Oct 14, 2010

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Why is it taking so long for main-stream scientists to “get on board” the serious investigation of Crop Circles, UFO’s, “Non-Human Animal Studies”, and alien abduction reports?

Mainstream scientists of today are caught in a classic double-bind scenario. If they shift there attention to the serious study of these topics, they risk being ostracized by a punitive and closed-minded scientific community, and from the funding sources upon which they rely for their livlihood. On the other hand, if they do not give attention to these “inexplicable” phenomena occurring daily in some form or fashion in our reality, they risk being unfaithful to the tenets of science which demand that any and all valid unknowns be addressed and an explanation (or hypothesis) be formulated using the scientific method. Most scientists have chosen the safer stance, proclaiming “there is no evidence” or “they can’t get here from there” or “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”. This, despite the fact that thousands of good, honest, and forthright people have risked their own personal social status or employment to boldly come forward with accounts of their own , highly personal experiences involving Crop Circles, “cattle mutilations”, UFO sightings, abduction experiences etc.

Scientists who “stay within the lines” in order to protect their own professional status or their own personal financial security are to be forgiven, for they are being victimized by a hypocritical and highly political scientific community that would seem to prefer that we not address any credibly reported observations that do not fit and cannot be explained by our current scientific understanding. They allow themselves to be led to erroneous conclusions, or be socially intimidated by the debunkers who have so far been the winning players in this game of wits since they were sanctioned to do so by the Robertson Panel. But, through this approach our scientists do no honor to the long and loudly touted promise of our science approaching the unknown with an open and inquisitive mind. In the case of our Visitors, most scientists have been missing the boat for over six decades. (Bernard Haisch, Peter Sturrock, Stanton Friedman being among a few notable exceptions).

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