Jul 17, 2012

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UFO Videos Worth Watching.

Wise words from John Lennon



These two videos are interesting. While I acknowledge that video is perhaps the least reliable genre of “evidence” supporting the reality of the UFO phenomenon, I find these two videos compelling. I believe that both of these videos represent truth. Watch these two videos and then listen to Chase Brandon’s radio interview in the post titled Brandon: “That Information Belongs To The CIA”. Are we finally starting to hear the truth from our government regarding extraterrestrial civilizations engaging the human race? I certainly hope so – its about time!

P.S.: Will Mitchell Lubin or another individual who was present on that balcony in L.A. that evening please contact the FAA and find out who was piloting that helicopter? Someone needs to speak with that pilot and ask them what they witnessed. Please get back to us about this.

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    Thanks for your continued work and research!

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