May 12, 2012

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Will You Help Us Make Contact?

Richard K. O'Connor, M.D. and Jesse A. Marcel, M.D.

I am posting the following letter which has been sent out to individuals who reside in the immediate Helena area in an effort to form an ET Contact Group. For those of you who do not live in or nearby Helena, and therefore cannot be personally involved in this effort, you may still participate in this effort and are invited to do so by meditating with us at the prescribed time which I will post on this website. By focusing your consciousness through meditation, and with your sincere request for ET Contact with our group when we begin this effort in earnest, our signal will be augmented by your effort. We will be quite focused and very deliberate in our effort to bring meaningful evidence to bear on proving (but not disproving) the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. I will be updating reports concerning the schedule of this Contact Group and will keep all interested parties apprised of our situation and our progress through posts on this website. Our thanks to all of you who will cooperate with us and support us in this effort. Please read below.

May 11, 2012
Will You Help Us Make Contact?

Dear Friends,

Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. at the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( Dr. Greer has, for several years, been leading groups of individuals on “Ambassadors to the Universe” expeditions in repeated attempts to achieve ET Contact, and has reported success in various forms on some of these missions. James Gilliland at Trout Lake, WA, would be another example. I do not believe that Dr. Greer is a charlatan. On the contrary, Dr. Greer has personally done more to advance the Disclosure agenda than any other individual I can identify who has worked to move this very difficult process forward.

I have attended one of the CSETI expeditions in Joshua Tree Nat’l Park in October of 2010. In my judgment, and in terms of the type of evidence which I believe our world will require to provide the Tipping Point necessary to grasp the fact that “we are not alone”, our particular CSETI group was not successful. Nonetheless, I believe that Dr. Greer has had some successes in his attempts to make Contact, and these on-again, off-again results of the expeditions which he has led (and there have been many) may arguably be one facet of a grand (ET) strategy to awaken an entire planet of people to a new reality through a deliberate, careful, and methodical process of introduction which results in minimal disruption in the day-to-day function of an entire planetary civilization.

Would you be interested in forming a similar Contact group here in Helena, MT, over the coming summer? If you live nearby the city of Helena, MT, if you are 18 years of age or older, if you are emotionally stable, if you are sincerely interested in attempting to make Contact with an ET civilization utilizing CSETI’s method of meditation and Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS), and if you would be willing to sign your name to an affidavit describing our Contact experience should any form of undeniable ET Contact occur, then please get in touch with me, Dr. Richard O’Connor, M.D. at

The time for skepticism is over. It has become abundantly clear, via the evidence which has been accumulating for now over decades and which undeniably indicates that it is highly likely that our world is being visited and surveyed by one or more races of intelligent beings who are capable of arriving here and who are capable of manufacturing technologically advanced spacecraft. These craft are being witnessed in our atmosphere by someone, somewhere on Earth, on a daily basis. Yves Sillard, ex-director of CNES (France’s equivalent organization to our nation’s NASA) has plainly stated that UFO’s are real. The Crop Circles support the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The many reports of alien abductions support the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. And, the enigmatic animal dissection phenomenon, which has occurred upon many occasions here in Montana, also supports the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Indeed, Dr. James E. McDonald (namesake of the McDonald Observatory), professor of atmospheric physics at the University of Arizona (now deceased), termed the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis “the least unsatisfactory explanation of the UFO phenomenon”. It is possible that these intelligent ET beings will be able and willing to interact with us on a more personal level if we make a sincere attempt to reach out to them, and I feel it is time that others, like us, begin to try.

Our attempts at Contact, sponsored by the Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc., will differ from Dr. Greer’s CSETI groups in several significant ways. First, there will be no money exchanged (however, I do not begrudge Dr. Greer for charging a fee to attend his CSETI expeditions. The man has the need to generate income to live just like the rest of us, and he abandoned a lucrative medical practice to do his part to help our world come to an understanding of a new reality. He is well admired for his persistence in trying to change a world-view which is in need of change). All who participate in this effort will participate in each attempt at Contact as volunteers and will pay nothing to engage in this experience. Second, we will hopefully be, by and large, the same nuclear group of individuals (but a group which may and hopefully will expand over time) attempting to make Contact during each attempt. Third, we will make each attempt at Contact from a single, consistent location and time, once a week, for one hour, over this summer, and the time and location of our overtures towards Contact will be posted on the internet on the CCRF website ( As I have stated on the CCRF website before, an intelligent race which is technologically capable of arriving here, and who are capable of manufacturing spacecraft which exhibit the navigational characteristics so consistently described on so many occasions, will have the capability of monitoring our civilization’s internet by some means. They will see this message to you, and they will know that we are a group of Earth’s citizens who are gathering together in a sincere and straightforward attempt to make Contact with them. I will post a letter to them on the CCRF website prior to our instigation of this effort, informing them of the time and location of this effort, and of our sincere intentions. All names of any participants will never be publicized unless and until we are successful in acquiring eyewitness and video data which will comprise an air-tight case that Contact has been made. This letter to you will be included as a small but important portion of that evidence.

