May 30, 2011

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UFO Filmed From Balcony: Brendon Hill’s Video

This article from the Launceston Examiner tells us about Brendon Hill’s recent viewing of a night time UFO which Brendon viewed from his balcony. The video Brendon obtained of this object is quite clear. A comparison daytime shot of the scene is also shown in the top (newscast) video found at this URL:

Brendon’s original video:

Many will not believe Brendon’s story. Many will not believe that this video is that of a UFO manufactured by a non-human intelligent civilization now showing up frequently in our atmosphere and here in our present day reality. Many will strain their imaginations to formulate some Earth-based explanation extracted from our past reality paradigm to explain away what we see in Brendon’s film.

How will we continue to make progress as a civilization if we will not trust in one another? CCRF believes in you Brendon. Thank you for your video. It is amazing!

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