By Author Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is the world's foremost authority on the history of the UFO Phenomenon.

  1. It is my opinion that there is also a cover-up of the Crop Circle phenomenon. I attempted to publish a UK Government e-petition addressed to the Department of Agriculture, calling for a thorough and open investigation into the phenomenon, but my petition was denied on the reason that such a petition already exists. I have searched their database of published petitions and no such one exists. Why then was my petition denied?

    • Trevor,
      I would re-submit your request in light of your inability to identify the petition which they say already exists. If they again claim that such a petition already exists, ask them to please provide you with information regarding how you can find that petition, and then sign on to it yourself.
      Thanks for working to bring the world’s attention to this remarkable phenomenon.

  2. Bob Evans says:

    I already understand where you and others are coming from Richard … the proof is there … but most people do not know where to look for it.

    Here is a little proof for you … this Star Ship is departing our system http://api.ning.com/files/AwOyT6gC1eH7-uqy6jgHOuIp4HJYF0lLXx1UY1r70vvk1ohSgEGxvrzrrKe46ya2s64sHjuIH9r2rnhv3UkwAbGZgVPpwrl*/13062216.jpg

    NASA has been quietly recording their arrival to and from our system since the late 90’s

    These Ships might be the connection you have been looking for Richard

  3. Please don’t do ‘arty’ things with your videos. It detracts from the message and just makes the whole thing look dumb. Don’t we have enough problems with credibility already?

    • Mike,
      I am open to critiques of this website and I value any advice that might help to improve upon the information presented. However, your request is too vague for me to interpret.
      Please be specific about what you are referring to as “arty things with my videos”. If your comment refers specifically to this video, produced by Richard Dolan, then I point out that I have done absolutely nothing “arty” with how the video is presented and would advise you to address your request/advice directly to Mr. Dolan. Personally, I think that Dolan’s presentation of the information he presents in this video is well done and rather brilliant. Please expound on what you mean when you state that “whole thing that looks dumb”?

      In my opinion, it is not those who have accepted the fact that “we are not alone” who have the “credibility problem”. Rather, it is they who are failing to recognize and/or acknowledge the evidence that “we are not alone” who have the “credibility problem”. The Crop Circles continue to appear in crop fields around the world every summer for everyone to see, and no one has presented an adequate conventional explanation for their sudden appearance that would explain all that has become known about the Crop Circles. It is they who continue to deny that the Crop Circles cannot all be explained as acts of human beings who obviously have the “credibility problem”. The same can be said about the equally perplexing animal excision (“cattle mutilation”) phenomenon. Those who continue to maintain that these recurring events are the acts of people or animal predators have a “credibility problem”, for it is obvious that neither explanation fits with the known facts. As for the UFO phenomenon, the evidence is overwhelming that some of the objects witnessed in our atmosphere are not of human origin. Who has the “credibility problem” with regard to UFOs? It is they who continue to refuse to acknowledge what has become an obvious reality.

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