Apr 18, 2016

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UFOs and Nukes: The Secret LInk Revealed

The revelations of producer Robert Hastings’ new video documentary, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, are as astounding as they are important. You can rent or purchase the video at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ufosandnukes

Through videotaped interviews with several previous USAF officers who carried the awesome responsibility of launching America’s nuclear missiles, Hastings has irrefutably established these important facts:

  1. UFOs exist and are intelligently controlled.
  2. These UFOs have incredible operational capabilities and characteristics that far outclass even our most advanced jet fighters and nuclear weapon security systems.
  3. These UFOs have, on many occasions, tampered with both American and Russian nuclear weapons systems by both shutting them down numerous times at numerous launch control facilities and, on a couple of occasions, actually activating the nuclear missile launch sequence.
  4. These events are continuing to occur through the present day.
  5. These UFOs do not belong to our US military, nor do they belong to the Russian military, nor do they belong to any other Earth-based military.
  6. The US military has covered up all awareness of these incredible events for many decades by requiring witnesses to sign non-disclosure agreements.
  7. UFOs have the capability of destroying the functionality of our nuclear missile warheads on-the-fly.
  8. We (citizens) do not know who designs, manufactures, and operates these UFOs, but perhaps the US, Russian, Chinese and/or other Earth-based militaries have this knowledge. If they do, they are stonewalling the public.
  9. The intentions and motivations that underlie these acts are for each one of us to carefully consider.
  10. Even though many citizens have never (by design) heard of these events, they are among the most important events that have ever occurred on this planet.

For my own part, I agree with the interpretation of the intentions underlying these events as expressed in the film by Mr. Hastings. I believe we have been repeatedly and strongly warned about the inherent dangers of our nuclear weapons, and in no uncertain terms, by those who operate the UFOs.

The long-held strategy of Mutually Assured Atomic Destruction (MAAD) is an example of some men’s undeniable proclivity to lust after power, greed, and geopolitical dominance that, with our nuclear weapons, has been taken to an unimaginable extreme. Unimaginable, except that the nuclear weapon standoff is quite real and the atomic clock is still ticking. This MAAD strategy IS eventually going to result in a tragedy that will do immeasurable and irreversible harm to human civilization and to the biosphere of Earth. It carries with it the likely potential of being an extinction-level event. There is no way out of this conundrum short of complete, world-wide disarmament of ALL nuclear weapons and the systems that support them. If we cannot do this, and soon, then all other issues about who has the power, who gets the money, which economic and/or political system is best, and indeed all other worldly concerns are going to simultaneously vaporize within a mushroom cloud while those who operate the UFOs sadly watch from above as these tragic events unfold. They very apparently do not want to see this happen. We can reasonably suspect that the familiar adage “we tried to warn you” will carry little consolation for them. They see this coming.

I take this opportunity to thank those insightful and peace-loving beings who operate these UFOs and who, possibly at some risk to themselves, have tried to point out the obvious. May their efforts have not been in vain, and may those in our military and in our government who have the power and the means to put a stop to the nuclear weapons madness begin that process ASAP. We are all counting on you!

Thank you, Robert Hastings, and thanks to all of these courageous men, all previous USAF officers, who have come forward to tell the world the Truth. This may prove to be  one of the most important documentaries ever produced. If we trusted them with the launch codes  to launch our nuclear weapons, we must now put our faith in them once again!

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

  1. Ron Westrum says:

    Mr. Hastings work on UFOs and Nukes is excellent. See his website for the film he made on this subject, and his thick, excellent book UFOS AND NUKES, available through it.

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