Oct 14, 2010

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Why should we even consider the idea that “Genuine” Crop Circles are of non-human origin?

In 1990, the British tabloid TODAY printed an article plainly stating that “Doug and Dave” admitted that they were making the crop circles. After “Doug and Dave”, the British group “circlemakers” claimed that they took over producing the crop circles. Why should we even consider the idea that “Genuine” Crop Circles are of non-human origin?

Although Doug Bowers , Dave Chorley, the British group of vandals known as the “circlemakers”  (http://circlemakers.org), and other human beings (collectively known as “the stompers”) have admitted that they have engaged in the unlawful act of tresspassing on to farmers fields and creating (hoaxing) crop circles, this overly simplistic explanation for the origin of “Genuine” Crop Circles is inconsistent with what we observe and with what we already know to be true. Please take a look at the CCRF slide show found on another page of this website, and you will discover “the long answer” as to why CCRF and many Crop Circle researchers simply cannot accept the “Doug and Dave” theory for the origin of the “Genuine” Crop Circles.

The “short answer” is as follows. One of the most respected and long time Crop Circle researchers, Colin Andrews, has noted that in 1983 he interviewed British farmers who spoke to him of Crop Circles occurring in their crop fields for at least 30 years prior to the 1980’s. Colin Andrews has also revealed that he was contacted by the (U.S.) CIA and he was asked to make a publicly televised statement debunking the entire Crop Circle Phenomenon. In return, he was offered by the CIA a Swiss bank account that would “set him up” financially for life. Colin refused to cooperate with the CIA. I (Richard O’Connor) have personally met and spoken with Colin Andrews, and my impression is that Colin is a sincere, honest, and forthright individual. I believe that we can accept what this man has to say as fact.

It appears as though mankind has been over time deliberately and methodically drawn into our present, evolving relationship with the non-human Circle Makers. Who they are, where they come from, and exactly what there intentions are remains unclear, but what is clear is that they are engaging our civilization in a process of “courtship”, many years in duration, in which they are exposing us and our civilization to the fact that they exist and that they wish to communicate. It appears as though they are waiting for an invitation from The People of Earth (please see “The Letter”). We might use the term “common courtesy” to describe their behavior. We are all taught the courtesy to knock before we enter, and it seems as though the “Genuine” Crop Circles may well represent the knock on our door.

This “courtship” process began long ago, perhaps as early as the 1600’s. In the 1980’s, Dave Bowers and Doug Chorley became aware of this unusual, mysterious Phenomenon after reading about mysterious crop circles which had occurred in Australia. These two men decided to have some fun by hoaxing crop circles (the original “stompers”). This is a classic example of “monkey see, monkey do” human behavior, and a human characteristic the Circle Makers depended upon to carry out their plan of gently introducing the reality of their existence to an unsuspecting world.

By that time our civilization had developed to a level of technology which would allow news of unusual or important events to propagate quickly over television, radio, and very recently, the Internet. Our civilization had learned of lenses, light sensitive emulsions, and produced cameras with the ability to record the images of the Crop Circles with fidelity. And mankind now had the capability of aerial flight. Everything was in place to ramp up the “strength of the signal” through the production of increasingly complex, intricate designs that would stretch the credulity of some people who would look at those recorded images and think “there’s no way……”.

The Circle Makers knew there would be some of us who would question the overly simplistic explanation that all Crop Circles are produced by human beings (“stompers”). It was in this way that the Circle Makers set the stage for the introduction of our world to theirs – an event that, when finally played out, and which needs to happen soon, will change nearly every aspect of our civilization, our understanding of the Universe, and our place in it.

As in the Hollywood movie Contact, we can now surmise that “this is how it is done”. The “courtship” process between civilizations, one knowing and one completely unaware, is unfolding in a very wise and methodical process of introduction through beautiful, non-threatening, and otherwise inexplicable Crop Circles. Crop Circle researcher Michael Glickman has referred to the “Genuine” Crop Circles as “love letters from the galaxy”, and CCRF supports his view. That is exactly what the “Genuine” Crop Circles are.

It is very unfortunate that the Crop Circle debunking campaign, apparently orchestrated in part by the U.S. CIA, has done such a marvelous job of turning peoples attention away from the Crop Circles. The end result has been a dangerous delay in mankind’s realization that we are not alone in this universe.

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