May 2, 2011

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This Must Be What a Circle Maker Looks Like!

Maybe this guy and the fellow in the video aren't twins, but they are definitely close relatives!

These videos showed up recently on YouTube. They look genuine to us. The blinking of the eyes, the skin folds, the movement of the hands, and the flexion / extension of the neck look convincingly real. We will need to await the analysis of those educated in evaluating this type of film evidence before we will know with greater certainty whether or not this footage is genuine, but unless or until someone is able to prove definitively that these films are fake, we are going to presume that what we are seeing in one of these films is actual footage of an individual from another planet, time, or dimension, and that is nothing short of astounding! If this film is genuine, we extend our thanks and our gratitude to the sender!

We are happy to see that this ET individual is not in shackles or other restraints and does not appear to be bruised or physically broken. Is he/she/it a captive, or is he/she/it there of his/her/its’ own free will? We sincerely hope the situation we see here is of the latter nature. The courage of this individual to allow him/her/itself to be thrust into this world and into our reality is nothing short of heroic! If we can imagine ourselves “in the shoes” of this individual, we can perhaps conceive of just how frighting it might be for one of us as a human being to be on a foreign planet in the midst of a foreign government/military organization, and quite likely under interrogation. We can only hope that he/she was receiving respectful kindness and acceptance by those human beings who were in the highly fortunate position of being able to interact, in person, with this ET individual. Many of us would so value an opportunity to sit down and interact, converse, and/or simply be with this individual for a while. What an education we might receive from a being like this who clearly must originate from a highly experienced and evolved civilization!

DISCLOSURE is in progress. CCRF believes we should all embrace this new reality, for it may herald the dawn of a new beginning for humanity. It is imperative that we see these coming changes in a positive light. We have so much to learn, and perhaps very little time remaining to absorb the knowledge we will need to learn and to then put into practice in order to insure the continuity of human civilization and to protect the biosphere of this beautiful planet from widespread destruction due to our continued mis-use of petroleum for energy and through our continued but misguided belief in our need for Thermonuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction. There are obviously better ways to produce the energy we need, and we are no longer in need of nuclear weapons now, if we ever were. We can learn these lessons and more from the beings like the one we see in this film.

  1. This looks very genuine. There must be more of this material somewhere. How old is the footage supposed to be? Its strange the way they’ve only released a 1 minute teaser, almost as if to whet our appetites for more to come. This will no doubt go around the world in record time, preparing us for the planned disclosure. Does anyone know the story behind how this footage being released?

  2. Some have criticised the video because of the digital counter on the film. There are reports that what we are watching is a digital camera filming an old fashioned projection system and the noise is the sound of the video reels. I am hopeful that more of this will surface soon.

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