Sep 8, 2012

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U.A.V.’s Turn a Blind Eye To The Crop Circles

A recent article in The New Yorker by Nick Paumgarten, (“The World of Surveillance”, May 14,2012 issue), allows us to realize that if human beings are the sole agency creating the Crop Circles each and every summer over the past 30 + years in the crop fields of the U.K., we would know this by now, and their illegal activities would have come to a halt long ago. Human perpetrators would have been discovered by these “eyes in the sky”, identified, and arrested for trespass and vandalism, and we would not continue to be perplexed by the ongoing Crop Circle Phenomenon, which shows no signs of slowing down. The summer of 2012 has been repleat with incredible Crop Circles in a wide-open display which is intended to open the eyes and the minds of humanity. U.A.V.’s currently exist with a flight time duration exceeding 300 hours of airborn surveillance. Predator drones are equipped with Lockheed Martin Hellfire II missiles which are ideal for correcting anti-social behaviors. Sorry, my bad-self’s imagination kind of took off for a second. Back to what I was saying.

Paumgarten writes, “New sensors on a U.A.V. can detect a milk carton from 60,000 feet”. The fact that the Crop Circles continue to come down into the fields of the U.K. every summer, while British law enforcement authorities habitually turn their heads away from this phenomenon, and while British farmers have grown increasingly frustrated, tells us an important story. In their frustration, many British farmers have now taken to cutting out the formations within hours after they are discovered in order to thwart and to discourage the growing number of Crop Circle enthusuasts who would inevitably arrive in their field to experience these incredible formations. These folks are showing up in the U.K. every summer from all over the world to witness, first-hand, these unbelievable works of art.

Below is a video of the flight of a U.A.V. equipped with a FLIR camera. While you watch the video, ask yourself if it is even remotely possible that British law enforcement officials would not have used this technology to put a stop to the activies of human circle makers IF that were all there was to the Crop Circle Phenomenon. They have not attempted, through the use of U.A.V. technology, to stop human circle makers because once the human circle makers are discovered, arrested, and their activities in the crop fields are stopped, there will be no other “smoke screen” remaining to obfuscate the Truth. The Crop Circles will keep coming, because human beings are not the sole agency reponsible for the creation of the Crop Circles. British law enforcement authorities are well aware of this and therefore they turn their backs, abdicate their responsibility to enforce the law, and allow the Crop circle Phenomenon to continue. Please check out this video:

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Below is a list, taken from Wikipedia, of current British manufacturers of U.A.V.’s

United Kingdom

InView UAV for use in scientific, commercial and state applications.


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