At those times when we are assembled together to engage in these efforts, we will utilize the practice of meditation, focused by the process which Dr. Greer has termed Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS), which we will discuss, to mentally project our presence, our location, and our desire to make Contact through the Universal Consciousness. Telepathic communication with ET beings has been reported by numerous individuals on many occasions. I believe, but I cannot be certain, that these two methods of notification of ET, along with our sincere and fearless intention to make Contact, may be all that will be required to facilitate a Contact experience of some description.

Crop Circles Research Foundation will have a video camera/tripod set up on-site and immediately available to capture any activity which we may unmistakably interpret as Contact, if it should occur. You are encouraged to bring with you any photographic/video equipment you may wish to bring along with you. We will be asking for, and hoping for, an obvious, indisputable, and undeniable display of a spacecraft (a UFO), or of actual extraterrestrial beings, which will be of sufficient duration that we will be able to capture, on video, evidence which we will (if we are successful) eventually present on the CCRF website, on Facebook, through CSETI, and through all other means possible to do our part to help awaken our world to a new reality. We will not begin to publicize any data we may acquire unless and until we determine, as a group, that we have obtained an adequate body of convincing data which will enable us to present a solid body of evidence attesting to this new reality: that we are not alone in this universe and that we have indeed made Contact.

These efforts may truly be groundbreaking and, regardless of whether or not we are successful, I believe very important. This type of evidence that “we are not alone” could provide the nudge required to shift our society and our civilization down a new path and away from the one we currently appear to be on: incessant wars, an inevitable nuclear weapons disaster, and a dependence on fossil fuels which is killing our planet. Solid, straightforward evidence that ET exists and is here observing our planet’s ecosystems and our civilization could provide a new direction for human scientific exploration with regard to research of the energy source(s) being utilized to power the ET spacecraft, apparently through interstellar space and distance, and allow us to steer away from our current and very destructive dependence on fossil fuels for the energy we require.

While I am aware that much of this will sound “far out” to many, if not most people, and it is, I maintain that success in this endeavor is possible, but is, of course, certainly not guaranteed. If we do not try to do this, we will never know. I do strongly believe that I will not be successful in attempting this process alone, and my attempting to do so alone would be a fruitless endeavor. This effort, to be successful in resulting in any significant change in our world-view, will require the effort, the cooperation, and, ultimately, the voices of many who will steadfastly assert that, should this effort prove successful, any evidence which we may obtain is real and valid, because you will be there as a Contactee and as an eyewitness, when and if a verifiable Contact event should occur. All can be certain that any evidence which we do publish will be unassailable as hoaxed information because we will stand together, as one voice, assuring its authenticity.

My tentative plan to carry out this effort would be for us to begin meeting together on Tuesday evenings between 9-10 PM MST at the new Jesse A. Marcel Library. I am attempting to be at the library myself between 7-10 PM every Tuesday evening to open the door to anyone who may wish to access the information which I have acquired over many years concerning the UFO, Crop Circle, animal dissection, and alien abduction phenomena. Over time I have become very interested in the scientific and the sociologic implications of these phenomena, and thus I am perhaps better informed regarding the available evidence supporting the reality of these phenomena than most who have had only a casual interest.

We will begin our effort towards making Contact when we have identified a group numbering at least 10 individuals who are sincerely interested in participating in this effort. A group of up to 30 people would be preferable, as some of you, including myself, may encounter scheduling conflicts which prevent us from attending each and every Contact attempt. Having said that, I will make every effort to be there for each and every meeting.

For those who remain unconvinced that our world is being visited by one or more extraterrestrial civilizations, it is very likely that you have not had an opportunity to take a careful look at the broad body of available evidence which convincingly attests to the existence of this new reality. I invite you to visit the Jesse A. Marcel Library at 11 Ponderosa Road, Montana City, MT to have a look at that evidence and to engage in discussion. At the library you will find shelves full of that evidence. It is open on Tuesday evenings from 7-10 PM.

Again, anyone interested in personally participating in this project will please contact me, Dr. Richard O’Connor, M.D. at If you have any suggestions of other individuals whom you believe would be interested in participating and who should receive this letter of invitation, please advise.

Thanks and Sincerely,

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.
“Adopt. Adapt. Evolve.”

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    I am interested in attending the Calling on tuesday june 5th.

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